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Dorms 12-21 

Student Events 22-63 

Classes 63-150 

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Spiritual Life 193 

Roster. 233 

A *• * r 4 iJ v? 

Dr. Delbert Baker 

President of Oakwood College 


Oakwood, Destiny, and the 21 st Century 

Each day the Oakwood Experience is lived out in the lives of its 1,800 plus students. That 
experience is all about education in its fundamental sense of learning academically, developing 
socially, and growing spiritually. It is about the excellence of students, faculty, and staff stretching 
to the limit of being all it is possible to be; of being the best person in terms of thoughtfulness, self- 
development, and life-long learners. 

The Oakwood Experience is also about the eternity perspective, meaning that the Oakwood 
graduate lives a productive life here and now, but she/he lives simultaneously with an eye on the 
hereafter. It is about personal, spiritual growth- prayer, Bible study, and personal witnessing. It is 
all about service to God and to others. 

Do these goals sound idealistic? Do they appear larger than life? Do they feel a bit 
challenging for the space of a few years? We hop so. You see, Oakwood is committed to the pursuit 
of high and lofty goals. For more than 1 00 years, Oakwood has been re-inventing itself to these very 

Oakwood was transformed from an industrial school to training school, to a junior college, 
to a four-year liberal arts college. Now, we are studying the notion of becoming a university. Yet, 
through it all, Oakwood has remained wedded to the task of developing lives for service here and 
now, and for eternity. So our goals must be challenging; they must stretch us; they must cause us 
to constantly refresh our vision and refocus on outcomes. 

It is said that the mind is formed to an astonishing degree by the act of inventing and 
censoring itself. So it is with Oakwood. Each generation, while committed to the core values and 
principles, must reinvent the plot line and recommit itself to the high and noble future. As we 
approach the 21 st century, we once again accept the challenge and move onto the daunting and lofty 
destiny before us. 

Delbert W. Baker, Ph.D. 


Debleaire K. Snell 
USM President 


Debleaire K. Snell 

The 1998-99 school year has simply been one to remember. This year's active 
student body combined with a dynamic Administration proved to be a win- 
ning combination. From the very inception of the year I knew that it would 
be a special one. We had a group of USM officers that was like no other. They 
were an extremely gifted group, full of life, energy, and EGO. This year's sen- 
ate was unique as well. They worked with an unparalleled sense of purpose, 
and provided a proper check and balance system as they worked in conjunc- 
tion with the Executive Cabinet. 

This year's theme was "WE ARE FAMILY." This theme was chosen as a 
means of creating a sense of unity among a diverse student body here at 
Oakwood. This theme and the propagation of it drew us closer one to another 
as brothers and sisters in Christ. The family atmosphere that once existed was 
revived and now lives on the campus of Oakwood College. We also grew to- 
gether spiritually. The office of the Religious VP worked harmoniously with 
the College Church and the College Chaplain to create need-based spiritual 
programs that served as instruments of edification for our campus. Socially, 
to put it simply, we had a good time. Consistent and meaningful. Thursday 
and Saturday night events allowed us to come together and recreate. 

Yes, this year has been one to remember. As the year draws nigh unto its con- 
clusion I look back with no regrets, but confident that the Lord was with us 
the entire way I look to the future of this institution as being bright-a future 
full of progress and prosperity. Under the guidance of the unseen hand of 
God, I know that this place called "Oakwood College" will grow and con- 
tinue to produce the young Men and Women that will serve humanity until 
the return of our Lord. 

Debleaire K. Snell 
98-99 USM President 


m Mcmorium 

Then He who sat on the throne said/'Behold I make all things new." 
And He said to me,"Write, for these words are true and faithful/' 

J\. (jameron DawAins 
March 4, 1978-October 12, 1998 

Cameron was born a few weeks after things returned to normal following the blizzaed of 
1978. He chose to be born the night he was due, but in typical Cameron fashion, he made a grand 
entrance during the storm and had to be pulled from his mother. He just would not turn around and 
do what was expected of him . This would be a theme repeated throughout his life. 

It was not long before he began to demonstrate that he was a perpetual motion machine . a 
wiggle worm of the highest order. Everything had to be fast or loud. Nothing was too great of a 
challenge. From early childhood he was a regular jock. No sport was off limits to Cameron. 
Cameron loved music from an early age. He asked his mother if he could learn to play the violin at 
the age of four. Eventually, he became a good violinist. He also studied under Janet Packer in 
Cambridge, MA, and under her instruction he became a member of the Greater Boston Youth Sym- 
phony Orchestra. 

He loved people, especially little people. He was great with kids and naturally inquisitive; 
never shy about asking questions or figuring out complex problems. Cameron never understood 
why he was ill but it never stopped him from living life to his limits. 

Cameron attended Browning Elemetary School and South Lancaster Academy in Lancaster, 
MA until 10th grade. He transferred to Nashoba Regional High and graduated in 
1996. He attended Worchester State College during 1996 and transferred to Oakwood 
College in 1997. He was a student at Oakwood College at the time of his death. The text in the 
Bible that gave him comfort and encouragement through his illness was James 1. In return he 
frequently encouraged and advised others whom he felt needed comfort. 

Exert of Cameron's Life Sketch 
by Ralph Dawkins 


SJn loooino JKemoru 






enjamm ^sierr 


January 27, 1979~$u(y 15, 1998 

Benjamin Kerr was born Mohammed Josiah on January 27, 1979 in Balham, Lon- 
don, England, to Louise Innes and Fredrick Josiah. He was the third of nine chil- 
dren. Very early in his life, Ben was fostered, along with Sabreena and Mario, by 
Bert and Lilly Forman. Ben spent the first four years of life with the Formans . They 
were happy years for Ben. In 1983, with Mario and Sabreena, Ben became part of the 
Kerr family. At that time they did not know it but the Kerrs were to become their 
parents by adoption. It was in his new home that Ben, Mario, and Sabreena came to 
know Jesus. Ben soon requested a name change. He was no longer 'Mohammed 7 
but Benjamin Kerr, after his hero, Dr. Benjamin Carson. 

Ben attended Oakwood College in Hunts ville, Alabama. By April he had com- 
pleted his second year, with the intention of majoring in biochemistry. It was his 
dream to follow in Ben Carson's footsteps as a doctor. Sadly this was not to be. Ben 
was killed in an automobile accident on Wednesday, July 15, 1998. Ben was a loving 
and lovable person and will be greatly missed. 


Greetings students of Oakwood College! 

I am so glad that you allowed me to have the opportunity to do the yearbook again. This year was not as difficult as the last. I really enjoyed working 
for you. Thank you to my dedicated staff: LaTasha Betts, Lavinia Baxter, Samantha LeBlanc, Stephen Wright, Shawn Wray, Bennett Wooley and 
William Thomas. 

I also would like to thank the U.S.M. staff and Joycelyn Brown for staying after school to help complete the yearbook. I could not have finished it 
with out you. 

Have a Great Year! 
Belina Buisson 
Acorn Editor 1998-99 

Dr. Craig Newborn 

iJnanAs^Jor fyour Support . 


Dr. Newborn, this page is to thank you for your dedicated 
service to the Yearbook Staff and the USM. Under your 
leadership at Student Services the USM was able to receive 
new conputers, our offices were renovated, and cerfew was 
extended. The student services department is more effi- 
cient because of you . We would like to thank you and your 
wife for supporting the USM by coming to every event. 
We really appreciate you. 

Belina Buisson, Yearbook Editor, and Staff 


Diversity Education Exchage Program 

Diversity. It was truly a new experience for each of the students and the campuses they visited. We were truly 
enriched by their presence and will remember it for eternity. 

Joey and Braden share a moment under 
one of the trees here on campus. The two 
were engaged while here during first 

Amanda smiles for the camera though 
inside she's not all smiles. At least she'll 
have the memories from her semester 
here at Oakwood. 

3teve stops for a picture as he takes one 
last look at Oakwood's campus. 


Carter Hall 

Charter Hall or South Central, seems to be the place of choice for certain male species regardless 
of race, age, education, or religion . Yet, these magnificent young ladies who command so much 
attention also provide also a special kind of energy, beauty and vitality each year that cannot be 
disputed. Who are they? They are Oakwood's Ladies of Carter Hall. 


Hangout central. Actually 
this is not really represent- 

The Creme of the Crop: Oakwood's Freshmen Women 

Girl, don't you know that 

the radiator can do the same 
job free of charge ! If ya didn' t 
know, now ya know. 

Ms. Jackson, now you 
know you shouldn't be 
showing private files to 
Sabah and company. That's 
how stuff gets started. 


Wade HaU 

Dorm Life ^ 

Wade Hall the upper classman women's 

dormatory, symbolizes the beauty and 

refinement of the Oakwood woman 

On any given night, one can wonder into 

this auspicious building and find studious 

women in pursuit of academic excellence 

And as you can see this is very obvious 

Another work of art! 

You can literally see the knowl- 

flowing from the book to her 
Osmosis man! 


What an incredible 
work of art! 

"Yeah, what do we 
have for homework? 
Oh, it was due to- 

Work those fingers girl! 


Cunnigham Hall 


No wonder folks won't leave 
Cunningham; they get the the room 
all to themselves! 

What a beautiful smile. Aren't 
those receptionists special! 

BJ and Sonjanne exhibit the 
Oakwood Woman pose. 

These sisters take to the all 

important task of posting USM 

anouncements. Maybe? 

Watch as the mail clerk em- 
bezzles or rather sorts those all 
important FedEx packages. What 
an awsome responsibility! 



If you are trying to focus in on this 
picture, don't bother. This is actu- 
ally the way theses boys live. If 
you ever wondered what Peterson 
projects looked like from the in- 
side, here it is. This building really 
lives up to it's name. THE 



i ^ 

t msm. mtem warn, -mm* 



Dean Butler of Edward's Hall breaks it 
down to one of his residents, David. 
Deans were available for conference at 
the request of the students. 


Dorm room walls were adorned with An Edward's Hall resident pulls some- 
anything from pictures to flags from dif- thing from his ever so "compact" closet 
ferent countries as shown here in 
Rayford's room at Edwards. 


Osmond Marcellin engages in a late night 
snack in his room at Edwards. Its a 
wonder he's hungry when the cafe serves 
such delicious, filling food... 

Chris Bailey and friend enjoy a common 
passtime amongst college students... the 
T.V. Sports were the most commonly 
watched programs at Edward's Hall. 


Seneca shares the word with another 
Edwards' resident. Dorm rooms 
provided ideal opportunities for Bible 


GET A ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I know she isn't sleep. 

I just had to set her up. 

Watch yourself now. 


Weste'rn Night 

Left: One of these things is not like the other. 

Above: I would shoot him too. 

Above: I wonder who is in that cow outfit. 
JOYCELYN BROWN! !!!!!!!!!!! 


Western Night 


What are you looking at! 

I wish I could be in a band. 

What is this guy doing? 


Y'all not ready for this. 

You better get your hands off me! 

Block Party 

Freshman Orientation 

Man, you ain't got no game. 

What is the girl in the Oakwood 

shirt doing? 

He's been so good, I just can't tell it all. 

I am glad this is over. 

You see I wasn't ready for this picture. 


On Sunday October 11, 1998, Students from everywhere came to visit 
our Oakwood College campus for... 

College Days 

Which way to the girls? 

Is this the food line? 


M i^b*fc' 

/ 3^M vfei 

^^^^■^^fe ' r Mfc 

1 41 

Bring on the fun! 

We love Oakwood College. 


This year Oakwood decided to 
do something a little different. 
Instead of the college days stu- 
dents performing, the student of 
Oakwood College put on a con- 
cert for them. Many groups per- 

Lee Bulgin gave a trumpet solo 

The new Positive Images. 


Each year the college men and women 
battle the men and women that came for 
college days. 

Here we have the men. They got stomped 
by the college days men. 

We have some bystanders that are really 
into the game. 

The ladies are doing really well. They 
prevailed over the college days women. 

They look like they are having a lot of 

College Days 

The college days students were invited to 
go to the Departmental Fair in the gym. 

All of the departments were represented 

It's that time again, time to go. 

We hope you enjoyed your stay here and 
we hope to see you next fall. 

College Days 

- ^y - 

Amazing Lee Bulgin demonstrates 1 
amazing balancing abilities: no hands! 
backpack and he can stay inside the li: 

This isn't Nagano 
and it's definately 
not Atlanta but 
these seasoned 
athletes are just as 
spririted and 
driven. It's the 
Olympics on a 
smaller scale. A 
chance to see what 
Oakwood athletes 
are truly made of: 
The Mini Olym- 

I hope he doesn't hit me in the face with 
that thing , thinks Myron Edmonds. 

Dr. Newborne came out to enjoy 
the events. 


Jason is preparing to throw the disc for one of the events. 

Byron naps and dreams of winning med- 
als, honor and fame - NOT! 

It's Camille Warren as the MC for the Olympics. Show us that smile, 

A quick break then back to the action. 


Carnival of Madness 

International Food Fest 

Brittany says it's 
Ummm Ummm 

Is that the Newborns getting 
their grub on?????????????? 

What I'm trying to say is 


I think I'll take that from you 



Hold that position right there, girl. 

Head rush 

Cynthia, are you confused or what? 

Chita, I wish you would get 
that out of your teeth!!!!!! 



Oakwood students are happy to be 
eating outside of the cafeteria. 

Julian is all smiles as he 
eats at the Food Fest. 

Jeremiah please don't drop me. 


Quick! Let me grab something to eat 
while no one is looking. 







They were the best there was. They won the final game by so 

much 1 want to print the score 1 

t because the 

ot her team is 1 




r J 


I^Hr : '^ jHH^I 

Here is a shot of the winning team and their opponents. 


Millions of fans came out to watch the game (NOT). 

I promised them I would put their picture in for helping 
with the game. 

Even though they were not in the game, they still 
stopped to pose for the camera. 

Oakwood College 

i ■ ■ ■ Students ■ ■ ■ ■ 

Of The Week 

The following students have been recipients 
of Student of the Week awards up until 
January 26, 1999. We apologize that those 
students who will receive the award in the 
upcoming months will not be recognized in 
this yearbook. Their names and pictures, 
however, will be printed in the Spreading 
Oak. The criteria of Selection of the Student 
of the Week is Faculty as well as student 
recommendations. The award is called the 
Espudios Award. It is a Greek word for 
climber, one who is continually striving 
toward an attainable goal. Too often awards 
are given to those who excel only in academ- 
ics, the purpose of this award is to highlight 
that student who also excels in character. 
1 Two thumbs go up for the 98-99 student of 
the week Award recipients. 

Vincent Frasier 


Troy Bright 

Juliette Winston 

Right: These are Juliette's 
grandchildren. She faithfully 
supported them while study- 
ing here fall semester. 


<H ^S 


,,.' _,'*<:-.' 



Vincent Frasier ( recom- 
mended by Mr. 
Roddy,PE),Troy Bright 
(recommended by Dr. 
Bliss, Education) Juliette 
Winston (unanimous 
student vote), Stephen 
Smith (rec. by Mrs. 
Marshall, Allied Health), 
johnathan Cheatam (rec. 
by Mrs.Gunn, Business) 
Kendra Jones ( 
Student nomination) 

Kendra Jones 




President introduces the topic for discus- 
sion-the Bill Clinton /Monica Lewinsky 
situation. He discusses whether or not 
the President should be impeached or 
simply censored. 

The Success Talk included participation 
from a special panel of Oakwood affili- 
ates including USM President, head of 
the Religion Department, professors, and 

y succtss mft i 

Julien is anxious to share his philoso- 
phy on the whole Clinton situation, re- 
sponding to the question of how Clinton 
should be punished for his behavior. 


Anjanene Ware read the scripture prior 
to the Success Talk to add a spiritual 
atmosphere to the discussion. 

Ramir answered the invitation by the 
President for individual comments 
on the Clinton situation. 


Ernie Manning reads his poetry 
to a captive audience. 

Sing Uwan! Sing! ! ! ! ! ! 

Donovan with the mic. He's famous for 
making the ladies swoon with his 

- ^^ - 

Agape Feast 

below: Dynamic Praise provide 
the music for the feast. 

right: Students leading out in song ser 
vice before the food is served. 


right: Finally it is time for us to eat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

above: Many of the students came and showed us their talent. 

above: Awards were also given out that night. 

above: The speaker watches as this student speaks. 


A Hallelujah Good Time 

Angelo and Veronica Live in Concert 

Recording artist, Angelo and Veronica 
allow the Holy Spirt to use them as they 
sing from their hearts. 

We invite your presence, Holy 
Spirit. Veronica bows her head 
as she asks the Spirit to enter 
the AY service. 

Veronica takes time out to talk to stu- Clap our hands! Keotisha Oguiste, 

dents after the concert. She was more Evelyn Adams, and others clapped their 

than willing to answer questions asked hands in worship, 
of her. 


President Delbert Baker expresses his 
appreciation for Angelo and Veronica, 
along with their son,e coming to share 
their musical talent with the Oakwood 
College family. 

Angelo and Veronica reach out to the 
crowd as he lays hands on an Oakwood 
student after making a stirring appeal to 
accept Christ 

Dh, make a joyful noise. 
Dakwood Students respond to the 
nusic with smiles and hand clap- 

Angelo and 
Veronica extend 
their voices as 
they minister 
through song. 

The sultry sounds of the married singing duo, Angelo and 
Veronica, permeated the Skating Rink one Friday night at 
Adventist Youth Society. The contemporary Christian style of 
the recording artists were welcomed by Oakwood students. 
From the soothing sounds of "The Only Way You Know" to the 
uplifting beats of "Doing It Right," Oakwood was deeply 

Close to the conclusion of the program, the singing sensa- 
tions made an appeal for students to totally submit their lives to 
Christ. Several students, led by the Spirit, responded to the call 
by going up front for special prayer. 

It was certainly a soul stirring concert that left the Oakwood 
audience both blessed and encouraged. 


The audience really enjoyed the concert. 
They couldn't stay in their seats. Look at 
those three at the end of the pew. I bet 
they knew every song. 


Make a joyful noise unto the Lord... 

All in Favor Say I ! 

Oakwood College Church was filled to capasity when recording artist 
Larnell Harris blessed us with his beautiful voice. College students, 
academy student, elementary students and the community were all in 
attendance. He performed many selections including the audience's 
favorite "All in favor." Larnell was accompanied by Mark Payne. He 
really made those ivories sing. They made a wonderul team. We were 
blessed by their visit. 

All-Night Bar-B-Q 

I just don't understand why the people are so greedy! 

I have two bags of chips, one for me and one for Candi! 

Task Force knows how to have fun too. 


Sorry Belina, had to set you up! 

The Newborns were enjoying themselves at the bar-b-q. They come to EVERY USM 
event. Now that's what I call support! 

Did he just take our picture? 


College Life 


The day usually begins with an eight o'clock 

class that you are not ready to get up for. 


How could you forget those good stuff 
boxes that we all look forward to getting 
the gum out of. 


Of course there is the cafe... Well at least you can see your friends. 




What day at college is 

complete without a workout? 


Above: Here is your roommate that you always 
get along with. 


And let's not forget finishing that assignment 

just before class. 

Above: WELL NOT ALWAYS! ! !!!!!! 



Countdown 2000 purpose 

COUNTDOWN 2000, Preparing for the New Millen- 

ftltlfft is the official name given Oakwood College's program to focus on 
preparation for the upcoming millennium. 

• The purpose of COUNTDOWN 2000 is to provide Re-creation, Inspiration, 

Preparation, Education (RIPE), in light of the challenges and needs of the 
new century and millenium. 

• All events and activities will be wholistic, and will thereby include mental, 

physical, social, and spiritual components. 

• Specifically, COUNTDOWN 2000 will include dynamic presentations, lec- 

ture series, musical events, academic, and spiritual programs, and other 
memorable activities. 

• Events will extend January to December of 1999. Each month's events "count- 

down" (month 12 to month one) to the symbolic start of the new millennium 
in January of 2000. (Actually, the new millenium will begin January of 2001 .) 

• COUNTDOWN 2000 events are designed for students, staff, friends, alumni, 

and supporters of Oakwood College. 


JANUARY 16, 1999 


The Oakwood College 

Aeolians through the 

Holy Spirit took the 

worship service to a the 
throne room of God! 


Pastor Nixon took the 
time to present a precious 
child to God in dedica- 

Children listen atten- 
tively as a story was told 
in song by Ewan Dixon. 

The three Tenors Joel 

Boyce, Michael Green 

and Ricky Court sing 

with the angels in highest 



The Good Old Fashioned Ice 

Cream Social 

That delicious ice cream, you know 
the one you're not supposed to have 
but can't resist? Well, sinuses or no 
sinuses, we had fun. 

Faculty, Stafff, and USM took charge 
of the dippers. Scooping up that deli- 

cious tee cream. 





..rl III O >;ra|J.!l 



tat I 




a55 o 

I J 


I J 

: I 


January 20, 1999 

7:30 pm 

Oakwood College Church 

Huntsville, Alabama 


inspiring others to pursue the path of excellence we are paving into the new millennium. 

CfaJJ f//o< 

aJJ ft/otto 

The task ahead of us is never as great as the Power behind its. Anonymous 


Vice President 
Assiatant Secretary 
Assistant Treasurer 
Sergeant-at-A rms 
Music Coordinator 
Social Coordinator 
Public Relations Coordinator 
Asst. Public Relations Coordinator 


Navy Blue & Silver 

a» o/fu 

fayne f. Miller 

Mario E. Murray-Jackson 

Cynthia Samtil 
Karen L Brown 
MandtSH A. Newman 

Heather M. Lowe 
M. Gilda Dholah 
Todd H. Sterling 
Brandon R. Patterson 
Aliethia N. Evans 
Kimberhj R. Mounter 
Asale M. Harris 
Deui Davis 
lorge Bartholomew 
Alan R, Williams 

Jjummanj of t 999 Cuidd 

Business and Education 

Social Sciences 


Natural Sciences And Mathematics 

Religion and Theology 






Mario Jackson 

I i 

Cynthia Saintil 

Karen Brown 


Mandissa Newman 

Gilda Dholah 

Todd Sterling 

Brandon Patterson 


Not Pictured: Heather Lowe, Aliethia Evans, Kimberly Mounter, 
Asale Harris and Deia Davis. 

What Being A Senior Means To Me. 

S-illy suspect of all crazy things on campus 

E-ternally in debt 

N-ot worried about graduation (yeah right) 

I-n search of lost grades, transcripts, and forms 

O-ut of order 

R-equesting God to hear those late night 

-Everett Alexander 

I, Everett Alexander, on my departure from 
Oakwood college bequeath the following: All 
the "extra points" for incoming communica- 
tions majors, pepper shakers for the cafe, all 
my free advice for computer lab users (there 
will be a charge for it now!!!) to ZAGS... oh, it's 
only us... 

to: Dynamic Praise, more jokes and good 
times. Blessings to all my friends ™ 7 ^ fV, ° 
years... all the years. 

over the 

S-ent by the creator to 


N-egativity and 

I-gnorance, while 
O-n the way to glory 
R-ealizing Our full potential 
-Devon Irvin 

I, Devon Irvin, on my depar- 
ture from Oakwood College 
bequeath the following: 
My calm spirit, love of people, 
and love of O.C. 
to: All of those who come after. 

Senior Will 


S-o happy that it is over 

E-nergy drained 

N-o regrets and nice paycheck 

I-t is about time I get out of here 

O-h boy 

R-ejoicing and praising God 
-Rayf or Britton 

I, Rayford Britton, on my departure 
from Oakwood College bequeath 
the following: My super-fly, no- 
nonsense, quick ability to think on 
my feet; my legacy 

to: Pauline Alexander, and Jerod 


S-tanding in lines for EVERYTHING 

fci-ating whatever that is in the cafe 

I\ -ever trusting the staff to get anything right 

1-nternational students are people too 

O-h I'm glad to be graduating 

Iv-eady or not, world here I come 
-Kareitha (Kay) Osborne 

I, Kareitha (Kay) Osborne, on my 
departure from Oakwood College bequeath 
the following: 2:00 am talking sessions, my 
little black computer that everyone loves, 
my phone bill to whoever wants to 
pay it. 

to: Belina, Joy, and all my fans! 

S-etting an example 

E-xtending a helping hand 

N-ever giving up 


w-perating within the will of God 

R-especting others 

-Primitivo Davis 

S-taying up late trying to type that paper 

E-ating on the run (taco-bell) 

N-ever getting enough sleep 

I-ntermural games 

O-utrageous friends 

R-eady to continue with my life's journey 

On my departure from Oakwood 
College I bequeath the following: The 
ability to put God first. Trust him in 
all things. Pray without ceasing. Love 
your friends and your enemies, and 
for goodness sake STUDY!!!!!!! 

to: everyone here. 

; I 

I < 


Senior Class of 1999 

I accept the challenge! 

Pastor Ronald Smith, Senior Pastor of the Ephesus S.D.A. 
Church in New York, gave the senior class address. Pastor 
Smith suffered from a stroke 45 days prior to this engage- 
ment, but you could not tell it from his enthusiasm. He gave 
such encouragement. We were truly blessed. 


Left: Mario Jackson gave the the 
I senior class response. 

Below: The group Joy sang, "I 
feel like going on" to encourage 
the Seniors to cntinue to push 
forward in their walk with God 
and in their future careers. 

S-lurpies from the cafe 

E-ating that stuff they call food in the cafe 

N-ot enough hours in the day 

I-ce skating with the school 

O-nly trusting in God 

R-eady to go where he leads me 

On my departure from Oakwood College 
I bequeath the following: My ambition, 
trust in God, biology notes. 

to:anyone who needs them. 


S-erving as Miss O.C '99 

E-joying life, family and friends 

N-o time for missing class 

I-gnorance is not bliss 

O-pportunities that are endless 

R-eady to make money 
-Camille Warren 

I, Camille Warren, on my depar- 
ture from Oakwood College 
bequeath the following: My viva- 
cious spirit for life, by business 
savy and interviewing skills. 

to: Business Dept, future NAB A 
participants. My heart and love to 
Jason, Vinson, Chester, Norman, 
and Shayla; my legacy to Jason. 

S-leep in class 


N-onchalant attitude 



R-oddy family 
-Stephen Gray 

I, Stephen Gray, on my departure from 
Oakwood College bequeath the 
following: I will my parking tickets to 
David Baker, my academic success to 
my protegee Jennifer Gray, my sarcas- 
tic attitude to Damion McCarthy, and 
my punctual class attendance to Nizar 
Clark, Kwame Williams, and Julian 


E-nthusiasm and Excitement 

N-ightsof last-minute studying & Jokes 

I-mpending deadlines 

O-nce in a life opportunities 

R-eflections of the past 
-Jayne' Miller 

I, Jayne' Miller, on my departure from Oakwood 
College bequeath the folowing: Memories of the 
History, Political Science Department under Dr. 
Saunders(Uncle Manny) to the History and 
International studies majors, my heartfelt 
sympathies and condolences to the members of 
the college choir (I've been there). The enthusiasm 
of the 3rd floor new women. "It's Knight Time" 
1996 USM Presidental campaign. To the upcoming 
USM canididates, my realization of my prayer for 
a 165 on the LS AT. 

to: a deserving Oakwoodite. 


^-evere senioritis 

Ei-verybody check'in me 

JN -ever eating in the cafe again 

1-gnant bama that tore the picture off my door 

w-ne day I will own Oakwood 

JLv-unning my mouth until 3am with my girls 
-Elticia Buisson 

I, Elticia Buisson, on my departure from 
Oakwood College bequeath the following: my 
freshman afro to Clevon & 'nem, my ghetto 
name La Crecia Nykesha Chamique Othella 
Lai Shiquantanisha to anyone who can say it 
fast ten times, one pimp coat to O.C. 
Archives, Samona Claiborne my leftovers 
(David Bartholomew), and my address and 
phone number to James Roddy. 



N-ever-ending jokes 

I-ntense studies 


|f R-oddy 

-Jamie Roddy 

I, Jamie Roddy, on my 
departure from oakwood 
College bequeath the 
following: I will Belina 
my color, books, and 



I' < 

Trust the Lord with all thine heart 
and lean not unto thine own under- 
standing. In all thy way acknowl- 
edge him 
and he will direct your path... 

Did VOT sing that night? 


You know you have been at O.C. 

four years if you remember... 

1 . Red cups, wooden bowl, "real" plates & utnesils in the cafe. 

2. A "USM" table on the left side of the cafeteria. 

3. When the salad bar was located in the middle of the cafe. 

4. The food fight that shut the cafeteria down for a couple of days. 

5. You could count on lasagne in the cafe for Thursday dinner; haystacks for Friday 
lunch and chopletes for Sabbath dinner. 

6. The days before Super Wal-Mart, and CVS was Big "B". 

7. When $0.50 could get you a seat on the transportation "Shuttle" to Food World and 
the mall every Friday afternoon. ^ J 

8. Bobby Waters' enactment of "The Fall from the church jSV 
balcony steps." - ^ - 

9. The comedy of 'Dre' and the jokes of Antonio. [ S^H 

10. The 1.5-inch "snowstorm" that shut school down for a week and g ave us an ex 
tended Christmas vacation. 

11. The DP recording and are still waiting for the CD to come out. 

12. Revelation 14 was more than a chapter in the Bible. ^ 

13. VOT was the Freshman choir and the Aeolians were just an "Oakwood College 
Church Choir." 

14. WSB plays and concerts packed AY out every Friday night. 

15. The days before Madison Mission. 

16. Chris Bailey's Miracle Hand. 

17. Instead of Success Talks, we had "sex talks" with the Olers every Tuesday at Chapel. 

18. The only entrance to the gym was the side door. 

19. Thursday night meant New York Undercover and ice cream at the Student Center. 

20. The Lower level of the library was a mystery; the upper level was the "hang-out" 

21. The term "Ben sightings". 

22. "Boogie" as Brian McKnighf s look-a-like. 

Idea Originated By: Keisha Frazier 

Contributions: Senior Class 1999 

Special Contributions: Dionne Boy kin, Heather Lowe, Jayne' Miller, Erika Pollard, 

Michele Reaves, Meredith Warren 

Submitted by: Janye' Miller 



Senior Class President, Jayne Miller 

"Fear thou not, for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, 
I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right handof my righteousness " (Isaiah 41:10). 

This text means a lot to me. As I reflect on our sojourn here at Oakwood , I vividly remember the initial fears 
and anxieties that I had as I entered to learn in August of 1995 . Time and space will not permit me to elaborate 
on them at this point. However, when you compare those initial fears with memories of God clearing mists of 
confusion during late night study sessions, unlocking windows of blessings during financial clearance, and open- 
ing doors of escape during moments of temptations, I know that, like me, you have a greater appreciation for 
this text. 

Can you believe that only a few years ago we came to Oakwood like callow seeds bursting forth from the 
earth? Like the seedlings exposed for the first time to the rejuvenating warmth of the sun and the harsh ele- 
ments of nature, we, too, were breaking new ground. Whether it was leaving protective, loving homes or read- 
justing to the rigors and demands of a new environment, we each broke new ground. Despite our diverse 
backgrounds, we were bound, in one degree or another, by the cords of inexperience and naivete. 

As we entered these halls of higher learning, we were exposed to Christian peers and professors who 
nurtured a supportive climate for personal growth and development. We were also exposed to the harsh ele- 
ments of academic life, bureaucratic red-tape, and financial woes. Nevertheless, the refining fire of life lessons 
melted away the dross of immaturity. 

Now, we stand as blossoming trees planted by the river of service! This portion of our growth process is 
complete. As trained and equipped men and women, we must never forget these years of God's faithfulness to 
us. As we claim God's promises, He will continue to sustain us as we press toward the mark of His high calling 
in Christ Jesus. 

Class of 1999 
Inspiring Others To Pursue ThePatb Of Excellence We Are Paving Into The New Millennium. 


Akande Edwin 

Akande Jolayemi Alexander Everett Coit Alexander Gamal T 

Alexis Molara N Anderson Keisha A Anderson Regina C Anderson Kimberly V 

Ard Donny D Armstrong Kimberly Ann Ashmeade Dwayne K 

Baily Crystal 

Baker David M 

Barnes Sherrene Bartholomew David L Beris Kyra Melissa 


Billingy Rhonda D Blackmon Rebecca Blankenf eldt Karen A Blucher Elicia M 

Boyd Eric David Boykin Dionne L Britton Leilani M Britton Rayford L 

Brooks Daniel E 

Brown Karen L Brown Kevin Emmanuel Buddy Frenita N 

Bufkin Renida Denise Buisson Elticia R 

Burkett David Burton Roberto Leonell 


Caesar Calbert R 

Caldwell David 

Carguil Nulma Carrington Karen N 

Celestine Karen L Claiborne Samonna L 

Clarke Erica 

Cort David A 

Cyril Sabrina L 

Dada Moses 

Davis Dei a D 

Davis Primitivo R 

Davis Shiraz Pierre Debrough Melody Lynn Defreitas Franz Chalver Dholah Gilda 


Ditele Nita 

Ferdinand Jason M 

Ennis Ever ton A 

Esteme Mary 

Evans Aliethia N 

Flucas LaTrice 

Forde Eva W 

Furgason Ricky 

Gardner Natasha D Gaskins Samala R Goodridge David F. 

Graham Sonjanae 

Gray Kenyatta 

Gray Stephen H 

Green Allison R Green Carissa Dione 


Green Yvonne 

Griffin Brenya A 

Hall Denise M 

Hall Stacy L 

Halsell Tamara A 

Hamilton Michael 

Harrigan Caswall C. II Harris Asale M 

Hatch Demetria 

Hall Eugene J 

Hampton Nikkia K 

Hawkins Kimberley S 

Hayle Natalia 

Hazelwood Reynold 

Heath Valerie V 

Henry Sandhya 


Hill Mian 

Ikoli Mfon 


Jagan Joel K 

Hill-dew Phyllis L Howard Raymond A. Husbands Michelle Renee 

Irvin Devon Jackson Jocelyn Louise Jackson Juli Ann 

James Glenette B Jessup Trinity Kayshaun John Gary 

Johnson Audraetta R. Johnson Jaquetta J. Johnson Melissa Nanette Jones Katrina 


Jones Rakiya L Jones Ramoan Duval Jones Robert Greg 

Keels Pamela Elaine Kerr Anthony Sylvester Lafrance Hans 

Lee George Gabriel Lester Shawne M 

Lewis Cecil 

Joseph Waking 

Lee Deborah 

Lewis Jasmine 

Lindsey Keith E Louis Juliette D 

Lowe Heather M 

Lubega Daniel T 


Mann Jacqueline S 

Mapp Janelle Marshall Natalie A Marshall Yohance 

Martin Francine 

Mason Keita Massey Jitaun Halaine Mattox Tanya R 

Maxis Muriel 

McCalla Lauren K 

McCrary Jack McDaniel Rachel T 

McDonald Lisa 

McGann Rowan 

McKenzie Heather R McKenzie Mia D 


McNeil Melissa J Meadows Derrick A 

Merid Ruth L 

Miller Jayne J 

Miller Liza Mitchele Mitchell Charisse A Morris Nyasha M Mosley Chemeka 

Mounter Kimberly Renee ' Murphy Jerry Jr. Murray-Jackson Mario E Murray Kendra 

Murray Oretta 

Myrtil Uriel Newman Mandisa A Nicholas Franklin 


Osborne Kareitha A Parham Nicole M Patterson Brandon R Phillip Kezia T 

Phillips Monica Z Pollard Erika Y Pierre-Louis Spendy 

Ramsey Kyria 

Reaves Michele D 

Rey Jeanelle 

Richard Elizabeth J Roberts Joseph A 

Roddy Jamie B 

Rodrigue Sandra 

Sanders Chita R Scarbrough Michael A 


Saintil Cynthia 

Small Jnocka 

Smith Celecia C Smothers Nikisha A 

Snell Debleaire Sobomehin Olakemi 

Spencer Morphia Sterling Milton W II 

Sterling Todd H 

Swan Karlecia S 

Taylor Rhonda R Thomas Sobrina A 

Thomas William G 

Toney Dustin Lee 

Tracy Delia 

Trotter Heather 


Trusty Andrea L Trusty John A Jr. 

Tucker Narissa 

Vear Richard Allan 

Wade Erica D 

Wallace Shorna Marie Ward Chidinma 

Warren Camille Renee 

Waters Adrienne Watkins Kawanna N Wesley Patrick Leon West Kushatha Y 

Williams Bernell E Wooley Bennette 

Works Deborah Wright Bertram Patrick 


Barron Keondra L Daniels Roy Emerson Dunkley Duane A 

Farrior Adaire M 

Fitzpatrick Raimere S Francis Ferron F 

Griffin Reuben 

Hall Mark 

Hoffman Samantha 

Howard Mary E 

Joseph Sophia Lucas Chandler L 

Maxis Sophie 

North Jason C Patterson Ester 

Preston Gilbert M Jr. 


Reeve Johanna Danielle Reid Natalie 

Salter Richard Jr. Sheppard Shanna-Lee 

Smythe Kerryann M Stewart Julian 

Story Cindy-Ann Thompson Jacquelyn 

Times Jovon Kendrick 

Wade Erica 


Not Pictured 

Abney Adrienne Lynette 
Adams D . Dwayne 
Allen Jaymie K 
Anderson Daryl Shon Sr. 
Anderson-blencowe Kim- 
berly V 

Arceneaux Dawn Jene ' e 
Baker David M 
Barnes Sherrene 
Barnum Ruth G 
Bartholomew Dexter B 
Beard Patricia A 
Bell Demetrius Calvin 
Betts Myra Michelle 
Black Terverius Ranard 
Bond Jeanna Estelle 
Brantley Lydia C 
Brawner Dreidra M 
Brooks Venetta A 
Brown Deborah E 
Brown Joycelyn 
Browning Daniealle C 
Brutus Arly 
Buisson Belina L 
Carlisle Bernard C Jr. 
Carrington Durand 
Charles Lyn M 
Clarke Paulette P 
Clayton Denise J 
Cochran Chanisha R 
Colbert Cherie' A 
Cooper Donville 
Cooper Steven Baron 
Crossfield Marva Sheryl 
Cush Yonelle A 
Dames Barrington L 
Damon Juan Romero 
Davis Don E 
Dennis-drigo Marva S 
Dominique Jouviole 
Dormus Handel 
Dossman Craig A Jr. 
Douglas Virginiah Njeri 
Drakeford Dawn N 
Dudley Albert L II 
Duncan Howard W 
Edmonds MyRon P 
Ellenburg Heather N 
Felix Ronald Berge' 
Fields Monique L 
Figueroa Mauricio 
Fils-aime Paula 
Fox Theresa Tianai 
Franklin Tiffany A 
Fryson Nicole Sherie 
Gage Sean A 
Gaskin Lequitta M 
Gilchrist Freddie 
Gillum Karlee Donielle 
Glover Carolyn Louise 
Gordon Cynthia Elaine 

Gosling Keicha Simone 
Gray Jessica Ann 
Gray Nicholas Wayne 
Green Arnold Jr 
Green Byron C 
Green Jeremiah L 
Griffith Elisa D 
Harry Bertrand 
Hawkins Jason J 
Henry Leslie Orville 
Hickman Michael Deval 
Hicks Tara T 
Hill Kina D 
Hill Marius Deandre 
Hillard Orlando Qulandu 
Honore Richardson 
Howell Donita L 
Hugley Marvin L 
Humes Harwood Burket 
Hygrant Carl 
Iroh Eze G 
Jackson Aldwin A 
Jacob Kareema Ijeoma 
Jean-jules Joel I 
Johnson Raymond Jr. 
Johnson Shauwnn D 
Jones Angela Nicole 
Jones James Darrell 
Jones Julian J 
Jones Russell Mario 
Jones Stephanie D 
Joseph Siam Jade 
Kendrick Ralph Andre 
Leacock Gerome Edwardo 
Leonard Herve' H 
Linston Loleeta J 
Loiten Andrew 
Lorvil Michela 
Louissaint Abiguel 
Lucombe Eddison R 
Mars Villot Jean 
Martin Edward H II 
McDowell Urvia V 
McKenzie Heather R 
McKenzie Johnny L 
McKinney Dennis R 
Mentor Franz W 
Milfort Michael V 
Miliner-purce Russell 
Monroe Dennis L 
Montoya Jonathan D 
Moore Bradley M 
Mounter Kelly Ann 
Mwasumbi Michael 
Mwesigwa John 
Nelson Angela R 
Nixon Danelle Delta 
Norman Clarence T 
Norris Holly E 
Orgill Loumeeka A 
Outerbridge Denielle R 
Palmer LutherRobert III 
Perkins Allen M 

Perry Lawrence P III 
Petrie Markie L 
Pitcher Marvin C 
Poey Judith L 
Pringle Glenn 
Richardson Erik S 
Richardson Rosemarie A 
Saint-Jean Gregoire J 
Semakula Katherine M 
Simpson Jesse Jr. 
Smith Treamae Veronica 
Snell Debleaire K 
Sprott Michelle U 
Sullivan Shana T 
Thomas Alicia R 
Thompson Shelley L 
Toombs Michael A 
Turner Dennis F 
Wallace Dennis Leroy 
Warren Meredith R 
Washington Shenika 
Wells Byron Joseph 
Whyte Lesep L 
Wiley Yalonda M 
Williams Roland P 
Williams Vashon Lee 
Wilson James Sean 
Wilson Lloyd W 
Wilson Nolita Sirenthia 
Wilson Rose S 
Wray Shawn Anthony 
Wright Stephen D 


,:■■■" V ;: 


Ik mm % ^ 



Below: The Aolians performed in the 
White House Goldroom. 


Oa h wood ( 'o liege 

HI N I S\ II I I \ I 

w.jw>^. , *;<>'<*5.w w«h >^.?» 

Below: John Staddard was one of the 
pianist that accompanied the choir. 

Above: The Choir members waited 
paitently to enter for their performance. 

olians Take Washington By Storm 

Oakwood's own Aeolians, under the di- 
rection of Mr. Lloyd Mallory, were asked 
to perform at the Whitehouse. The choir 
was accompanied by Dr. and Mrs. Baker, 
Mr. Tim Alston and a few of his staff. 

- ^m fc- 






^ft fc- 

Adams Kimberly A 
Adams Travia J 
Allen Andrea A 
Andrews Anthony D 

Bailey Christopher A III 
Beason Tracey S 
Best Margaret A 
Betts Latasha L 

Blackburn Daneeque 
Boynton Samuel J 
Browne Racquel 
Burton Noelle E 

Blevins Candace 
Boyfield Maya 
Caesar Rey 
Caldwell James Louis 

Caleb Jonise M 
Campbell Valene P 
Clairmont Giselle M 
Clarke Rosey A 


Codling Cassandra R 
Colbert Cherie 
Collins Rhonda F 
Davis Chelise M 

Davis Simone 
Davis Preston E 
Douglas Terry 
Douglas Ty-ron M 

Drew Lacresha T 
Dunbar Rowandalla Y 
Dunning Corey J 
Dunning Lashawnna R 

Elliott Olivia R 
Fields Jeleania 
Fort Christopher J 
Fort Jeremiah I 

Francis Corey R 
Gilbert Makese F 
Golson Kyle Aaron 
Goodine Bryant L 

^5 "• 


Griffith Kyna D 
Gwebu Nomalanga T 
Hewitt Andre' 
Hodnett Martin C 

Holder Laurence L 
Holloway Jerod J 
Iheanacho Akunna M 
Jackson Erica D 

Jefferson Christina 
Jobson Orlando M 
Johnson Marcus W 
Jones Graylan L 

Jones Kendra G 
Jones Vinson David 
Josey David Jr 
Kelly Andria 

Keene Ana 
King Anthony 
Kitching Julian 
Lewis Joseph P II 


Little Latesha T 
Long Zsa-nai C 
Maycock Antoine J 
McCarthy Damian L 

McDole Brenee 
McPherson Llewelyn A 
Michael Ronald 
Miller Candace J 

Monroe Tina M 

Neymour LaVaughn 

Norris Kevin 

O'Giste Keotisha Aundra 

Olagundoye Damaris M 
Opoku-boateng Adwoa S 
Orgill Loumeeka 
Paul Mytonia 

Payne Daniella A 
Pewitt Braden 
Pierre-Louise Spindy 
Richardson William 


Rodriguez Linda-mae A 
Ruff Hananiah Ruff 
Sampson Anika J 
Seard Kristen 

Sovory Baron A 
Stewart Ken 
St . Jean Gregoire 
St . Louis Nicole 

Terrill Keith R 
Thomas Tashima T 
Thompson Derek 
Thompson Lavardo 

Thompson Shelley 
Thorne Lisa R 
Torres Hector 
Tramel Candace 

Tuitt Janice L 
Von Stitt Valerie M 
Walker Lettica 
Walker Pauline 


Wallace Dennis 
Washington Donovan 
Waters Andrea 
Wheatley Ricardo L 

White Clarence 
White Trina 
Whitter Trieia 
Williams Audley 

Williams Kamaria 

Williams Rashida 

Williams Rashonda 

Williams Tarkyshia 

Wilson Lloyd 
Wilson Luisa A 
Wilson Stephan 
Wright Juannette 

Viviann Young 

- m ^- 

Not Pictured 

Akande Jolayemi 
Albury Kyna L 
Albury Toni D 
Alcime Debroah A 
Archer Gene J 
Arthur Jonette N 
Arthurs Shanee J 
Ashe Stephen A 
Awoniyi Mark 
Bailey Crystal Yvonna 
Barnum Joy T 
Beck Danielle K 
Blackburn Keisha D 
Bonaparte Andrew C 
Bowden Remelus D 
Brown Sarah-marie M 
Bulgin Lee S 
Burton Liza J 
Byfield Maya P 
Caldwell David III 
Cameron Kevin D 
Cargill Kevin S 
Carguill Nulma B 
Carr Lonney D 
Cartwright Cheyenne M 
Carty Hopefull M 
Chandler Damian M 
Charles Bernadin 
Charles Toya N 
Clarke Erica 
Dalrymple Jahmela R 
Dalrymple Jeffrey A 
Darby Krystal D 
Davis Jeremy L 
Davis Rochelle L 
Debellotte Kathyann D 
Delaney Michele P 
Derrick-griff ith Alan A 
Diggs Elliott Dewayne 
Dixon Ewan A 
Dudley Gilian F 
Dulan Sherian J 
Duncan Teresa N 
Edwards Arlene A 
Edwards Joyce D Ms . 
Edwards Kimberly M 
El-amin Jihad S II 
Ellerbe Shelton M 
Estime Mary C 
Farrell Enaame L 
Fields Russell M 
Finn Gretchen N 
Francis Kitson M 
Giles Crystal Joy 
Gillespie San Janetta 
Glen Simone 
Glover Sharanda M 
Gray Kenyatta S 
Griffith Kareem J 
Gunn-price Desiree' 
Hampton Darryl L 
Hamilton Micheal 
Harris Claude II 
Harrison Tasheima 
Harrison Terrence A 
Hayle Natalie L 
Henry Nasheba W 
Henry Sandhya Marie 
Hill Mian R 
Hinds Kareem W 
Hodge-stoutt Surbhi A 
Holiday Tracey Scott 
Howard Don 
Hughes Chericia N 

Irvin Devon Noel 

Jackson Marcus Antron 

Jackson Robert J 

Jacobs Bron V 

James Leora N 

Jenkins D'juan J 

John Gary S 

Johnson Alexander B 

Johnson Bernard 

Johnson David L Jr. 

Johnson Donovan 

Johnson Vern 

Jones Chadwick A 

Jones Katrina L 

Jouette Adoraeu L 

Julius Helene J 

Kerr Mario Leon 

King-sharif Aginah Islah 

Knight Shaldea Autherine 

Kyle James L III 

Lacount Shayla M 

Lee Kelly D 

Lee Princess A 

Lewis Cecil E 

Lewis Henry III 

Lewis Jasmine C 

Lezama Xernona I 

Lightbourne Marie Celelia 

Manning Wilfred E 

Marcellin Francis B 

Martin Francine D 

Massey Devaki A 

Mathis Dwayne Jr. 

Matthews Coretta Fae 

Maxis Muriel 

McCullough Mykeetah D 

McDole Brenee Monique 

McDonald Lisa K 

McDuffy Vivian P 

McGann Rowan M 

McGauley Mary E 

McMiller Sukari J 

Miles Dawn K 

Miles Melody A 

Miller Brian S 

Mitchell Michelle A 

Mitchell Mirthell L 

Modeste Cyprian L 

Modeste Martina L 

Nazaire Judith 

Neymour Lavaughn R 

Onwere Christopher K 

Osbourne Cheryl Y 

Otto Natasha 

Palm Fredrick Leon 

Parker Audri Lanee 

Paul Shalewa E 

Person Schennia M 

Pierre Ange 

Pierre Jerrald Jr. 

Pitter Valerie S 

Pressley Kimberly A 

Price Carlton E 

Reel Brenard 

Richards Winston R 

Roberts Ayinde E 

Shepherd Latonya C 

Simon Carol M 

Simon Tonisha L 

Simpson Vinita S 

Smith Dionne M 

Smith Jason E 

Snowden Sherise C 

Sobomehin Olawunmi T 

Stevenson Kara K 

Stewart Sean V 
Storey Danielle P 
Symonds Apryl L 
Taylor Mwon V 
Thomas Angela R 
Thomas Yarona V 
Thompson Paula L 
Tramel Richard T 
Treasure Molina M 
Tross Jose Lamont 
Tucker Michael E Jr. 
Tucker Nerissa C 
Tucker Nicole A 
Vassell Conrad Sean 
Wagner Jessica R 
Waite Clarence E 
Walker Contessa T 
Wallace Bridgett D 
Wallace Sharone E 
Waller Ferrald Fred 
Walwyn Kenric A 
Ware Kevin James 
Warren Joseph W 
Watts Vanburen III 
White Sharon A 
Wiley Angelette M 
Wilkerson Renee ' Angela 
Williams Audley V 
Williams Rashida N 
Williams Stephanie J 
Williams Tiffany L 
Wilson Dana D 
Wilson Norma Jean 
Winston Juliette 
Woolcock Ricardo A 


ust having fun 

Some people get caught having too much fun 

Left: Canadian Connection 

Though all of them are not distinguished 
juniors, these Canadians don' t mind shar- 
ing a little camera time. 

Below: Boys just wanna have fun!!! 

Can't you tell Nixon is having too much 
fun? He was caught play fighting and 
had time to make a serious pose for the 

Above: Smile! 

These two friends are all smiles for the 

Left: Born a star! 

For some people posing just seems to 
come natural. Nasheba is always ready 
for the camera 

Far Left: Caught in the act!!!! 

Vernard was caught trying to escape from 
Wade Hall Correctional Facilities. 

- ^TO - 


^ft >- 

Ampadu Eric 
Amponsah Daniel N 
Anderson Kimberly D 
Armstrong Melissa M 

Atolagbe Tosin A 
Bailey Colin M 
Bailey Nicole C 
Baker Melissa 

Banks Keith T 
Barrow Rene 
Baxter Lavinia A 
Biggs Ramona A 

Bingham Tracy-ann L 
Blackwood Andrew L 
Boothe Karen 
Boseman Charita R 

Boyce Joel C 
Brandon Devon M 
Branham Valerie C 
Bridgeforth Lorian L 

Bright Troy R 
Brise Carmina D 
Bryant Tiffany 
Bulgin Lee 

-^ roV - 

Campbell Shayla L 
Chen Adrian 
Cherestal Marie G 
Cochran Letitia R 

Cort Lee R 
Cox Karin N 
Crawl Demarest D 
Crumsey Vickie R 

Cush Yolenne D 
Davidson Yasmin N 
Davis John E 
Dehaney Dalene R 

Denham Andre R 
Desilier Thamar 
Dotson Petra M 
Dottin Garth E 

Dunchie Charmaine N 
Edwards Marcus 
Elliott Lester E 
Faulkner Rebecca J 

Fontil Valy 
Francis Coretta S 
Fraser Trevor V 
Gordon Natalie C 

^ftfc - 

Gray Liana N 
Green Michael T 
Green Pendeza S 
Greene Alfonzo III 

Greenfield James W Jr. 
Greenidge Michelle S 
Griffin Amma R 
Griffith Halecia K 

Grissom Robert A 
Guiness Elaine A 
Gwinn Jamie 
Hall Sharlene Z 

Hannah Victoria J 
Hayes Robert L Jr. 
Hayle Marsha Regina 
Hicks Tori B 

Huggins Michelle 
Ingham Tanaeya C 
James Christal A 
Johnson John-michael J 

Johnson Juleun A 
Johnston Amanda 
Jones Gary L Jr . 
Lackey Enjoli C 


Laguerre Clifford E 
Laguerre Joelle P 
Lang Robyn T 
Langhorn Carlyle G 

Leblanc Samantha C 
Lee Kelly 
Lee Rose M II 
Lewis Larrye J 

Liburd Edison C 
Logan Heather M 
Lovelace David S 
Luciano Raquel A 

Mackey Kyle D * 
Mann Cassandra L 
Mathis Shavonne M 
Mathis Tracie D 

Martin Sireasa 
McCleary Douglas T 
McLean Lindel N 
Merriweather Marcus J 

Miller Steven 
Miller Tabitha L 
Murray Meredith E 
Nixon Paul D 

- wfc - 

Norris Myisha K 
Okike Tochi M 
Paige Delores Annette 
Pearce Nadia C 

Percy Hugh E 
Poole Joyceline R 
Pullins Alysia L 
Ramphal Dayanand P 

Ramsingh Meera 
Raybourne Anthony R 
Re id Shorna A 
Darissa Rice 

Chris Roberts 
Phil Roberts 
Salter Robyn D 
Samson Chantal A 

Samuel Angelique S 
Samuels Saran J 
Sands Jestan F 
Sesinye Bame M 

Smith Aretha C 
Smith Stacy-ann S 
Spooner Nataki A 
Steele Reuben A 


Swanston Nicole M 
Taylor Estus L 
Taylor Michael W II 
Taylor Tiffany S 

Thomas Jason M 
Thurman Jarren R 
Turner Dana L 
Umez Chinwe 

Van Putten Alana A 
Vaught Seneca D 
Walker Anthony A 
Ward Ericka Jeanne 

Warden Angela J 

Ware Anjanene D 

Warfield Brenda Darlene Jr. 

Waugh Khandie Y 

Wesson Talitha N 
Williams Daniel A 
Williams Donna Patrice 
Wilson Robert E 

Word Janika M 
Wright Craig S 


Not Pictured 

Abrams Mark C 
Alexis Gian J 
Alford Jennifer L 
Allen Corey A 
Allen Kevin A 
Allen Yanis M 
Alleyne Marixa R 
Ambrose Amanda V 
Arceneaux Burton T Jr. 
Arison Michael A 
Asekomeh Victoria B 
Ashe Brian 
Barrows Delicia L 
Batiste Gamaliel S 
Batiste Keith D 
Bediako Matilda A 
Bellamy Jomaine 
Bellamy Jomar 
Blackburn Daneeque J 
Blevins Candice Lefaye 
Bodie Tamara S 
Boney Crystal D 
Bodie Tamara S 
Boney Crystal D 
Bodie Tamara S 
Boney Crystal D 
Brady Michael D 
Brady Patricia R 
Brizard Neilla H 
Bucknor Simone 
Bull en Dave K 
Burton Dale M 
Caleb Andrea D 
Cameron Orville D 
Cantrell Donald F 
Carthen Luke 
Castello Winfield A Jr. 
Checkley Zoe S 
Cheek Tanya R 
Chess Latita R 
Christmas Enjoli 
Clark James C 
Clark Priscilla R 
Cooper Krista 
Corrodus Shane R 
Crockett Mckinley N 
Daley Sherine C 
Dammier Jennifer 
Daniels Tanisha E 
Davidson Julie S 
Davis Cedric E II 
Davis Jeremiah A 
Dawkins Ralph C 
Debardelaben Antony J 
Denard Shavon M 
Deshommes Patricia G 
Dizard Erica J 
Dottin Juel A 
Douglas Terry D Jr . 
Drake Caron R 
Dudley Kahlima N 
Ellis Stacey T 
Evangelista Troy D 
Eve Herman J 
Ferguson Hermena M 
Flynn Sara Y 
Forde Wade F 
Francis Jared D 
Francis Natasha U 
Franklin Dorian Faye 
Fubler Chima W 
Fubler Talitha L 
Gage Shana J 
Geary Parrish J 
Goodridge Alethea M 
Gracia Sandy K 

Graham Sonjanae Devonna 
Green Kristy W 
Griffin Shawanda F 
Guy Bruce J 
Hall Marc F 
Hamel Crystal A 
Harrigan Velia M 
Harris Cory L 
Harrison Caron 
Harrison Tasheima K 
Harvey Anthony D Jr . 
Hervey- jumper Shawn L 
Hickerson Lavar S 
Hodnett Loren Richard 
Holder Clement 
Holl Genevieve M 
Holt Shannone 
Horton Jerry G 
Howard Dorris J 
Howard Margaret Deloris 
Howard Renique R 
Hunter Desiree 
Husbands Lydia-anne L 
Hutchinson Daryl K 
Ifill Christopher L 
Jackson Andy D 
Jackson Brandon L 
Jackson Ilori M 
Jackson Michael A 
Jackson Ronald U 
Jacobs Sonja D 
James Tanish L 
Jean-philippe Nathalie 
Jean-philippe Tahisha 
Jefferson Christina 
Jenkins Daniel S 
Johnson Marcus Wayne 
Johnson Michelle A 
Johnson Robert M 
Jones Desmond D 
Jones Michael D 
Jordan Isariah J 
Joseph Michael A 
Kabongo Misenga J 
Keene Ana Carmela 
Kelly Andria Janae 
Kelly Shaunda Elyss 
Keogh Jeanine Yvette 
Kerr Sabreena 
King Anthony Arthur Jr . 
Kitching Julian S 
Knight Dejuan N 
Knight Warren W 
Laborde Michael A 
Lamand George M 
Lee Deborah J 
Lee Larry E 
Lewis Eugene J 
Lewis James L III 
Lewis Kami C 
Lottie Christina M 
Maddox Jerita M 
Mapp Janelle Lakeshia 
Martin Danielle C 
Mayard Emmanuela M 
McDonald Philip B 
McFarlane Ingrid N 
McLean Kay-ann N 
Mendinghall April V 
Michel Ronald 
Miller Charlese F 
Newton Leonard G 
Newton Shawnika N 
Nixon John S II 
Noel Carl 
Nora Vernon 

Norris Kevin L 
Nozil Laura A 
Oliver Tony D 
Pace Tanya L 
Parham Darnell 
Patterson Mia-liana C 
Patton Anna-gayle N 
Patton Elisia Y 
Paul Mytonia H 
Powell Joseph W 
Prescott-crewe Melissa G 
Pressley Carolyn M 
Prezeau Jamile F 
Pullman Michelle D 
Richardson Selwyn S 
Richardson William G 
Riley Nicholas C 
Rivers Bryan K 
Roberts Kevin A 
Roberts Phil L 
Roberts Tionnae S 
Robinson Mary-ann C 
Ruff Hananiah 
Ruffin John P 
Rushing Iva Champagne 
Seard Kristen E 
Selassie Michael Moges 
Selassie Sirach M 
Senzira Baraka K 
Simmonds Sean A 
Simmons Shane K 
Small Joslyn E 
Smith-Manning Donna Rita 
Sobomehin Olakemi R 
Spellen Brian L 
St. Juste Stennette 
Stewart Ken H 
Stewart Natasha C 
Sylvan Vanessa N 
Taylor Dion C 
Taylor Shawanna L 
Thomas Josian G 
Thompson Derek S 
Thompson Sean A 
Thurman Jerrica E 
Underwood Corzetta A 
Urena Michelle C 
Ussery Tuwan M 
Valcin Rachelle D 
Vaughan Tamara N 
Vaughn Woodrow Jr . 
Victor Faith T 
Walker Lettica N 
Walker Pauline M 
Warren Anthea L 
Waters Andrea A 
Weekes Jhamillia E 
Weekes Natalie N 
White James III 
White Trina D 
Whitter Tricia A 
Wilcher David L 
Williams Anifa 
Williams Joanne Marie 
Williams Kamaria S 
Williams Kinara Ayanna 
Williams Marlon V 
Williams Rashonda T 
Williams Tarkyshia A 
Williams Tomika S 
Wilson Roger Lloyd 
Wilson Stephan R 
Wimbish Brennan Jevon 
Winston Jeremy Scott 
Wither spoon Tomeka 
LashoneWright Juannette M 

Yeboah Paul K Jr 
Yelorda Megan F 
Young Vivian L 


Acoff Samuel 
Adams Evelyn 
Alemu Etsehiywot 
Alexander Olivia 

Alexander Pauline 
Allsop Talitha 
Anderson Chantel 
Anderson Lorraine 

Anderson Sheneeka 
Andre David 
Anosike Ugonna 
Antoine Ikechukwu 

Archer Lenis 
Arons Allyson 
Asomugha Chinwe 
August e Evrance 

Auguste Guerlin 
Ault D'elazah 
Austin Ricardo 
Awoniyi Michael 

- w frh 

Bagambiire Ssanyu 
Baham Justin 
Barnes Byron C 
Barrett Corey Antoine 

Barron Nicole A 
Beale Samuel C II 
Benjamin Sirica K 
Benson Kenneth R 

Bishop Roberta L 
Bobb Sherwin V 
Bone Candace J 
Bowe Antoin R 

Bramble Derrick F 
Bratton Matthew S 
Bromfield Cheryl 
Brookins Phillip R 

Brooks Kamica T 
Brown Andell K 
Brown David F 
Brown Desiree S 

- m j^- 

Brown Eric C 
Brown Lashay D 
Brown Qiana C 
Brown Randulyn L 

Buckley Capri M 
Burns Demisha J 
Burrowes Paul D 
Butler Fredra R 

Callender Ian C 
Callis Robin H 
Cameron Howard D 
Campbell Leo H 

Carmen Tara R 
Carr Malina R 
Carrington Alysande L 
Carrington Kevin M 

Carter Christine M 
Carter Lauren A 
Carter Quantrilla Y 
Carter Senecia M 


Carter Tarron M 
Chandler Danica S 
Charles Dean M 
Charles Martial A 

Cheatham Jonathan 
Choyce Monique J 
Clarke Kadian A 
Claxton Darien J 

Cochran Camille D 
Cochran Kenneth T 
Cole Hans 
Cook Jessica T 

Cooper Shelrese D 
Crawford Mahogany S 
Daphnis Ricardo A 
Darby Reginald E 

Davenport Larry D 
Davis Amanda L 
Davis Dorhel 
Davis Jamie Jr. 

- ^ft *- 

Davis Justin Z 
Davis Laila A 
Davis Latoya T 
Dawson Jason E 

De La Vega Victoria M 
Doggette Shawn D 
Dossman Cari R 
Duberry Dudley 

Dulan Stacy K 
Dulan Tywana A 
Dumas Angel P 
Dunlap Rodney D 

Dyson Rosalyn Y 
Eakins Colleen 
Edwards Averil M 
Edwards Celeste I 

Edwards Lewis W 
Edwards Marcus L 
Edwards Samuel L 
Ellerbee Alvina C 


Ellerbee Angelique P 
Ellis Tamara M 
Elysee Jonathan D 
Ettinoffe Sharna S 

Evans Rhoneice L 
Evans Ryan B 
Ever s ley Jude U 
Ewing Consuelo M 

Fane Jeneria M 
Feit Jose' F 
Ferguson Roy H 
Fernander Edrica T 

Fields Angela T 
Flucas Lamar A 
Forde Shana N 
Francis Letitia J 

Francois Domonique M 
Francois Esther 
Frazier Shelea M 
Fryson Elise P 

- ^ftfc - 

Fullwood Andrea M 
Gallon Kristy R 
Garrison Michael C 
Gibbons Sevonne L 

Germany Kietrich B 
Gibson Jenna N 
Glover Terrell J 
Golson Erin E 

Gomes Meshay L 
Gordon Arika V 
Gordon Robert V 
Graves Tiah M 

Gray Jakoa Z 
Gray Jennifer A 
Gregory Melainie T 
Griffin Erin R 

Griffin Sharhonda L 
Griffin Terry-ann T 
Griffith Michelle N 
Hall Courtney W 


Hall Michelle A 
Hamilton Lisa M 
Hammond Tamela L 
Hardy-word Nia D 

Harriel Christopher W 
Harrison Shanna M 
Harrod Lloyd W III 
Haughton Honore A 

Hawkins Robyn D 
Henry Agnes C 
Henry Lorraine A 
Henry Vanessa A 

Herard Paul E 
Hewitt Charles W II 
Hewitt Roxanne P 
Hicks William R 

Hill James A 
Hinds Erika N 
Hines Jahdai K 
Holder Loderika S 


Holloway Vernika M 
Howard Martin L II 
Hubbard Lemuel 
Huggins Stanley 

Humphrey Gary A 
Humphrey Myla M 
Hunter Nigel G 
Jackson Jonae M 

Jackson Marquis L 
James Henry D III 
James Lloyd W Jr. 
James Myron 

Jobson Synanda M 
Johnson Brian J 
Johnson Joseph L 
Johnson Kamil N 

Johnson Lindsay K 
Johnson Sylvia E 
Johnson Tiffany D 
Jones Adrianne L 


Jones Candace Y 
Jones Keith D 
Jones Norman J 
Jones Paul A 

Jones Shenelle M 
Jones Veronica M 
Joseph Niyiere T 
Julien Caulette 

Kimani Lee D 
King Terri D 
Knight Jessica L 
Kuzmicic Jorge S 

Labady Anthony J 
Langhorn Crystal le R 
Lawrence Arreasha Z 
Lawrence Sonita M 

Lee James J 
Levett Lisa S 
Lewis Kathleen T 
Lewis Lauren L 


Lewis Tameka I 
Lindsay Joseph B 
Lister Rolanda L 
Loften Kristy D 

Long Gentry M 
Lorvil Linda R 
Lowe Jevon D 
Lyons Gina L 

Mabandla Mlibazisi 
Mallett Melissa N 
Manning Neil E 
Manning Ryan 

Marr Nerissa L 
Martin Jerry L 
Mathis Derek R 
Matiwaza Mthulisi B 

Mattison Java D Jr. 
Mayes Charles L 
McCall Tamara R 
McCalla Devon C 


McFarlane Nicole A 
McGriff Jamie L 
McKinley Mayselin M 
McKinnis Denero T 

McNeil Jonathan J 
McNish Kerri Ann Renee 
McTier Syreeta A 
Melton Melvanie R 

Miles Demedro E 
Miles Jerome A 
Miller Bianca M 
Miller Bonita C 

Mills John A III 
Minott Andre' N 
Monroe Donald W III 
Montgomery Shayla N 

Moore Britney Y 
Moore Shannan C 
Moseley Dianna B 
Murphy Jennifer A 

- ^™ - 

Myrtil Nathalie 
Nerelus Abnet 
Nerelus Roseline 
Niles Marnel N 

Oakman Jason J 
Oden Brooke C 
Ogbonna Susan N 
Oglesby Alicia N 

Oglesby Dominique M 
Olatunji Mahalia A 
Oliver Daryl L 
Opoku-boateng Akosua A 

Owens Frederick W 
Page Alisha M 
Parham Mattisha Marie 
Parham Roy C 

Patrick Kara-shelley P 
Paul Natasha K 
Paulino Belkis R 
Peoples Raymond M 

- ^ftfr - 

Perry Walter L 
Phillips Janelle N 
Phipps Wintley A II 
Pooler John W III 

Posey Shawnea M 
Pough Rokeem G 
Powell Edwin S 
Powell Michelle T 

Profitt Tiffany A 
Rahming Tangie M 
Ray Michael J 
Reade Devin L 

Regis Marcellinus J 
Remy Marsha Althea 
Richards Jillian M 
Richardson Brenton A 

Richardson Henry A 
Richardson Kinta D 
Rideout Mark J 
Roberts James II 

- ^ftfc - 

Robinson Bree N 
Robinson Kellie S 
Rodriguez Paul 
Rolle Donald J 

Ross Larissa J 
Rucker Aaron B 
Ruff David L 
Ruff Josiah E 

Ruff Natalie E 
Ruff Stephen P II 
Sagay Racheem S 
Saint-elie Daniel T 

Sanders Alfredneitta M 
Sanders Stephen J 
Saunders Amber C 
Saunders Sherri 

Sayles Latoya C 
Scott Leslie Milton 
Sellers Maria D 
Senghor Jaida Y 


Shaw Her one J II 
Sherman Sharhonda L 
Sherrod Krystal N 
Shorter Hope R 

Shuman Erica J 
Simon Nicole C 
Slosh Uschett T 
Smith Andre' L 

Smith Byron B 
Smith Pettina N 
Spence Natasha L 
Spencer Zanel 

St. Pierre Natacha L 
Stallworth Shacy E 
Steele Miranda A 
Stephens John E 

Stewart Denise T 
Stewart Elizabeth A 
Stewart Essence A 
Stewart Shelly Anne S 

- ^ftfc - 

Stoddart Leeanne M 
Sweet Mechelle L 
Sylvester Chivohn V 
Taylor Demetria D 

Taylor Nicole C 
Taylor Robert E III 
Thomas Jonathan L 
Thomas Robert B Jr. 

Thompson David 
Thompson Marlon E 
Thompson Tajhmar T 
Tidwell Tabitha 

Tillmuth Nadine N 
Times Joy S 
Tramel Bradley B 
Tull Reginald J 

Turnbull Courtney N 
Verneus Cassandre A 
Walcott Gregory N 
Waldon Kalisha A 

0W SOS is;- 

2r- .* ■*? 


Walker Monique S 
Warrick Kerron A 
Warren Allison 
Washington Autumn N 

Washington Jabari W 
Watkins Kelly C 
Weathers Nedra 
Wells Valerie N 

West Jovonne J 
Weston Courtney R 
White Latoya J 
White Staci L 

Whittaker Karlisa M 
Wilder Kali K 
Williams Derrick Q 
Williams Dulani W 

Williams Ellen T 
Williams Latoya S 
Williams Nerieqa N 
Williams Omari D 


Williams Simonea 
Williams Toussaint T 
Williams Trudye A 
Willis Amber T 

Willis Faith-mignonne 
Wilson Karis J 
Wilson Larry A 
Wilson Victor R 

Wisdom Airrion S 
Wisdom Ysaak B 
Woodfork Robert G 
Wright Jermaine 

Arthur Charles 
Awvor Victor 
Bruse Jason 
Douglas Caroline 

Elliot Peaches 
Furloe Tyree 
Gaiter Jannae 
Grahm Chanler 

- ro fr- 

Hayes Alison 
Lee Evelyn 
Lewis Claudisha 
Lewis Coleen 

Lopez Owen 
McCarthy Dandre 
D. J. Moore 
Murphy Ricky 

Richardo Paul 
Rager Janice 
Lakeisha White 
Winston Juliette 

Woods J. R. Richard 


Not Pictured 

Ackerman Alana 
Adams Stephen 
Allison Stacey-ann 
Ambroise Annerose 
Anderson Joseph 
Andrews Gladson II 
Anilus Erline 
Antoine Ikechukwu 
Arison Mino 
Arison Myra 
Arthurs Da Nielle 
Arthus Charles 
Bailey Chantel 
Bain Monalisa S 
Baker Benjamin J 
Baly Usha P 
Barnes Mellonie R 
Barrow Rene C 
Batista Lilian E 
Baxter Nicholas J 
Bean Corey N 
Beard Jessie L 
Beckley Shakir K 
Bellerand Monique N 
Bevel Justin R 
Billingy Shana E 
Blanchard La'shanice 
Blay Kykinda N 
Bond Angela C 
Boney Patrice L 
Bonnick Michelle E 
Boone Bryan D 
Boozer Brandon L 
Brantley Lydia C 
Breese Jason W 
Brooks Sharon N 
Brooks Rachelle 
Brown Allen A 
Brown Qwanique R 
Brown Shonet A 
Browne Murvin E 
Bullen Kario T 
Burgis Dorothy E 
Burnet te Monualdai K 
Burrows Inga J 
Burton Andrea T 
Byars Camille L 
Cadet Joelle 
Caleb Joseph P 
Cameron Richard Dale 
Campbell Kenroy Anthony 
Carmen Darcy J 
Carrington Sheldon L 
Carter Adrian G 
Carter Terrence A 
Cassimy David S 
Carter Terrence A 
Cassimy David S 
Cavins Ayodele K 
Chalmers Nickeea J 
Chambers Kimberly M 
Charles Kenny B 
Chery Joseph E 
Childs Demecia L 
Chin King Joseph M 
Cinous Brunelle 
Clairvil Elta 
Clark Victor J 
Clisby Kerry L 
Colin Johanne 
Collins Marsharee Z 
Collins Nathan 
Craig Anthea A 
Craig Philip J 
Crichton Diallo M 
Cunningham Natasha S 
Cyrus Sophya A 

Daphnis Ivan J 
Davenport Thomas N 
Davis Travis D 
Dawson Cheryl E 
Daye Sekenah R 
Daye Shantel L 
Dean Andrea C 
Deschamps Darion D 
Deschamps Louie A 
Deschamps Trelvis P 
Dewindt Kimra N 
Doepke Sarah Lynn 
Dorsey Shavonne M 
Dottin Andrew B 
Dowe Landon J 
Dudley Gian K 
Dukes La-tonya J 
Dupree Anita R 
Edwards Teresa A 
Eleazer Felix Q 
Eli Moses E 
Elliott Ebony A 
Elliott Heather N 
Elliott Raoul J 
Ellis Almeta-maria M 
Ergus Aretha A 
Fagan Reginald D 
Fatoma Amos D Jr. 
Felix Gailann N 
Fenelon Barbara J 
Fenison Tanisha P 
Fields Kenneth W 
Foster Karen D 
Francois Lemuel L 
Fraser Quentis M 
Frazier Katrina A 
Fuller Ketra Y 
Gaiter Cherika J 
Gallien Matthew 
Gardner Charles M 
Garnett Tiffany M 
Gaspard Natrice K 
Gates Steven L 
George Nicole M 
Girault Pascal S 
Go ins Chay M 
Golding Kerrianne V 
Gray Gary N 
Green Gilford L 
Green Laura V 
Griffin Troy F 
Griffiths Chevon A 
Guerrero Roberto 
Hall Damon 

Hamilton-adams Nkecha K 
Hardy Simone J 
Harris Tracy M 
Head Amber R 
Hedman-baker Melissa E 
Henderson Brooke L 
Henley Darrell L 
Herbert Rozier D 
Hill Tamieka S 
Hines Kanesha T 
Hoffman Samanthia 
Holley Mattie L 
Hopkins Alunda N 
Howell George Douglas 
Hudson Kristen L 
Hughes Georgette 
Humphrey Leilani A 
Hutchinson David C 
Illidge Fern B 
Jackson Brian E 
Jackson Latoya N 
James Ivory 
James Kaamilya T 
Jeanty Marc-aurele 
Jeffery Ryan L 
Johns Gerald 


Johnson Alisha G 
Johnson Christopher B 
Johnson Eugene H II 
Johnson Robert 
Jolly Leah J 
Jones Barbara Elaine 
Jones Darrin C 
Jones Eboni N 
Jones Nytasha R 
Jouett Brandi N 
Kelly Toni Michelle 
Kidd Nadia Marie 
King Raymond S III 
King Shasone E 
Kinley Sharita Vonee ' 
Kinlock Kamillah T. 
Kitching Brian M 
Knight Derrick L 
Knight Nicole Y 
Knotts Nicole V 
Knowles Jasmine J 
Knox Phillip 
Kutebwa Kanyeba E 
Lee Akilah A 
Lennard Andrea L 
Lethola Tshepo S 
Levy Carletta M 
Lewis Simone D 
Lewis-reese Antoniah 
Loftman Triciana M 
Long Maurice D II 
Lowe Derek L 
Maddix Rochelle M 
Mai lory John E 
Marcel 1 in Osmund J 
Martin Sireasa Y 
Mathis Tracie D 

Mattison-Watkins Heather 
Maundy Aswad D 
McCarthy Dananai A 
McCray Lakeisha Y 
McGee Dasha R 
McKenzie Charles 
McKenzie Edd R 
McNeil Amy D 
McNeil Betina C 
McNeil Melinda G 
Miller Damarrus L 
Miller Leah R 
Minors Kim M 
Monroe Jerry A Jr. 
Montgomery Brian C 
Montgomery Fredrick Lee 
Moore Dennis L II 
Moore Hadassah C 
Morgan Shawn D 
Morris Priscilla B 
Morton Sarah 
Munyabera Claudine U 
Murphy Frederick G 
Munyabera Claudette U 
Murray Kendra L 
Myrie Duvaughn D 
Neal Kelle E 
Neilly Theodore V 
Neives Phillip 
Nelson Gregory 
Nicoleau Maurice A 
Norman Gianna E 
Nozil Fredric 
Nurse Tesa N 
Olibris Roselore 
Ottley Jeuelle M 
Page Aj amu A 
Parris Jillian M 
Partlow Claudisha K 
Patterson David C 
Pelote Byron W 
Pelote Falisia S 
Perrin Kenton C 
Pierre-louis Nicole A 

Pippins Sanara T 
Pitt Kenneth E 
Pogue Monique S 
Porter Ramon G 
Quinn Tere M 
Rainey Evette L 
Rainey Evyonne M 
Ramey Derrick L Jr. 
Ray Jaymee A 
Reed Shalon K 
Rice Marissa G 
Richards Paul N 
Roache Kymberlee R 
Roberts Rita M 
Robinson Benjamin A IV 
Robinson Cynthia M 
Robinson Reginald E 
Rodgers Camillia Z 
Royer Janice 
Rugless Tiffany N 
Russell Angela Faye 
Russell Courthney F 
Saint-val Frantzo 
Sanchez Joseph L 
Sanford Darryl L 
Saunders Utundee 
Scarlett Kevin A 
Scott Luwanda C 
Shakes Coreen S 
Shurney Ashley S 
Simmons Lelis F 
Smith Lincoln M 
Smith Rajah L 
Smith Ryan E 
Smith Steven E 
Spivey Trevior A III 
St. Felix Rudy 
St. Louis Monique T 
St. Louis Sean A 
St.louis Nicole R 
Stanley Donnie C Jr 
Stewart Anitra C 
Stith Lorraine C 
Stokes Courtney L 
Stothart Roshawn 
Swan Sherman E 
Taylor Catherine H 
Taylor Winston C 
Thomas D ' j ahna 
Thomas Frank T 
Thomas Jorhena 
Thomas Michelle T 
Thompson Joseph R 
Thompson Lavardo L 
Thompson Tammy T 
Tinglin Christine J 
Tinsley Deron A 
Tinsley Levi A 
Townsend La'tasser E 
Tramel Candace D 
Turner Shantil G 
Victor John A 
Von Stitt Joseph D 
Wade Gar the 11 III 
Walbrook Ronald C 
Waldon Kawaisha L 
Walker Daniel P 
Wallace Kalah K 
Warfield Melvyn 
White Staci L 
Whittaker Karlisa M 

The Freshman have endured a long orientation week.They have been 
exposed to almost every side of Oakwood. Now it's time to see the 
spiritual side. 

Freshman Consecration 

cially touched when the entire audience 
formed a prayer circle around them show- 
ing their support. 

- ^TO - 

President Baker leads the congregation 
in prayer as the faculty stands showing 
their support for the Freshmen. 

Class of ? 


This section is dedicated to the 
people who really wanted to 
show their school spirit or be 
seen in the '98-'99 yearbook. 
They went out of their way to 
comb their hair, get their hair 
cut, dress appropriately, and 
make sure everything was in 
place just to be sure that they 
took a nice picture. I guess 
with all the stress, hustle and 
bustle with schoolwork and 
studying, they either failed to 
write their name legibly, stay 
in the order that they wrote 
their name, didn't leave a 
name, or they didn't leave any 
information at all.Therefor we 
have no idea WHO U R. 

- ^S^ - 

Class of ? 

- ro ^- 


Left: This freshman pleads to 
everyone to please write their 
name legibly, whenthey take 
their pictures. 

Right: Dacia and Karlecia 
award Dr. Shand for following 
directions when he took his 
faculty picture. 





Facilitators worked very closely with the 
students during the workshop. They 
helped the students learn what it really 
takes to be a true leader. The students 
were very attentive and worked 
dilligently to learn all that they could 
during the time they were allowed. 


Some students, like Camille, were ac- 
tive partcipants in the workshop. Oth- 
ers like Andrea seemed bored. While 
others like Mark simply stood by and 
watched. Everyone should be more like 


^ra fc- 

777 / 7777777> 


Allison, Ronald 

Anderson, John 

Andrews, Wilena 

Armstrong, Bennye 

Ashley, George 

Bell, Douglas 

Barry, Greg 

Bliss, Frances 

Booth, Carole 

Brade, Kesslyn 

Bragg, Brina 

Brown, Gretchen 

Bryant, Kolette 

Butler, James 

Desouza, Isadore 

Caldwell, Gail 

Calhoun, Al 

Carter, Luetilla 

Cartwright, Roengsak 

Chambers, Audley 

Cherry, Lee 
Collins, Renee 
Conwell, Patti 
Cox, Sherman 

Daly, Joseph 
Damon, Angela 
Dee, Phillis 
Donatto, Anthony 

Donatto, Yvonne 
Dormer, Caryll 
Douglas, Leonard 
Davis, Oliver 

Dixon, Minneola 
Drake, Robert 
Evans, Lloyd 
Farmer, Margarette 

Follette, Joseph 
Forde, Emma 
Germany, Plenty 
Germany, Sylvia 

Gibbons, Ashton 
Gill, Ester 
Gooding, Lela 
Green, Lillian 

Griffin, Sandra 
Gunn, Ruth 
Gwebu, Ephraim 
Gwebu, Kera 



Hamer, James 

Hamilton, Flore 

Hampton, Benton 

Hampton, Mithra 

Hasse, Larry 

Hudson, Carol 

Iheanacho, Morris 

Iheanocho, Shirley 

Johnson-Robinson, Beverly 

Keller, Ernest 

Kirby, Matthew 

Lacy, Lucile 

Lai Hing, Kenneth 

Lai Hing, Jean 

Landy, Pattie 

Lewis, Jannith 

Lewis, Weldon 

Lindsey, Ronald 

Mallory, Lloyd 

Marchand, Florence 

Matthews, Belvia 
Mayes, Debra 

Medley, Anthony 
Medley, India 

McClellan, Margo 
McDonald, Timothy 
McGill, Cheryl 
Miles, Wilson 

Millet, Debbe 
Mims, Hattie 
Mulzak, Kenneth 
Newborn, Craig 

Newborn, Jan 
Oler, Carlton 
Osei, Albert 
Osterman, Eurydice 

Paul, Sonia 
Payne, James 
Phelan, Susan 
Powell Yvette 

Pyfer, Bruce 
Roach, Tanquerey 
Roddy, James 
Ross, Jan 

Ross, Lynn 
Ruff, Titus 
Rugless, Diane 


Samson, Agniel 

Saunders, Emmanuel 

Schmidt, Londa 

Selassie, Genet 

Shand, Lance 
Shaw, Howard 
Smith, William 
Spencer, Deon 

Stennis, Fred 

Stennis, Jody 

Taylor, Freddie 

Thomas, Jo 

■ni-'«»-flirv»nr -ir- . 

m J^ 


cfcis*^ "'. 55*- ; •V- 

Washington, Donald 

Weekes, Joan 



Williams, Rachel 



Wilson, Monica 


r i 


p 9 * ^®w 




1 ^^ I 


/ L 

Faculty Fun Shots 

Above: My feet hurt! I want to sit down. 

Right: Hurry up! We were trying 
to go to the cafe! 

Above: What I'm trying to say is... 


here's just not 
enough to say about 
Oakwood's gymnas- 
tics team. The 
fantastic displays, 
they perform, leave 
us mesmerized! they 
make it look so easy! 
They are a dedicated 
group of young 


1998-99 USM 

Uni ed 


Spreading Oak Editor Fall Semester 
Patricia Deshomes 

Spreading Oak Editor Spring Semester 
Joelle Laguerre 

Executive Vice-President 
Myron Edmonds 

Social-Vice President 
Jose Tross 

Public Relations Officer 
Sobrina Thomas 

Acorn Yearbook Editor 
Belina Buisson 


Executive Cabinet 

Move nent 


Debleaire Snell 



^^^^^^ff P -<*£y> i 

~ ■ - 


* 4 


Athletic Vice President 
Jamie Roddy 

Music Coordinator 
Roberto Burton 

Academic Vice-President 
Cynthia Gordon 

Senate Amenuensis 
Nulma Carguill 

Special Assistant to Publications 
Nicole Fryson 

^ftfc - 

We Are Family 


Executive Amenuensis Fall Semester 
Katrina Jones 

Luther Palmer 

Camille Warren 

Religious Vice-President 
Donovan Washington 

Special Events Coordinator 
Janice Warden 

Executive Amenuensis spring semester 
Rowandalla Dunbar 



And then who is willing to consecrate his service 
this day unto the Lord? 1 chron. 29:5 

USM Senate and Cabinet Consecration 

The Executive Cabinet also took 
the oath to represent the students 
They are accompanied by their 
sponcer Keslyn Brade. 

- m k- 


Ladies and Gentleman the Presi- 
dent of the Senate. The Notebook 
so graciously supplied by 
Oak wood. HA?! 

Myron and Nulma pour over 
documents for the senate im- 
peachment hearings. Sorry, I 
meant the budget?! I don't 

This is soo much fun. Can't wait 
till next Monday. The joys of rep- 
resenting my peoples. 

- ^w *- 

Mmmmm! That is sooo deep. 
We've got a surplus from the bud- 
get and we're not in debt? 

Now that's what I'm talkin about! 
No curfew, co-ed dorms, and 
Taco Bell catering in the cafe. 
Man I've got to stop daydream- 

Are ya'll listening to me? If 
not I'm going home. Right 


The Oakwood College Allstar Bowl 
highlighted the vast knowlege of the 
Oakwood Students vs. A&M. 


Battle of the Wits 

Don't they look so confident! I bet they 
wathched Jeopardy everyday. 


Dr. Burton could you give us that ques- 
tion with a small hint. Thanks! 

A&M students diligently try to get them- 
selves together. Funny they ended up 

Ya'll aren't that smart so stop looking 
over here! 

Now don't try to put blame on the mic. 
Admit you just don't know the answer.! 


B S2 ^Mh 



I 1 




^p fc- 


aught In The Act 

Club & Organizations 

Registered Qiubs 

4yZ\nd ^rgAnizfltions 

^or 1998 99 


1. Alpha Chi 

(Junior & Senior Honor Society) 


Registered Qlubs 

C?\n& ^Jrgflifixfltions 

^/or T998 99 

Or get n izatio n/Clu b 

\ . Accounting Club 

2. Communication Club 

3 Computer Club 

4 Ecology Club 

5 Epsilon Phi Delia (Science Club) 

6. Financial Management Association 


Registered ^lubs 

^T^nd £Vganizfltions 

^Cor 1998 99 

Oman iza tion/Club 

7, French Club 

8. Junior (lass 

9. Literary Guild 


10 Pre-Law Society 

1 I . Psychology Club 

Registered £lubs 

c^\nd £}rgmmfltions 

^/or 1998 99 

Orgq /? ization/Clu b 

2. Gamma Sigma Kappa 

(Women's Ministries Club) 

3. Literature Evangelist Training Center Club 

4. ROEli Ministries 

5. Urnoja, Nia, Imani 
(Women's Ministry) 

6. Voices Of Triumph 

Registered £lubs 
<^nd £Jrg<wix<itions 
or 1998 99 

Oman izatio n/Clu h 

1. International Students Organization 

2. Pre- Alumni Association 

3, Willing Succeeding &Black Inc. 

Registered £lubs 

cA n d £Vgnnizfttions 

^for f998 99 

Or^q /? izatio n/CIu b 

12. Senior Class 

13 Students In Free Enterprise 

14. Student National Medical Association 

15 Social Work Club 

16. Sophomore Class 

- ^S fc- 


Times Past 

This section of the yearbook is going to be dedicated to all the students that graduated or left and 
didn't see their pictures in the book. These pages are for you. Enjoy! 



- ^ W~ 

^ w/W*w*w <s w*^ t ^*'~'S 


,rwS^Vv^v^>^ , <^^, 

Over 70 souls were claimed for Jesus in baptism. 

"Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst for righteousness: for 
they shall be filled." Matthew 5:6 





Pastor Nixon and Oakwood College Church embarrassed Satan by indulging in prayer for the 
entire month of October. As a result, souls came to know the sweet name of Jesus. 





WUe/t& the ^mtit 



en's Retreat 

Ententitled the "Gathering of Men," the 1998 Men's Retreat brought together the 
men of Oakwood who were looking for a closer walk with the Lord. Pastors 
Doggette, West and Medley spoke on topics such as "Christian Men and their 
Sexuality," "Men as the Priests of the Home," and "Christian Men in Society" 
The men were challenged to become stalwart servants for Christ and to be 
faithful Christians. Those who attended came away with something to be 


•& ill \ jf m 

mm £ ! \m 1* 1 

I yrmW M 1 

Michael Green was an active participant 

Good old-fashioned male spiri- 
tual bonding. 


The various speakers included... 
Chaplain Medley, Eric Thomas, 
Mason West, and Pastor 

-4 ^ - 

Cahutta Springs 

below: Coming together and studing was one of the many activities 

below: Dean Gunn is sharing his years 
of experience. 

above: A time to rest was very much 

right: Even though it wasn't very good 
they are still trying to keep up. 


below: "Well at least I don' t have to walk.' 

below: The activities were very captivating. 

above: Dr. Newborne giving one of the messages. 

-d fa ~ 






, * * %i 

V £ftrf£l 


Oakwood Orchestra 

The Oakwood College Orchestra 
is one of the many ways for 
students to show their musical 
talents. Under the leadership 
of Dr. Renee Collins, the 
orchestra has provided the 
campus with many wonderful 
performances. Here are some of 
the students performing at the 
Oakwood College Church. 


-d ffifr - 



Jliiss (JaAwood 

"There can be miracles when you believe" and 
Oakwood College students, faculty, and staff were 
believing in eight true Oakwoodite women as they 
participated in the eighth annual Ms. Oakwood Pag- 
eant. As the lights were dimmed and the soloists 
sang, the audience waited in anticipation as the la- 
dies took the stage with their dazzling choreography. 
Representing their hometowns, the ladies electrified 
the audience and judges with their stage presence 
and poise. The talent segment of the program by far 
was the most diverse of other pageants. The acts 
ranged from karate, floor tumbling, to opera. The 
miracles began to show themselves as the ladies 
took their final walks during the evening gown seg- 

It has often been said that you can only appreciate 
the world around you by understanding the miracle 
within yourself, and from the performances that 
evening, Adrienne, Chelise, Deia, Alietha, Akunna, 
Camille, Andrea, and Vivian see the world in a 
whole new paradigm. 



Adrienne is a 22-year-old senior with a 
double major of Communications and 
Education with a Language Arts em- 
phasis. Adopted the second of two 
children, she is a native of Detroit, 
Michigan. She dreams of someday 
owning a radio network. 




Akunna was born is Nigeria, West Africa. 
She is a junior Biology Pre-Med. Major 
with a minor in Chemistry. Her dream is to 
become a Medical Doctor, speacializing in 
neonatology, pediatrics, or obsetetrics. She 
seeks to develop her mental, spiritual, and 
physical aspects to their fullest potential 
with heaven as her ultimate goal. 

Deia Daois 


Deia was born in the sunny state of 
South Carolina. She is a graduating se- 
nior pursuing a cognitive major in Biol- 
ogy, English, and Physical Education 
with aspirations of a career in corporate 
law. She is also a senior class officer, 
member of the UNCF Pre- Alumni 
Council, Pre-Law club, and College 
Bowl Team. 

Uioian youno 

Vivian is from Riverside, California; the 
oldest of three siblings. She is a junior at 
Oakwood College, majoring in Psychol- 
ogy. Her future plans include owning a 
christian counseling service, focusing on 
helping youth and adolescents with be- 
havioral problems. 


ese ^uaois 

Chelise is senior Elementary Education 
major from Omaha, Nebraska. Her future 
goals are to obtain a master's in Elementary 
Education and teach young children in 
inner-city schools how to be all they can be. 
Her dream is to start a professional drama 
outreach team that will lead people to 

^Anemia Ijoan, 

Aliethia is a 21 -year-old graduating senior 
with a double major inMusic Business and 
Vocal Performance. Her roots are embedded 
in the Caribbean Island of Jamaica, but she 
currently resides in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. 
Aliethia desires to become a vocal performer 
of the arts with a focus on the opera, classi- 
cal, spiritual, and Broadway musical genres. 
Her ultimate goal is to live for the Savior in a 
way that Christ can be seen in her character 
and win souls to Christ by her example. 

^Andrea CGJa/ers 




^r ^^^ 

: i i 



* ; i. 

Andrea is a 21 -year-old junior Family 
and Consumer Science major with a 
minor in Child Development. She is 
currently presiding as President of the 
Family and Consumer Sciences Depart- 
ment. As a future goal, Andrea aspires to 
manage her own infant and toddler child 
care center. 


r CmVA 


Born in the Buckeye State of Ohio, Camille 
is a senior with a dual major in Finance and 
Spanish. The oldest of three children; she 
aspires to be an International Financial 
Anaylist. As Miss Oakwood, she would 
like to heighten the knowledge of her peers 
and those in the community of financial 
awareness and cultural sensitivity. 

Miss Oakwood 1997-98 Jessica Wagner 
walks the runway for the last time. 


Miss Oakwood College 1998-99 
Camille Warren 


1st Runner-up Andrea Waters 
Miss Oakwood Camille Warren 
2nd Runner-up Aliethia Evans 

Russell Puree and Deliverance were some of the 
many talented singers that performed that 

Don't they look lovely! 

- dTO - 

- 4«p - 


Adrienne Lynette Abney 
1906 Thornhill Place 
Detroit, MI 48207 

Mark C Abrams 

2165 Rolling Brook Lane 

East Lansing, MI 48823 

Alana A Ackerman 

15 00 Sparkman Dr. 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Samuel V Acoff 
1802 Bienville St. 
Selma, AL 36701 

D . Dwayne Adams 

1822 Robert Lewis Ave. 

Upper Marlboro, MD 20774 

Evelyn M Adams 
181 Marshall Terr 
Danville, VA 24541 

Kimberly A Adams 

1822 Robert Lewis Ave. 

Upper Marlboro, MD 2 0774 

Stephen Adams 
60 Mcmullen Crescent 
Brampton Ontario, L65 3M2 

Travia J Adams 
4 06 Oaklawn Drive 
Jackson, MS 39206 

Jolayemi Akande 

772 6 Maple Ave. Apt. 12 

Takoma Park, MD 2 0912 

Kyna L Albury 

1131 N.w. 18th Court 

Ft. Lauderdale, FL33311 

Toni D Albury 
218 S.w. 14th Avenue 
Boynton Beach, FL 33435 

Debroah A Alcime 


Ln. Nassau, 

Etsehiywot H Alemu 
3659 Heritage Ridge Ln. 
Marietta, GA 30060 

Everett AlexanderP . o . 
2 02 Waters Edge 
Madison, AL 35758 


Gamal T Alexander 
4309 B Boxwood Ct . 
Huntsville, AL 35896 

Olivia N Alexander 
P.O. Boxl6 6 Stake Bay 
Cayman Brae , 

Pauline Alexander 
P.O.Box 166 Stake Bay 
Cayman Brae , 

Gian J Alexis 

256 Old Kensico Road 

White Plains, NY 10607 

Molara N Alexis 
St. Paul's P.O. 
St. George's, 

Jennifer L Alford 
1619 Bertrand Road 
Niles, MI 49120 

Andrea A Allen 

20 W. Mosholu Pkwy, Apt 26-a 

Bronx, NY 10468 

Corey A Allen 

5802 Green Springs Drive 

Warrenton, VA 20157 

Jaymie K Allen 
152 6 Nicholas Road 
Waldorf, MD 20601 

Kevin A Allen 

5802 Green Springs Drive 

Warrenton, VA 22186 

Yanis M Allen 

1111 Steeles Avenue, West, #103 

North York 

Ontario, M2R3M9 

Marixa R Alleyne 
55 Bryna Avenue 
Ontario, L9A4W9 

Stacey-ann S Allison 
863 Ne 122nd Ave. #84 
Portland, OR 97230 

Talitha K Allsop 
609 Maple Street 
Reading, PA 19602 

Annerose Ambroise 

1420 Northwest 20 Ct . 

Fort Lauderdale, FL33311 

Amanda V Ambrose 
1969 Addison Rd, S. 
District Heights, MD 


Eric Ampadu 
7612 Leclerc 
Ville Lasalle 
Quebec, HBN2LN 

Daniel N Amponsah 
Alias Lalaan I, P.O. Box 
Silang Cavite 4118, 

Chantel N Anderson 
507 Forrest Hill Drive 
Goldsboro, NC 27534 

Daryl Shon Anderson Sr. 
4702 Dahlia Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Joseph E Anderson 
4007 Glendale Lane 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Keisha A Anderson 
32 07 Gunther Avenue 
Bronx, NY 10469 

Kimberly D Anderson 
212 Juniper Street 
Mansfield, TX 76063 

Lorraine S Anderson 
837 East 22nd St. 
Apartment 4e 
Brooklyn, NY 11210 

Regina C Anderson 
24001 44th Ave. West 
Mount Lake Terrace, WA 


Sheneeka S Anderson 
107 East Hillcrest St. 
Orlando, FL 32801 

Kimberly Anderson-blencowe 
P.O. Box 37301-pac 303 
Washington, DC 20013 


David Andre 

1175 Walton Avenue 

Bronx, NY 10452 

Anthony D Andrews 

3907 Harwood Avenue, Apt. E-30 

Huntsville, AL 35805 

Gladson Andrews II 
5 587 Oakwood Road 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Erline Anilus 
3188 Nw 41 St. 
Lauderdale Lakes, 



Ugonna Anosike 
1358 Blue Diamond 
Missouri, TX 77489 

Ikechukwu Michael 

257 Roywood Drive Apt-709 

North York 

Ontario, M3A2E9 

Burton T Arceneaux Jr. 
2115 Sunswept Circle 
Lancaster, CA 93536 

Dawn Jene'e Arceneaux 
1232 Grossmont Drive 
Riverside, CA 92506 

Gene J Archer 

721 Indiana Avenue 

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312 

Lenis L Archer 

1219 Maybrook Street 

Apopka, FL 32703 

Donny D Ard 

1317 E MLK Jr. Dr 

Grambling, LA 71245 

Michael A Arison 
11002 Rockliff Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Mino Antsa Arison 
11002 Rockliff Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Myra A Arison 

11002 Rockcliff Drive 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

Kimberly Armstrong 
P.O. Box 183 
Beaverton, AL 35544 

Melissa Armstrong 
P.O. Box 183 
Beaverton, AL 35544 

Allyson M Arons 

6516 Green Meadow Rd. 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

Jonette N Arthur 

12237 Sw 195 Terr. 

Miami, FL 33177 

Da Nielle J Arthurs 
3 802 Shannon Rd. 
Cleveland Hights, OH 44118 

Shanee J Arthurs 
3 802 Shannon Rd. 
Cleveland Hights, OH 4411S 

Charles B Arthus 

19 05 West Chatham Rd. 

West Palm Bch.,FL 33415 

Victoria B Asekomeh 
9387 Us 31 Lot 52 
Berrien Springs, MI 


Brian Ashe 

1617 Brook Hollow Circle 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Stephen A Ashe 
1617 Brook Hollow Cir. 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Dwayne K Ashmeade 

74 Coppard Avenue 


Ontario, L3S2R2 

Chinwe Asomugha 
8811 Boone Road #1010 
Houston, TX 77099 

Tosin A Atolagbe 
3043 Canyon Vista Dr. 
Colton, CA 92324 

Evrance Auguste 

1861 North Glades Dr., Apt-10 

N Miami Bch, FL 33162 

Guerlin Auguste 
1861 North Glades Dr. 
N Miami Bch, FL 33162 

D'elazah S Ault 
231-50 Mentone Ave. 
Laurelton, NY 11413 

Ricardo D Austin 

12101 East Arizona Avenue 

Aurora, CO 80012 

Mark Awoniyi 
1110 Tyler Rd. 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Michael Awoniyi 

1110 Tyler Road 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Victor M Awuor 
East African Union 
P.O. Box 42276 

Ssanyu B Bagambiire 

113-135 Bleecker Street 


Ontario, M4X1X2 

Justin T Baham 
28 Belle Grove Dr. 
Destrehan, LA 70047 

Chantel Y Bailey 
738 Decatur Street 
Uniondale, NY 11553 

Crystal Yvonna Bailey 
500 Sparkman Dr. Apt. 11- 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Christopher A Bailey III 
3873 Forsythe Dr. 
Lexington, KY 40514 

Nicole C Bailey 
738 Decatur Street 
Uniondale, NY 115 53 

Colin M Bailey 
131 Torresdale Ave., Apt. 601 
Ontario, M2R3T1 

Monalisa S Bainl 
P.O. box Ss 5026 

- 4rafc - 

Benjamin J Baker 
140 Taurus Drive 
Harvest, AL 3 5749 

David M Baker 
140 Taurus Drive 
Harvest, AL 35749 

Usha P Baly 
P.o. Box 883 6 
St. Thomas, 00801 

Keith T Banks 

10709 Featherstone Dr. 

Ft. Washington, MD 20744 

Byron C Barnes 

4969 Appian Way 

Berrien Springs, MI 49103 

Mellonie R Barnes 
24091 Madeiros Ave. 
Hayward, CA 94541 

Sherrene Marvellette Barnes 
178-24 Anderson Road 
St. Albans, NY 11434 

Joy T Barnum 

3 Loyalty Drive 

Sandy's, MA01 

Ruth G Barnum 
P.O. Box 106 
Loma Linda, CA 923 54 

Corey Antoine Barrett 
5298 North Obt #201 
Orlando, FL 3 2 810 

Keondra L Barron 
1779 Madiona Street 
Atlanta, GA 30318 

Nicole A Barron 

1779 Madrona St. 

Atlanta, GA 30318 

Rene Barrow 
4903-d Cotton Row 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Delicia L Barrows 
3601-c S.W. Patton Rd. 
Huntsville, AL 3 5 805 

David L Bartholomew 
.O.Box 487,1144 Hickory Trl . 
Avon Park, FL 33825 

Dexter B Bartholomew 

P.o. Box 487, 1144 Hickory Trl. 

Avon Park, FL 33825 

Lilian E Batista 
614 West 157th St. #4e 
New York, NY 10 03 2 

Gamaliel S Batiste 
2417 Stephen Lee Dr. 
Ft. Worth, TX 76119 

Keith D Batiste 
5 67 Argyle Way 
Riverside, CA 92 5 06 

Lavinia A Baxter 
226 Vine Street 
Harrisburg, PA 17104 

Nicholas J Baxter 

3605 Portsmouth Cr . 

Lithonia, GA 3003J 

Samuel C Beale II 
8419 Laurel Trails 
Houston, TX 77095 

Corey N Bean 
4005 Meadow Hill Dr. 
Nashville, TN 37218 

Jessie L Beard 

3784 University Dr. 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Patricia A Beard 
Family Housing, Apt. 8 
Oakwood College 
Huntsville, AL 35896 

Tracey S Beason 
4726 Blood Hound St. 
Orlando, FL 32 818 

Danielle K Beck 

P.o. Box 254 

Pine Forge, PA 1954! 

Shakir K Beckley 
8852 South Kenwood 
Chicago, IL 60619 

Matilda A Bediako 

7807 Wildwood Dr. 

Takoma Park, MD 2 0912 

Demetrius Bell 
11002 Rockcliff Dr. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Jomaine Bellamy 

8253 Portharrelson Rd. 

Conway, SC 2 9 526 

Jomar Bellamy 
8253 Port Harrelson Rd. 
Bucksport, SC 29527 

Monique N Bellerand 

43 04 Shaw Farm Cir. 

Greensboro, NC 27406 

Sirica K Benjamin 

3420 Glenpark Dr., Apt- 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

Kenneth R Benson 
2255 Stadium Rd. 
Sumter, SC 29154 

Kyra Melissa Beris 
2711 Trail Ridge Rd. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Margaret A Best 
320 Beverley Street 
Manitoba, R3G1T7 

Latasha L Betts 
1811 Jefferson Ave. 
South Boston, VA 24592 

Myra Michelle Betts 
3 3 03 Bob Wallace Ave, Apt. A- 15 
Huntsville, AL 35805 

Justin R Bevel 
129 Grenada Ave. 
Roosevelt, NY 11575 

Ramona A Biggs 
2916 Danforth Dr. 
Orlando, FL 32818 

Abdul K Bilal 
2520 Greenhill Rd. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 


Rhonda D Billingy. 
17936 Pond Road 
Ashton, MD 20861 

Shana E Billingy 
1793 6 Pond Road 
Ashton, MD 20861 

Tracy-ann L Bingham 
11 Blue Grassway Apt. 102 
Ontario, M3N-2W7 

Roberta L Bishop 
400-d Quail Ridge Rd. 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Terverius Black 
60 Highland Avenue 
Sumter, SC 29150 

Daneeque J Blackburnl 
1203 Regants Park Ct . 
Desoto, TX 75115 

Keisha D Blackburn 
1203 Regents Park Ct . 
Desoto, TX 75115 

Rebecca D Blackmon 
1435 Broad Street 
Oriental, NC 28571 

Andrew L Blackwood 
45 Elsa Vineway 
Ontario, M2J4H8 

La'shanice L Blanchard 
11007 Rockcliff Dr. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Karen A Blankenfeldt 
1 Hickory Tree Road, Suite 711 
Ontario, M9N3W4 

Kykinda N Blay 
2 57 Washington Drive 
Camden, AL 36726 

Candice Lefaye Blevins 
72 9 Sherwood Rd. 
Fairfield, AL 35064 

Elicia M Blucher 
18216 Mediterraneon Blvd. #1905 
Miami Lakes, FL 33 015 

Sherwin V Bobb 

14 Wedgewood Dr. Apt-i 

Bloomfield, CT 06002 

Tamara S Bodie 
912 Cause z Avenue 
Claymont, DE 19703 

Andrew C Bonaparte 
6444 Jackwood Court 
Orlando, FL 32818 

Angela C Bond 
1405 Brackin Court 
Hampton, VA 23 663 

Jeanna Estelle Bond 
3474 Evans Mill Rd. 
Lithonia, GA 3 003 8 

Candace J Bone 
2710 West Mcnichols 
Detroit, MI 48221 

Crystal D Boney 

2347 Hillwood Dr. 

Maplewood, MN 55119 

Patrice L Boney 
394 Mntka Mills Rd. 
Minnetonka, MN 553 05 

Michelle E Bonnick 
5 Nw 195th Street 
Miami, FL 3 316 9 

Bryan D Boonell 
P.O. Box 1173 
Summerfield, FL 34492 

Karen Boothe 

16111 S.w. 102 Avenue 

Miami, FL 33157 

Brandon L Boozer 
7105 Cipriano Springs Drive 
Lanham, MD 20706 

Charita R Boseman 
1068 Oxford Road 
Cleveland Heights, OH 44121 

Remelus D Bowden 

5543 Adobe Falls Road, Apt. #16 

San Diego, CA 92120 

Antoin R Bowe 
P.O. Box N-318 

Joel C Boyce 
63 Golf Club Drive 
Langhorne, PA 19 047 

Eric David Boyd 

2733 31st Avenue South 

Seattle, WA 98144 

Dionne L Boykin 

12 8 Manhattan Avenue 

Buffalo, NY 14215 

Samuel J Boynton 
16143 Regency Ranch Rd. 
Riverside, CA 92504 

Michael D Brady 
3056 S. Chicago 
Seattle, WA 98108 

Derrick F Bramble 
4044 Dereimer Ave. 
Bronx, NY 10466 

Devon M Brandon 
6204 Cedar Point Dr. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Valerie C Branham 
Route 1 Box 149-c 
Adrian, GA 31002 

ydia C Brantley 
11002 Rockcliff Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Compton Brathwaite 
13000 Percivale 
Huntsville, AL 35803 

Matthew S Bratton 
170 Glendale Rd. 
Boyertown, PA 19512 

Dreidra M Brawner 

3207 Ackhen Drive, S.w. 

Huntsville, AL 35805 

Jason W Breese 
2615 17th Ave. 
Minneapolis, MN 55407 

Lorian L Bridgeforth 
17491 Bridgeforth Ave. 
Tanner, AL 3 5671 

Troy R Bright 
3401 Gaylord St. 
Denver, CO 80205 

Carmina D Brise 
540 Nw 119th St. 
Miami, FL 3 3168 



Leilani M Britton 
3 Andover Ln . 
Poughkeepsie, NY 12 6 01 

Rayford L Britton 
P.O. Box 101 Stake Bay 
Cayman Brae , 

Neilla H Brizard 
1061 Sw Alexandria Ave. 
Port St. Lucie, FL 34953 

Cheryl Bromfield 

38 Fearn Crescent 


Ontario, L1S5L5 

Phillip R Brookins 
171 Parkway Drive 
Fort Worth, TX 76134 

Daniel E Brooks 
3443 Oakglade Crescent 
Ontario, L5C1X4 

Kamica T Brooks 
12991 Acacia Ave. 
Desert Hot Spring, 



Sharon N Brooks 
443 8 Bonnell Dr. Nw 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Venetta A Brooks 
2412 Augustin Cantin Apt . 1 
Quebec, H3K 1C8 

Rachelle Brooks (private) 
470 Ridge Road 
Seale, AL 36875 

Allen A Brown 
2618 78th Ave. 
Oakland, CA 94605 

Andell K Brown 
80 Riverdale Ave. 
Yonkers, NY 10705 

David F Brown 

2615 17th Avenue S. 

Minneapolis, MN 55407 

Deborah E Brown 
16 Chafford Way 
Stifford Clays 
Essex, RM162EB 

Desiree S Brown 
454 Cypress St. 
Altamonte Spr . , FL 32714 

Eric C Brown 

10900 Ashford Ct. 

Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 

Joycelyn Anitra Brown 
17700 N.w. 20th Ave. 
Miami, FL 3 3 056 

Karen L Brown 

601 Merchant St. 

Cherry Hill, NJ 08002 

Kevin Emmanuel Brown 
237 Sterling Street 
Brooklyn, NY 112 2 5 

Lashay D Brown 

2588 Tricia Drive, Apt- 5 

Memphis, TN 3 8127 

Qiana C Brown 
S257 Russell Rd., Apt-202 
Alexandria, VA 22309 

Qwanique R Brown 
474 Norris Lane 
Lake Helen, FL 32744 

Randulyn L Brown 
494 Norris Lane 
Lake Helen, FL 32744 

Sarah-marie M Brown 

132-3 Golden Rod Lane 

Rochester, NY 14623 

Shonet A Brown 
P.O. Box N-7873 

Murvin E Browne 
1107 Cooper Ave. 
Teaneck, NJ 07666 

Daniealle C Browning 

5355 Springtrail 
Black Jack, MO 63033 

Arly Brutus 

7160 Nw 179 Street, Apt. 104 

Miami Lakes, FL 33015 

Capri M Buckley 
313 2 Touchwood Dr. 
Harvey, LA 70058 

Simone Bucknor 

5367 Randall St. 


Quebec, 84Z 2Z6 

Frenita N Buddy 

3222 Wyndham Park Ct . 

Decatur, GA 30034 

Renida Denise Bufkin 
1901 Sparkman Dr. #802 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Belina L Buisson 
2990 N.W. 11th St. 
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33311 

Elticia R Buisson 

2990 N.W. 11th St. 

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 3 3311 

Lee S Bulgin 
5 California Rd. 
Mt. Vernon, NY 10552 

Dave K Bullen 

4908 Cotton Row Apt . D 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Kario T Bullen 
29 Duffy Court 
Central Islip, NY 11722 

Dorothy E Burgis 
88 Blackhall Street 
New London, CT 0632 

David Burkett 
9 016 B Mahogany Row 
Huntsville, AL 35802 

Marcia Burnette 

6216 Rime Village Dr. #101 

Huntsville, AL 35806 

Monualdai K Burnette 
6216 Rime Village Drive, Apt-101 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Demisha J Burns 
215 Cairo Road 
Oakland, CA 94603 


fdui u Huiiowea 
215 Clarkson Avenue 
Brooklyn, NY 11226 

-Lliyd. U DUIIUWb 

P.O. Box N-3714 

Miliar ect 

DUI L.U11 

405 Grenock Drive 


Ontario, L6A1M6 

Dale M Burton 

4201 N.e. 19th Avenue 

Portland, OR 97211 

Liza J Burton 

152 Suburban Terrace 

Stratford, NJ 08084 

Noelle E Burton 
40 82 Amundson Ave. 
Bronx, NY 10466 

Roberto Leonell Burton 
6237 Rime Village Drive, 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Fredra R Butler 
#101 1069 W. Williams 

Banning, CA 9222 

Ruth P Butler 
103 Sandy Springs Road 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Camille L Byars 

1234 Greenbriar Street 

Jackson, MS 39211 

Maya P Byfield 
142-11 130 Ave 
Jamaica, NY 11436 

Joelle O Cadet 
96 N.e. 87th Street 
El Portal, FL 33138 

Calbert R Caesar 
4524 Bonnell Dr. , #d 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

David Caldwell III 
5129 Seven Pines Cir. 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

James Louis Caldwell 

4122 S. Memorial Pkwy.,Apt.H 

Huntsville, AL 35802 

Andrea D Caleb 
9463 Dunkirk Road 
Springhill, FL 34608 

Jonise M Caleb 

45 Kingston Ave #2r 

Brooklyn, NY 11213 

Joseph P Caleb 
740 Hancock 
Brooklyn, NY 112 7 5 

Alan Darnell Calhoun 
3 609 Kenard Avenue 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Ian C Callender 

4109 Belvedere Square 

Decatur, GA 3 003 5 

Robin H Callis 
13 2 07 Bermondsey Court 
Mitchellville, MD 20721 

Howard D Cameron 
2 Rockwood Crescent 
Ontario, L4J7T2 

Kevin D Cameron 

17 Quaker Ridge Road 


Ontario, L4K2E5 

Orville D Cameron 
2 Rockwood Crescent 
Ontario, L4J7T2 

Richard Dale Cameron 

2 Rockwood Crescent 


Ontario, L4J7T2 

Kenroy Anthony Campbell 
3382 Nutcracker Dr. 
Ontario, L5N6E6 

Leo H Campbell 
3 3 07 Grechen Road 
Ontario, L5C1X8 

Shayla L Campbell 
6002 Spanish Oak Drive 
Greensboro, NC 27409 

Valene P Campbell 
3205 Colonial Drive 
Ontario, L5L5K9 

Donald F Cantrell 
3773 Walnut Creek Drive 
Columbus, OH 43224 

Kevin S Cargill 
2205 Apache Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Nulma B Carguill 
6107 Jeffferson Drive 
Reading, PA 19 60 6 

Bernard C Carlisle Jr. 

1098 Congress Avenue 

Teaneck, NJ 07666 

Darcy J Carmen 

3 68 Woodcutter Lane 

Columbus, OH 43224 

Tara R Carmen 

3680 Woodcutter Lane 

Columbus, OH 43224 

Lonney D Carr 
23538 Al Highway 251 
Toney, AL 3 5773 

Malina R Carr 

173 E. Meadow Lane 

Rialto, CA 92377 

Alysande L Carrington 
731 Nw 147th Street 
Miami, FL 33168 

Durand Carrington 
>91 Julia Street Apt. 4 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Karen N Carrington 
385 6 Parkdale Road 
Cleveland Heights, OH 


Kevin M Carrington 

5982 Fairfield Estates Dr. 

Lithonia, GA 30058 

Sheldon L Carrington 

2429 Maplewood Dr. 

Chattanooga, TN 37421 

Adrian G Carter 

16 Herbert Road, Bounds Green 

London, N112QN 

Christine M Carter 
1433 Chandler Road 
Huntsville, AL 35801 

Lauren A Carter 

2 6 Midland Blvd. 

Maplewood, NJ 07040 



Quantrilla Y Carter 
6040 Harlow Blvd. 
Jacksonville, FL 32210 

Senecia M Carter 

5075 St. Ferdinand Dr. 

New Orleans, LA 70126 

Tarron M Carter 
6553 Albright Terrace 
Riverdale, GA 3 0296 

Terrence A Carter 
2 3 01 Hunter Avenue 
Bronx, NY 1047 5 

Luke Carthen 
10924 Griffith Road 
Tanner, AL 35071 

Cheyenne M Cartwright 
Sea Breeze Estates 
Nassau, N9722 

Hopefull M Carty 
148-169 Lime Street 
St. Thomas, 00803 

David S Cassimy 
12 Irenemount Crescent 
Ontario, L3S3C3 

Winfield A Castello Jr. 

1407 River Rock Drive 

Missouri City, TX 77489 

Ayodele K Cavins 
2713 Garvin Rd. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Karen L Celestine 
Jose Lake Sr. Rd. 
Ebenezer Housing #9 
St. Maarten, 

Nickeea J Chalmers 

155 Godfrey Ave. Apt.k205 

Philadelphia, PA 19120 

Kimberly M Chambers 
332 Barnes Avenue 

Bronx, NY 104 67 

Damian M Chandler 
100 Spencerwood Court 
Ontario, M1W2PL 

Danica S Chandler 
12 Deerford Rd. Apt. 513 
Ontario, M2J3J2 

Bernadin Charles 

240 North West 41th Street 

Pompano Beach, FL 33 064 

Dean M Charles 

15 Jonathan Circle 

Windsor, CT 06095 

Kenny B Charles 
1010 Henderson Rd., Apt-9f 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Lyn M Charles 
3 5 Green Acres 
Devonshire, DV0S 

Martial A Charles 

4528 Bonnell Dr. Apt. B32 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Toya N Charles 
Pine St. Studios Apt. #26 
Norwalk, CT 06854 

Jonathan L Cheatham 
6218 Black Cherry Cirle 
Columbia, MD 21045 

Zoe S Checkley 
1644 Ellington Rd. 
Conyers, GA 30208 

Tanya R Cheek 
4204 Arlington Road 
Huntsville, AL 35805 

Adrian O Chen 

7784 Kittridge Drive 


Ontario, L4T3J6 

Marie G Cherestal 

15241 N.e. 11th Court 

N. Miami Beach, FL 33162 

Joseph E Chery 
5587 Oakwood Rd #a 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Latita R Chess 

205 Haversham Drive 

Birmingham, AL 3 5215 

Emanuel Chester Jr 
7011 Windscape Drive 
Madison, AL 35757 

Demecia L Childs 
43 84 Hemingway Dr. 
Grand Prairie, TX 95053 

Joseph M Chin King 
3510 Fairlane Ct . 
Atlanta, GA 30331 

Monique J Choyce 
710 Adelaide Avenue 
Bakersfield, CA 93307 

Enjoli L Christmas 
7 6 Johnson Avenue 
Hackensack, NJ 07601 

Brunelle Cinous 

570 N.e. 162nd Street 

North Miami Beach, FL 


Samonna L Claiborne 
12208 Mccullagh Court 
Upper Marlboro, MD 2 0772 

Giselle M Clairmont 

P.O. Box 6166 

Sunny Isle 
St. Croix, 00823 

Elta Clairvil 

4251 Nw 5 Street #20 

Plantation, FL 33317 

James C Clark 

153 Garywood Avenue 

Columbus, OH 43227 

Priscilla R Clark 
Carter Hall 116 
Oakwood College 
Huntsville, AL 35896 

Victor J Clark 
6819 Flame St. 
Orlando, FL 32807 

Erica Clarke 
6408 Flo Drive 
Huntsville, AL 


Kadian A Clarke 
4830 N.w. 171 Street 
Miami, FL 33055 


paulette P Clarke 
2529 Leston Court 
Orlando, FL 32 817 

Rosey A Clarke 
97-04 34th Avenue 
Corona, NY 11368 

Darien J Claxton 
715 Cox Avenue 
Hyattsville, MD 20783 

penise J Clayton 
1422 Carmowa Avenue 
Los Angeles, CA 90019 

Kerry L Clisby 
40 Wood Street 
Sylacauga, AL 35150 

Camille D Cochran 
3 Luckie Street 
Neman, GA 3 02 63 

Chanisha R Cochran 
3 Luckie Street 
Newnan, GA 3 02 63 

Kenneth T Cochran 
3 Luckie Street 
Newman, GA 3 02 63 

Letitia R Cochran 
2 86 5 Lakeland Drive 
Berrien Springs, MI 49103 

Cassandra R Codling 
6123 85th Avenue 
New Carrollton, MD 


Cherie' A Colbert 

2058 Country Club Drive 

Woodridge, IL 60517 

Hans Cole 
1675 Felsmere Lane 
Cincinnati, OH 45240 

Johanne Colin 

20 East 18 Street Apt. 

Brooklyn, NY 1122 6 


Marsharee Z Collins 
2048 Marshall Place 
Jackson, MS 39213 

Nathan Collins 

109 Wigmore Drive 


Ontario, M4A2G1 

Rhonda F Collins 
10903 El Nopal Street 
Lakeside, CA 92040 

Alton C Conwell 

3700 Williamsburg Drive 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

Jessica T Cook 
P.O. Box 278 
Ferrum, VA 24085 

Donville Cooper 
1202 Yorkmills Road 
North York 
Ontario, M3A 1Y1 

Krista Cooper 

2 Chatham Street 

Hartford, CT 06112 

Shelrese D Cooper 
P.O. Box 473715 
Aurora, CO 80047 

Steven Baron Cooper 

5014 Oakwood Rd, Apt. 14 

Huntsville, AL 35896 

Shane R Corrodus 

7840 Sabal Lake Drive 

St. Lucie West, FL 34986 

David A Cort 
16571 Princeton 
Detroit, MI 48221 

Lee R Cort 
16571 Princeton 
Detroit, MI 48221 

Karin N Cox 

324 Rolling Oaks Ridge 

Cedarhill, TX 75104 

Anthea A Craig 
150 Sparkman Dr. Nw 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Philip J Craig 

1132 8 Thomas on Avenue 

Birmingham, AL 3 5217 

Mahogany S Crawford 

29 West 59th Street 
Minneapolis, MN 55419 

Demarest D Craw 
2447 N. 56th Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19131 

Diallo M Crichton 
107 Main Blvd. 
Shrewsbury, MA 01545 

Mckinley N Crockett 
2756 Whitney Drive North 
Tallahassee, FL 32308 

Marva Sheryl Crossfield 
3 4 Coppard Avenue 
Ontario, L352M5 

Paula M Crump 

6201 Friar Tuck Drive, Apt. D 

Huntsville, AL 35806 

Vickie R Crumsey 
145 Harris Road Nw 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Natasha S Cunningham 
1116 Brewer Drive 
Dallas, TX 75104 

Yolenne D Cush 

9414 Van Nuys Blvd. 
Panorama City, CA 

Yonelle A Cush 
Apt. 110 4049 Braeswood Drive, Apt. 
91402 Huntsville, AL 35802 

Sabrina L Cyril 
#5 20057 N.W.85th Avenue 
Miami, FL 3 3 015 

Sophya A Cyrus 

3018 Ernest Drive Apt. 

Auburndale, FL 3 3 823 

Sherine C Daley 

28 Hendricks Crescent 


Ontario, L6Y4L2 

Jahmela R Dalrymple 

5009 Galaxy Apt. 1010 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Jeffrey A Dalrymple 

3784 University Dr. 1711 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Barrington L Dames 
1585 W. 35th Street 
Riviera Beach, FL 33404 

Jennifer Dammier 
1701 Yellowstone Street 
Cocoa, FL 32922 


Juan Romero Damon 
3809 Vogel Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Roy Emerson Daniels 
4606 Grizzard Rd 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Tanisha E Daniels 
19141 Harlow 
Detroit, MI 48235 

Ivan J Daphnis 
1320 Nw 200th St. 
Miami, FL 33169 

Ricardo A Daphnis 
1320 N.w. 200 Street 
Miami, FL 33169 

Krystal D Darby 
231 Pine Forge Road 
Douglassville, PA 19518 

Reginald E Darby 

120 Beach 19th Street Apt-24c 

Far Rockaway, NY 11691 

Larry D Davenport 
1615 Alabama Drive 
Greenville, MS 38701 

Thomas N Davenport 
1615 Alabama Dr. 
Greenville, MS 38701 

Julie S Davidson 
5428 Farmhill Road 
Flint, MI 48505 

Yasmin N Davidson 
100-24 221st Street 
Queens, NY 11429 

Amanda L Davis 

53 Sand Street 

Massapequa, NY 11758 

Cedric E Davis II 
15823 N. 57th St. 
Phoenix, AZ 85254 

Chelise M Davis 

10617 Nebraska Avenue 

Omaha , NE 68134 

Deia D Davis 
6229 Robinhood Lane 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Don E Davis 

4156 South Memorial Parkway, # E 

Huntsville, AL 35802 

Dorhel Davis 

10020 Sheridan Street Apt. 102 

Pembroke Pines, FL 33024 

Jamie Davis Jr. 
Route 3 Box 78 
Quitman, GA 31643 

Jeremiah A Davis 
8411 N. 9th Street 
Tampa, FL 33604 

Jeremy L Davis 

5442 Laurel Trail 

St. Leonard, MD 20685 

John E Davis 
8411 North 9th Street 
Tampa, FL 33604 

Justin Z Davis 
1462 Ferry Park 
Detroit, MI 4820! 

Laila A Davis 

6827 Baltimore-annapolis Blvd 

Lithicim, MD 21090 

Latoya T Davis 
327 Monica Drive 
Ontario, L4T3E7 

Preston E Davis 
7400 Trimble Drive 
Fort Worth, TX 76134 

Primitivo R Davis 
157 Pelham Road 
Philadelphia, PA 19119 

Rochelle L Davis 
42 01 Boxwood Ct. Apt. B 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Shiraz Pierre Davis 
7 Mossbrook Crescent 
Ontario, M1W-2W8 

Travis D Davis 
111 Kay Drive 
Fitzgerald, GA 


Ralph C Dawkins 
3 5 Cedar Street 
Clinton, MA 01510 

Cheryl E Dawson 
12 Madron Crescent 
North York 
Ontario, M3J1H9 

Jason E Dawson 

4580 Brookhollow Bkvd. 

Indianapolis, IN 46254 

Sekenah R Daye 
4912 Cotton Row Apt. D 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Shantel L Daye 

4912 Cotton Row Apt. D 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Victoria M De La Vega 

247 3 5 Fir Avenue 

Moreno Valley, CA 92553 

Andrea C Dean 
117 N. Delaware 
San Mateo, CA 94401 

Antony J Debardelaben 
3241 1/2 Baltimore 
Indianapolis, IN 46218 

Kathyann D Debellotte 
447 Schuykill Avenue 
Reading, PA 19 601 

Melody Lynn Debrough 

309 North Street Apt. #3 

Portsmouth, VA 23704 

Franz Chalver Defreitas 
4033 Hunters Ridge Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35802 

Dalene R Dehaney 

3 5 Lake Shore Drive Apt. #ld 

Watervliet, NY 12189 

Michele P Delaney 

5838 Hutton Drive 

Orlando, FL 3280E 


Shavon M Denard 
P. 0. Box 2224 
Whiteville, NC 


Andre R Denham 
139-41 254 Street 
Rosedale, NY 11422 

Marva S Dennis-drigo 
4917 Cotton Row Apt. B 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Alan A Derrick-griff ith 
L.p. #31 Piarlo Old Road 
Red Hill 
D' abadie, 

Darion D Deschamps 
Route 2 Box 3 91 
Pinewood, SC 29125 

Louie A Deschamps 
Rt. 2 Box 400 
Pinewood, SC 29125 

Trelvis P Deschamps 
6975 Panola Rd. 
Pinewood, SC 29125 

Patricia G Deshommes 


B.p. 4 01, Yaounde 

Central Africa, 

Thamar Desilier 
170 Southfield Drive 
Brockton, MA 02402 

Kimra N Dewindt 

P.O. Box 8283 

St. Thomas, 00801 

Marlyse Gilda Dholah 
Wade Hall #107B 
Oakwood College 
Huntsville, AL 35896 

Elliott Dewayne Diggs 
8 Shepard Court 
New Orleans, LA 70114 

Nita Ditele 
7 Hilltop Lane 
Wheatly Heights, NY 


Ewan A Dixon 

4135 Baychester Avenue 

Bronx, NY 10466 

Erica J Dizard 
2 3 Sharrow Court 
Baltimore, MD 21244 

Sarah Lynn Doepke 
610 Sunrise Dr 
Denver, IA 50622 

Shawn D Doggette 
103 Windingham 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Jouviole Dominique 
1500 Sparkman Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Handel Dormus 

101 Nw 106 Street 

Miami Shores, FL 33150 

Shavonne M Dorsey 
1301 Forest Drive 
Louisville, KY 40219 

Cari R Dossman 
5150 Inwood Drive 
Jackson, MS 39206 

Craig A Dossman Jr. 

3 224 Westheimer Dr. Apt, 

Huntsville, AL 3 5805 

Petra M Dotson 

4510 Mastin Lake Road 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

Andrew B Dot tin 
Pavilion Road 

Bank Hall 
St. Michael, 

Garth E Dottin 

49 Peterborough Ave. 


Ontario, M6H2K9 

Juel A Dottin 
Pavilion Rd. 
Bank Hall 
St. Michael, 

Terry D Douglas Jr. 

121 Canoebrook Ln . 

Huntsville, AL 35806 

Ty-ron M Douglas 
19 Ord Road 
Paget, PG03 

Virginiah Njeri Douglas 
13 940 Sherman Way Apt. 11 
Van Nuys, CA 91405 

Landon J Dowe 
1765 Laurel Brook Lane 
Birmingham, AL 35215 

Caron R Drake 

240 Martin Rd. #1908 
Huntsville, AL 35824 

Dawn N Drakeford 
1433 Vivian Street 
Plainfield, NJ 07060 

Lacresha T Drew 
1186 Creston Street 
Muskegon, MI 49442 

Dudley Duberry 
493 9 Connaught 
Quebec, H4V1X4 

Albert L Dudley II 
12005 Ishtar Street 
Ft. Washington, MD 


Gian K Dudley 
5682 Baldwin Avenue 
Riverside, CA 92509 

Gilian F Dudley 

5 682 Baldwin Avenue 

Riverside, CA 9250? 

Kahlima N Dudley 
5009 Pasture Court 
Ellicott City, MD 21043 

La-tonya J Dukes 
104 Sylvester Street 
Rochester, NY 14621 

Sherian J Dulan 

1020 Clearwood Avenue 

Riverside, CA 92506 

Stacy K Dulan 
2023 69th Ave. 
Oakland, CA 94621 

Tywana A Dulan 
2610 Clemson Ct . 
Bakersfield, CA 93306 



Angel P Dumas 

2170 Abner Place Nw 

Atlanta, GA 30318 

Rowandalla Y Dunbar 
4207 Confederate Pt . Rd. , 
Jacksonville, FL 32210 

Howard W Duncan 
5014 Apt. 20 Oakwood Rd. 
Huntsville, AL 35896 

Teresa N Duncan 

1904 Hauser Boulevard 

Los Angeles, CA 90016 

Charmaine N Dunchie 

77 Ashurst Crescent 


Ontario, L6V3N7 

Duane A Dunkley 
1025 East 224th Street 
Bronx, NY 10466 

Rodney D Dunlap 
3720 Creekland Court 
Nashville, TN 37218 

Corey J Dunning 

1710 N. Ashburton Street 

Baltimore, MD 21216 

Lashawnna R Dunning 
1710 Ashburton Street 
Baltimore, MD 21216 

Anita R Dupree 

95 El Molino Drive 

Sparks, NV 89436 

Rosalyn Y Dyson 

806 Summercourt Drive 

Jonesboro, GA 3 023 6 

Colleen Eakins 
P.o Box 674 
Alief, TX 77411 

Myron P Edmonds 

8010 Patuxent Landing Coop 

Laurel, MD 20724 

Arlene A Edwards 
5938 Greensboro Drive 
Ontario, L5M5S5 

Averil M Edwards 
)06 E. Victoria Ave. 
Thunder Bay 
Ontario, P7C1B4 

Celeste I Edwards 
116-32 132 Street 
South Ozone Park, NY 


Joyce D Edwards Ms . 
Bovoni Bldg. B, Apt. 10* 
St. Thomas, 00801 

Kimberly M Edwards 
3006 8th Street 
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 

Lewis W Edwards 

2009 58th Circle 

St. Petersburg, FL 33712 

Marcus L Edwards 
2009 58th Circle South 
St. Petersburg, FL 33712 

Samuel L Edwards 
116-32 132nd Street 
S. Ozone Park, NY 11420 

Teresa A Edwards 

Waterloo Lane 

St. George, GE03 

Jihad S El-amin II 
85 First Street 
Albany, NY 12210 

Felix Q Eleazer 
2200 Longbrook Dr. 
Greensboro, NC 27406 

Moses E Eli 

1108 Lakeshore Dr. 

Camden, NJ 08104 

Heather N Ellenburg 
12 Water's Edge Lane 
Madison, AL 35758 

Shelton M Ellerbe 

499 Atwood Street 

Atlanta, GA 30310 

Alvina C Ellerbee 

15 Fountain Ridge Circle 

Nottingham, MD 21234 

Angelique P Ellerbee 

15 Fountain Ridge Circle 

Baltimore, MD 21234 

Ebony A Elliott 
347 Settle Court 
Nashville, TN 37207 

Heather N Elliott 
P.o. Box 11011 
Huntsville, AL 35814 

Lester E Elliott 
2 05 Live Oak Court 
Lake Mary, FL 32746 

Olivia R Elliott 
12 5 Camden Rd. 
Wadesboro, NC 28170 

Raoul J Elliott 

205 Live Oak Ct . 

Lake Mary, FL 32746 

Almeta-maria M Ellis 
872 Lane Avenue 
Jackson, TN 3 8301 

Stacey T Ellis 
1869 N.w. 111th Avenue 
Plantation, FL 33322 

Tamara M Ellis 
8501 Brookridge Dr. 
Oklahoma City, OK 73132 

Jonathan D Elysee 
480 St. Nicholas Ave.Apt.7-d 
New York, NY 1003 

Everton A Ennis 
6405 Old Madison Pk.e Nw Apt. 39 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Aretha A Ergus 

69 Jamestown Cr . 


Ontario, M9V3M6 

Mary C Estime 

4419 Bonnell Drive #5 

Huntsville, AL 358K 

Sharna S Ettinoffe 
5 Woodsend Run 
Ontario, L6Y4G8 


Troy D Evangel ista 
4912 Cotton Row #d 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Aliethia N Evans 

6646 Willow Ponte Dr. Apt C 

Huntsville, AL 35806 

Rhoneice L Evans 
834 W 111th Street 
Chicago, IL 60643 

Ryan B Evans 

409 North Ridge Street 

Danville, VA 24541 

Herman J Eve 
109 South Seas 
Hallington Hundreds 
Smiths, FL08 

Jude U Eversley 
3613 Galaxie Drive 
Garland, TX 75041 

Consuelo M Ewing 
3 6 00 Kodiak Way 
Antelope, CA 95843 

Reginald D Fagan 

17800 E. Colima Road #371 

Rowland Heights, CA 9174! 

Patricia R Fair 
6727 Raunier Avenue #32 6 
Seattle, WA 98118 

Jeneria M Fane 

5127 N. Winthrop #la 

Chicago, IL 60640 

Enaame L Farrell 
67 Secroft Crescent 
Ontario, M3N1R5 

Adaire M Farrior 
5020 Kingsley Street 
Montclair, CA 91763 

Amos D Fatoma Jr. 
12819 Sycamore Street 
Grandview, MO 6403 

Rebecca J Faulkner 
P.O. Box 3102 
Charlotte Amalie 
St. Croix, 00803 

Jose' F Feit 
1816 Cromwell Drive 
Akron, OH 44313 

Gailann N Felix 

5014 Oakwood Rd. Nw Apt. 22 

Huntsville, AL 35896 

Ronald Berge' Felix 
194 Shelton Road #190 
Madison, AL 35758 

Barbara J Fenelon 
9314 Jonathan Rd. 
Woodbury, MN 55125 

Tanisha P Fenison 
2715 West 116th Street 
Hawthorne, CA 9 0250 

Jason M Ferdinand 
Caribbean Union College 
P.O. Box 175 
Port-of- spain, 

Hermena M Ferguson 
09-10 Tapscott Road 
Ontario, M1B3L9 

Roy H Ferguson 

140 Williamsburg Dr 

Bridgeport, CT 06606 

Edrica T Fernander 
222 N.w. 14 Avenue 
Delray Beach, FL 33444 

Angela T Fields 
4 88 5 Wedgewood Way 
Stone Mountain, GA 3 008 8 

Jeleania Fields 

7241 Paseo 

Kansas City, MO 64132 

Kenneth W Fields 
4790 Fetter Lane 
Lithonia, GA 30038 

Monique L Fields 
7396 Harbor Cove Court 
Stone Mountain, GA 30087 

Russell M Fields 
435 Beatty Road 
Monroeville, PA 15146 

Mauricio Figueroa 
1143 Doverwood Drive 
Riverside, CA 92505 

Paula Fils-aime 

10745 S.W. 146th St. 
Miami, FL 3 317 6 

Gretchen N Finn 
783 Line Street 
Evansville, IN 47713 

Raimere S Fitzpatrick 
P.O. Box 32315 
Columbus, OH 43232 

Belita P Fleming 
6219 Menifee Dr., Northwest 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Lamar A Flucas 

43 6 East Tamarack Avenue, 

Inglewood, CA 90301 

Latrice A Flucas 
Apt-2 43 6 East Tamarack Avenue 
Inglewood, CA 90301 

Sara Y Flynn 
3815 S.w. 10th Street 
Lehigh Acres, FL 33971 

Valy Fontil 

H37 Los Altos Way Apt. 104 

Altamore Springs, FL 32714 

Eva W Forde 

2713 Trail Ridge Rd. 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

Shana N Forde 
11 Beryl Drive Burnside 

Wade F Forde 

10589 Poplar Street 

Loma Linda, CA 923 54 

Christopher J Fort 
3 58 Steamtown Road 
Ashley, OH 43003 

Jeremiah I Fort 
3580 Steamtown Rd 
Ashley, OH 43003 

Karen D Foster 

8718 N.e. 29th Avenue 

Vancouver, WA 9 86 65 

Theresa Tianai Fox 
3 Anchorage View Lane 
St. George's, GE01 

Coretta S Francis 
568 Silver Course Circle 
Ocala, FL 34472 



Corey R Francis 

568 Silver Course Cicle 

Ocala, FL 34472 

Ferron F Francis 
794 East 56 Street 
Brooklyn, NY 112 34 

Jared D Francis 
100 Spurcewood Ct. Apt-1412 
Ontario, M1W2P2 

Kitson M Francis 
22 03 Apache Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Letitia J Francis 
7201 Reindeer Drive 
Ontario, L4T2M6 

Natasha U Francis 
11738 Mosscrest Drive 
ouston, TX 77048 

Dominique M Francois 
1183 Northeast TerraCe 
Miami Shores, FL 3 313! 

Esther Francois 
900-39th Street 
West Palm Beach, 



Lemuel L Francois 

1183 N.E. 91 Terrace 

Miami, FL 33138 

Dorian Faye Franklin 
3 9 02 Mcewen Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Tiffany A Franklin 
10521 Carriage Road 
Spotsylvania, VA 22 5 53 

Quentis M Fraser 

12 5-a Clarkson Avenue 

Brooklyn, NY 11226 

Trevor V Fraser 
12104 Chicamauga Tr . 
Huntsville, AL 35803 

Katrina A Frazier 
3 305 Kapral Way 
Bakersfield, CA 93309 

Shelea M Frazier 
201 El Paso Street 
Bakersfield, CA 93312 

Elise P Fryson 
110 Mar- jo Lane 
Harvest, AL 35749 

Nicole S Fryson 
110 Mar-jo Lane 
Harvest, AL 35749 

Chima W Fubler 
22 Mountview Road 

Sharon-anne Lesline Fubler 
P.O. Box 579 
Muristin Villa 
Warwick, WK10 

Talitha L Fubler 
48 Par-la-ville Rd. 
Hamilton, HMll 

Suite 129 

Trenton S Fubler 
5 Heathcote Hill 
Soundview Road 
Somerset, MA06 

Ketra Y Fuller 

303 Carmelita Drive 

Grand Cane, LA 71032 

Andrea M Fullwood 
4676 Kansas Avenue 
Omaha, NE 68104 

Rickey E Fuqua 
105 Windmill Rd 
Madison, AL 3575! 

Sean A Gage 

7900 Old Madison Pike, 

Madison, AL 35758 

Shana J Gage 
Apt. 1302 923 East 102nd Street 
Brooklyn, NY 112 3 6 

Maurice L Gaines 
4920 La Roche Avenue #43 
Savannah, GA 31404 

Cherika J Gaiter 
1704 Long Hunter Lane 
Nashville, TN 37217 

Matthew Gallien 
1809 Wisperwood Way 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Kristy R Gallon 
6 Price Lane 
Sicklerville, NJ 08081 

Charles M Gardner 
6511 N. Kings Hwy 
Texarkana, TX 7 5503 

Natasha D Gardner 

6511 North Kings Highway 

Texarkana, TX 7 5503 

Tiffany M Garnett 
37617 Simi Street 
Palmdale, CA 93552 

Michael C Garrison 
2 62 5 67th Avenue 
Oakland, CA 94605 

Lequitta M Gaskin 
100 Candlewick Road 
Altamonte Springs, FL 


Samala R Gaskins 

11749 Kenn Road 

Cincinnati, OH 45240 

Natrice K Gaspard 
16190 Isla Maria Cirle 
Moreno Valley, CA 92551 

Steven L Gates 
3611 21st Street 
Gulfport, MS 39501 

Parrish J Geary 

1002 Post Street 

Redlands, CA 92374 


Nicole M George 
9111 Sw 164 St. 
Miami, FL 33157 

Patrice Germain 
3801 N.e 4th Ave. 
Pompano Beach, FL 


Kietrich B Germany 

6010 Rutland Dr. Apt. #117 

Carmicheal, CA 95608 

Devalie Gibbons 
144 Strong Mill Road 
Meridianville, AL 35759 

Sevonne L Gibbons 
2 6 Cavendish Road 
Pembroke, HM19 

Jenna N Gibson 
802 Park Blvd. 
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002 

Makese F Gilbert 
41 Sousa Estate 
Devonshire, FL01 

Freddie Gilchrist 
P.O. Box 610736 
Birmingham, AL 3 5261 

Crystal Joy Giles 
119-20 Springfield Blvd 
Cambria Heights, NY 11411 

San Janetta Gillespie 
4917 Cotton Row #a 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Karlee Donielle Gillum 
3834 Monteith Drive 
Los Angeles, CA 90043 

Pascal S Girault 

35 Fidelis Way C-72 

Brighton, MA 02135 

Simone Glen 

2 677 Kipling Avenue Apt #1103 


Ontario, M9V4P1 

Carolyn Louise Glover 
125 East 18 Street 1-c 
Brooklyn, NY 1122 6 

Sharanda M Glover 
13 Cynwyd Club Dr. Apt 6 
Wilmington, DE 19802 

Terrell J Glover 
102-45 62 Rd #2-b 
Forest Hills, NY 11375 

Chay M Goins 

7 North Cote Road 

Pembroke, HM01 

Kerrianne V Golding 

454 Stoneleigh Circle 

Stone Mountain, GA 30088 

Erin E Golson 
4806 Coltsfoot Rd. 
Greensboro, NC 27455 

Kyle Aaron Golson 
32 67 Atlin Avenue 
Dublin, OH 43017 

Meshay L Gomes 
22 Town Hill Rd. 
Smith's, FL07 

Bryant L Goodine 
6014 Griffith Drive 
Camp Springs, MD 7 0746 

Alethea M Goodridge David Franklin Goodridge 

308-10756 138th Street 4116 Newson Rd. , Apt. #80 

Surrey Huntsville, AL 35805 

British Columbia, V3T 4K5 

Arika V Gordon 
172 5 Gaty Ave. 
East St. Louis, IL 


Cynthia Elaine Gordon 

407 Fernside Place 

Far Rockaway, NY 11691 

Natalie C Gordon 
78 Ayers Court Apt. 2a 
Teaneck, NJ 07666 

Robert V Gordon 

20 Coronation Circle 


Ontario, L6Z4A7 

Keicha Simone Gosling 
1061 Nw 195 Street 
Miami, FL 33169 

Sandy K Gracia 
14225 Nw 3rd 
Miami, FL 3361! 

Sonjanae Devonna Graham 
221 Siegel Street 
Westbury, NY 11590 

Tiah M Graves 
109 Highway 53 3 
Laurel, MS 39440 

Gary N Gray 
184 Wellington Street 
Hempstead, NY 11550 

Jakoa Z Gray 
P.O. Box 1372 
Gadsden, AL 


Jennifer A Gray 

4168 East Shawnee Rd. 

Berrien Springs, MI 


Jessica Ann Gray 
650 Wynn Dr. 242 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Kenyatta S Gray 

2125 Simpson Road #13a 

Atlanta, GA 30314 

Liana N Gray 

615 Glenmore Avenue 

Brooklyn, NY 11207 

Nicholas Wayne Gray 

61 Silver Oak Circle 

Kissimmee, FL 34743 

Stephen H Gray 

4168 East Shawnee Road 

Berrien Springs, MI 49103 

Allison R Green 
12300 Galway Drive 
Silver Spring, MD 


Arnold Green Jr 
3102 Dyas Dr. NW 
Huntsville, AL 35810 



Byron C Green 

2417 Stephen Lee Drive 

Fort Worth, TX 761190000 

Carissa Dione Green 
3511 Alpine Place 
Indianapolis, IN 46226 

Gilford L Green 
3511 Alpine Place 
Indianapolis, IN 46226 

Jeremiah L Green 
943 County Road 150 
Marbury, AL 3 6051 

Kristy W Green 
P.O. Box 3 51 
South Boston, VA 


Laura V Green 
3409-a Glen Park 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Michael T Green 
230 N.e. 5th Street 
Deerfield Beach, FL 

Pendeza S Green 
153 Brightwood Ave., Apt. A 
33441 Chula Vista, CA 91910 

Yvonne Green 
4524 Bonnell Dr. Apt. B 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Alfonzo Greene III 
5860 Grand Canyon Dr. 
Orlando, FL 32810 

James W Greenfield Jr. 
719 W. 13th Street Apt. 
Owensboro, KY 423 01 

Michelle S Greenidge 
32 William Honey Crescent 
Ontario, L352K1 

Melainie T Gregory 
104-25-195 Street Apt. 5-a 
St. Albans, NY 11412 

Amma R Griffin 
31 Topcliff Ave. 
Ontario, M3N1L6 

Brenya A Griffin 
31 Topcliff Avenue 
Ontario, M3N-1L6 

Erin R Griffin 

1400 N. Bluegrove Rd.. 

Lancaster, TX 75134 

Sharhonda L Griffin 
Apt. 5102 11965 Davis Street 

Moreno Valley, CA 92557 

Shawanda F Griffin 

5050 Kennedy Street 

Columbus, GA 31907 

Terry-ann T Griffin 
21 Lakeland Crescent 
Ontario, M1G 2L4 

Troy F Griffin 

3 5 Evansville Rd 


Ontario, M1V1L4 

Elisa D Griffith 
1777 Grandconcourse, Apt. G 
Bronx, NY 10453 

Halecia K Griffith 
2156 Anne Pi. 
Pomona, CA 91767 

Kareem J Griffith 
1002 Woodall 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Kyna D Griffith 
5024 Brettshire Way 
Oklahoma City, OK 73142 

Michelle N Griffith 
15019 Holleyside Drive 
Montclair, VA 22026 

Chevon A Griffiths 
54 John Stoner Dr. 
Ontario, M1B3A3 

Robert A Grissom 
1108 Main St. #12, P.O. Box 403 
Buffalo, NY 14211 

Roberto Guerrero 

26381 Salem-minor Hill Road 

Lester, AL 35647 

Elaine A Guiness 
229-14 144th Ave 
Rosedale, NY 11413 

Desiree Gunn-price 

640 Julia Street, Apt C 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Bruce J Guy 

1332 South 9th Street 

Noblesville, IN 46060 

Nomalanga T Gwebu 
103 Foxboro Place 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Courtney W Hall 
149 Apache Trail 
North York 
Ontario, M2H2J1 

Damon Hall 

1044 Lynhurst Dr. Sw 

Atlanta, GA 30311 

Denise M Hall 
149 Apache Trail 
North York 
Ontario, M2H2J1 

Eugene J Hall 
29824 Matthew Drive 
Westland, MI 48185 

Marc F Hall 

3936 West 168th Place 

Country Club Hills, IL 6047S 

Michelle A Hall 
3936 West 168th Place 
Country Club Hills, IL 6047S 

Sharlene Z Hall 
1510 Medlandd Rd.,Apt. C 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Stacy L Hall 

16871 S.e. Madison 

Hillsboro, OR 97123 

Tamara A Halsell 
129-133 West 147th Street #ll-e 
New York, NY 1003 9 

Crystal A Hame 

6007 Carmel Drive 

Huntsville, AL 35810 


Genevieve K Hamer 
188 B Poorhouse Road 
Taft, TN 38488 

Lisa M Hamilton 

702 West Maple Avenue 

Sterling, VA 20164 

Michael A Hamilton 
5 563 Oakwood Road 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Nkecha K Hamilton-adams 
652 South 7th Avenue 
Mt. Vernon, NY 105 50 

Tame la L Hammond 

18283 N. 1-12 Service Rd. 

Hammond, LA 70403 

Benton J Hampton 
174 Smith Vasser Road 
Harvest, AL 35749 

Darryl L Hampton 

P.O. Box 172 

Pine Forge, PA 19548 

Nikkia K Hampton 
4101 Main Street 
Brighton, AL 35020 

Victoria J Hannah 
Route 6 Box 26 
West Point, MS 39773 

Simone J Hardy 

5500 Armstrong Rd. (125) 

Battle Creek, MI 49015 

Nia D Hardy-word 
885 Wayland Court 
Smyrna, GA 30080 

Christopher W Harriel 

12 Sunset Court 
St. Louis, MO 63121 

Caswall Codner Harrigan II 
105 Clearbrook Court 
Madison, AL 35758 

Claude Harris II 

P.o. Box 64 

Pine Forge, PA 19548 

Velia M Harrigan 

105 Clearkbrook Court 

Madison, AL 35758 

Cory L Harris 

3629 N. 12th Street 

Milwaukee, WI 532 6 

Asale M Harris 
9 Glenshepherd Drive 
Ontario, M1K4N3 
Tracy M Harris 
4619 Dietrich Rd, Apt-5g 
San Antonio, TX 78219 

Caron Harrison 
7 Hallbank Terrace 
Ontario, M1S2V8 

Shanna M Harrison 
227-16 139th Avenue 
Laurelton, NY 11413 

Tasheima K Harrisonl 
227-16 139th Avenue 
Laurelton, NY 11413 

Terrence A Harrison 

17 Hallbank Terrace 


Ontario, M1S2Y8 

Lloyd W Harrod III 
6704 Munsey St 
Landover Estates, MD 


Bertrand O Harry 
1505 Sparkman Dr. 126 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Anthony D Harvey Jr . 
122 Wintish Road 
Ellenville, NY 1242f 

Demetria Hatch 
8048 S. Woodlawn 
Chicago, IL 60619 

Honore A Haughton 
8 Crystal Ct . 
Sickleville, NJ 19020 

Jason J Hawkins 
1912 Vineyard Way 
Tallahassee, FL 32311 

Kimberley S Hawkins 
4419 Bonnell Drive #3 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Robyn D Hawkins 
437 Arrowleaf Court 
Montgomery, AL 3 6117 

Holly Hawthorne 
1141 Oak Tree Road 
Vernon, AL 35592 

Robert L Hayes Jr. 
15800 Burche Park E.d 
Miami, FL 33054 

Marsha Regina Hayle 
3289 Waxwing Drive 
Ontario, L5N5Y6 

Natalie L Hayle 
32 89 Waxwing Drive 
Ontario, L5N5Y6 

Reynold Hazelwood 
3 582 Queenston Drive 
Ontario, L5C2G6 

Amber R Head 
2600 Odessa #139 
Huntsville, AL 35805 

Valerie V Heath 
12 03 Troy Avenue 
Brooklyn, NY 112 03 

Melissa E Hedman-baker 

4309 Dufferin Street 


Ontario, M3H5S3 

Brooke L Henderson 

!02 5 Patuxent Landing Loop 

Laurel, MD 20724 

Darrell L Henley 
10430 S.w. 17th Court 
Miramar, FL 3 3 025 

Agnes C Henry 
Union Des Adventistes 
P.o. Box 1325 
Port-au -prince, 

Leslie Orville Henry 
41 Fig Street 
Central Islip, NY 11722 



Lorraine A Henry 
9606 Blackwillow Ct . 
Dallas, TX 75249 

Nasheba W Henry 
493 Luzon Crescent 
Ontario, L5B3W9 

Pamela J Henry 
2615 Skyline Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Sandhya Marie Henry 
4100 North Shore Drive 
West Palm Beach, FL 33407 

Vanessa A Henry 

435 Silverstone Drive #20 


Ontario, M9V3K7 

Paul E Herard 

5245 Jog Lane 

Delray Beach, FL 33484 

Rozier D Herbert 
100 Clemson Drive 
Kenner, LA 70065 

Shawn L Hervey- jumper 
73 Chester Street 
Winchester, MA 01890 

Andre' Hewitt 
86-c Dubois Court 
Englewood, NJ 07631 

Charles W Hewitt II 
153 6 Laramie Avenue 
Redlands, CA 92374 

Roxanne P Hewitt 
86-c Dubois Court 
Englewood, NJ 07 631 

Lavar S Hickerson 
301 North Alves 
Henderson, KY 42420 

Michael Deval Hickman 
2 00 Burington 
Greenville, SC 27834 

Tara T Hicks 
121 Way Circle 
Canton, MS 39046 

Tori B Hicks 
787 Florecita Lane 
Altadena, CA 91001 

William R Hicks 
104 Lost Tree Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35824 

James A Hill 

15 5 Sparkman Drive, Apt-2 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Kina D Hill 
4 Knapton Estate Road 
Smith's, FL08 

Marius Deandre Hill 
4428 Bonnell Drive Apt. 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Mian R Hill 

Po Box 133 

Keene, TX 76059 

Tamieka S Hill 
19130 Nw 35th Avenue 
Miami, FL 33056 

Phyllis L Hill-dew 
4 62 4 Broadmeadow Lane 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Orlando Qulandu Hillard 
2 84 Lucy Avenue 
Memphis, TN 38106 

Erika N Hinds 
10026 Coyle 
Detroit, MI 48227 

Kareem W Hinds 
147 Drift Ave. 
Trenton, NJ 08 64 8 

Jahdai K Hines 
5311 South Shields Ave. 
Chicago, IL 60609 

Kanesha T Hines 
15700 Providence Dr. Apt. 613 
Southfield, MI 48705 

Surbhi A Hodge-stoutt 
P.O. Box 591 West End 

Loren Richard Hodnett 
7900 Old Madison Pike Rd. #5009 
Madison, AL 35758 

Martin C Hodnett 
1444 N. Chestnut Ave. 
Rialto, CA 92376 

Samanthia Hoffman 
555 Executive Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Clement Holder 
2009 Colony Drive #p 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Laurence L Holder 

5 Cottage Hill Lane 

Hamilton Parish, CR02 

Loderika S Holder 
2 Farm Lane 
Warwick, WK05 

Tracey Scott Holiday 
1106 Julia Street 
Huntsville, AL 358K 

Genevieve M Holl 
44 South Ridgeway 

Mattie L Holley 
28210 Wall Street 
Madison, AL 35858 

Jerod J Holloway 

Rt 14 Box 200 

Lake City, FL 32055 

Vernika M Holloway 
12 Nicholson Street 
Norfolk, VA 23510 

Shannone O Holt 
526 Manor Place 
Birdsboro, PA 1950! 

Richardson Honore 
120 Prince George Dr. Apt. 
Huntsville, AL 35801 

Alunda N Hopkins 
311 63 Slatton Way, Apt. D 
Roxbury, MA 02119 


Jerry G Horton 

3121 Crepe Myrtle Court 

Albany, GA 31707 

Don Howard 

1829 Rideout Drive 

Huntsville, AL 35806 

Dorris J Howard 
3229 Jamaica Road 
Atlanta, GA 30318 

Litchfield J Howard 
1609 Brooklyn Avenue 
Brooklyn, NY 11210 

Margaret Deloris Howard 
1828 Rideout Drive, N.w. 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Martin L Howard II 

2495 N. Mercedes Ave. 

Highland, CA 92346 

Mary E Howard 
3229 Jamaica Road 
Atlanta, GA 3 0318 

Raymond Alexander Howard 
422 Walsh Street 
South Bend, IN 46617 

Renique R Howard 
39841 Castile Avenue 
Murrieta, CA 92562 

Donita L Howell 

340 Gillespie Rd. #161 

Madison, AL 35758 

George Douglas Howell 
619 Caleb Street 
Glendale, CA 91202 

Lemuel Hubbard 
840 Gaston St. Sw 
Atlanta, GA 30310 

Kristen L Hudson 
55 Macdonald St. 
Hempstead, NY 11550 

Stanley Huggins 

25 Sunnyside Dr., Apt-Id 

Yonkers, NY 10705 

Chericia N Hughes 
P.O. Box 426 
South Hill, 

Georgette Hughes 

7 83 8 Dal ton Avenue 

Los Angeles, CA 90047 

Marvin L Hugley 

416 Hay Drive Sw Apt 

Decatur, AL 35603 


Harwood Burket Humes 
Golden Gates #2 
P.O. Box N-10244 

Gary A Humphrey 
Po Box 60875 
Savannah, GA 31419 

Leilani A Humphrey 

5317 Tidwell Farms Drive 

Powder Springs, GA 3 0073 

My la M Humphrey 
1902 Alabaster Drive 
Silver Spring, MD 2 09 04 

Desiree Hunter 

1023 West H Street Apt A 

Ontario, CA 91762 

Nigel G Hunter 

4 Litchfield Ct . Unit 102 


Ontario, M9V2A8 

Lydia-anne L Husbands 
65 Littleleaf Drive 
Ontario, M1B147 

Michelle Renee Husbands 
32 Empire Blvd. Apt. 1-h 
Brooklyn, NY 11225 

Daryl K Hutchinson 

1502 Halston Circle Apt. B 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

David C Hutchinson 
49 Muirbank Blvd. 
Ontario, MIC4S7 

Carl Hygrant 

1393 E. 52nd Street 

Brooklyn, NY 112 34 

Christopher L Ifill 
3259 Green Lakes Drive 
Virginia Beach, VA 23452 

Akunna M Iheanacho 
2608 Rita Lane Nw 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Shirley C Iheanacho 
2608 Rita Lane 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Mfon Ikoli 

1600 Sedgwick Avenue, Apt. 18c 

Bronx, NY 10453 

Fern B Illidge 
7 5 Garman Lane 
Midway, GA 31320 

Tanaeya C Ingham 
20 Ingham's Vale 
Pembroke, HM04 

Eze G Iroh 

lib Oji River Street 


Devon Noel Irvin 
5047 Seven Pines Cr 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Aldwin A Jackson 
173 5 Purdy Street, 
Bronx, NY 10462 

Apt. #2a 

Andy D Jackson 

4428 Torrence Drive #16 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Barbara Ann Jackson 
4418 Mcclain Lane 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Brandon L Jackson 

145 Bolduc Ct. 

San Pablo, CA 94806 

Brian E Jackson 
8109 New Riggs Road 
Adelphi, MD 20783 

Erica D Jackson 
1255 Gulledge Circle 
Wedgefield, SC 29168 

Ilori M Jackson 

1711 West Creeke Way #1 

Louisville, KY 40242 

Jocelyn Louise Jackson 
5443 Brookwood Lane 
Richmond, CA 94803 

Jonae M Jackson 

1601 Roberts Dr. 

Mableton, GA 30126 


juli Ann Jackson 
26419 Avenue 18 1/2 
Madera, CA 93638 

Latoya N Jackson 
1813 Somerset Ave. 
Dallas, TX 75203 

Marcus Antron Jackson 

3 632 Windy Trail 

New Bern, NC 2 8560 

Marquis L Jackson 
Route 1 Box 136-j 
Denmark, SC 29042 

Michael A Jackson 
2722 Tremont Avenue 
Roanoke, VA 24 019 

Robert J Jackson 
1813 Somerset 
Dallas, TX 75203 

Ronald U Jackson 
206 B Binford Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35896 

Kareema Ijeoma Jacob 
315 68th Street Apt. B-3 
Brooklyn, NY 1122 

Bron V Jacobs 
2901 Falling Waters Way 
Tallahassee, FL 32308 

Sonja D Jacobs 
51864 Portage Rd. 
South Bend, IN 46628 

Joel K Jagan 

4027 Huntersridge, Apt. 

Huntsville, AL 35802 


Christal A James 
929 Crestview Avenue 
Ada, OK 74820 

Glenette B James 

544 Kay Street 

Forest Park, GA 30050 

Henry D James III 
5373 Woodridge Ct. 
Alta Loma, CA 91737 

Ivory James 

1942 King Jr. 

Los Angeles, CA 90062 

Kaamilya T James 

2 006 South 10th Avenue 

Maywood, IL 60153 

Leora N James 

P.O. Box 10624 

St. Thomas, 00801 

Lloyd W James Jr. 
3340 Hyder Avenue 
Deltona, FL 32738 

Myron James 
105-06 Avenue J 
Brooklyn, NY 11236 

Tanish L James 
233 Robert Hicks Dr. 
North York 
Ontario, M2R3R3 

Joel I Jean-jules 
3406 Elizabeth St. Apt. C-8 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Nathalie Jean-philippe 
2315 18th Street South 
St. Petersburg, FL 33712 

Tahisha Jean-philippe 
3185 Clopton Street, Apt 
Huntsville, AL 35805 

Marc-aurele Jeanty 
171 1446 East 55th St. 
Chicago, IL 60615 

Christina Jefferson 

1101 Buckhorn Bend Rd . Apt. 
Monroe, LA 71202 

Ryan L Jeffery 
#192 9121 Helaine Hamlet Way 
Columbia, MD 21045 

D'juan J Jenkins 
12 088 Auburn 
Detroit, MI 48228 

Daniel S Jenkins 
7975 siskin 
Jacksonville, FL 


Trinity Kayshaun Jessup 
4208 Newpond Trail, Ne 
Kennesaw, GA 3 0144 

Orlando M Jobson 
2010 N.W. 86th Street 
Miami, FL 33147 

Synanda M Jobson 
2010 Nw 86th Street 
Miami, FL 3 3147 

Gary S John 

3 Little Leaf Drive 


Ontario, M1B1Y6 

Dalila John-lewis 
3500 Nw 83rd St. 
Miami, FL 33147 

Gerald Johns 
705 Grove Street 
National City, CA 


Alexander B Johnson 
4428 Bonnell Drive Apt. B 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Alisha G Johnsonl 
1512 Woodside Ave. 

Baldwin, NY 11510 

Audraetta Rainesa Johnson 
118 Pangborn Blvd. 
Hagerstown, MD 21740 

Bernard Johnson 
2124 Medaris Road 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Brian J Johnson 

6904 Vallery St. 

Riverdale, MD 20737 

Christopher B Johnson 

412 Hutchinson River Parkway 

Bronx, NY 1047 5 

David L Johnson Jr. 
6904 Vallery Street 
Riverdale, MD 20737 

Donovan Johnson 
S2 80 East Captain Dreyfus Ave. 
Scottsdale, AZ 85260 

< 4w h 

Eugene H Johnson II 
632 Curtis Rd. 
Burleson, TX 76028 

Jaquetta J Johnson 

3254 Covered Bridge Road 

Montgomery, AL 3 6116 

John-michael J Johnson 
1239 Ellis Road 
Hogansville, GA 30230 

Joseph L Johnson 
3 919 Neptune Dr. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Juleun A Johnson 
9 Oak Run Road 
Laurel, MD 20724 

Kamil N Johnson 
4519 Chantilly Way 
Pensacola, FL 32505 

Lindsay K Johnson 
83 3 6 S. Throop 
Chicago, IL 60620 

Marcus W Johnson 
8705 Lilac Lane 
Berrien Springs, MI 


Marcus Wayne Johnson 
12 7 Turney Lane 
Toney, AL 35773 

Melissa Nanette Johnson 
P.o. Box 18 
Oakwood College 
Huntsville, AL 35896 

Michelle A Johnson 
2 Fallway Road 
Ontario, L6V3H2 

Raymond Edward Johnson Jr. 
410 5 Darby Ct . 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Robert Johnson 

110 Cobblestone Street 

Dothan, AL 3 6 501 

Robert M Johnson 
3254 Covered Bridge Dr. 7900 
Montgomery, AL 3 6116 

Shauwnn D Johnson 
Old Madision Pike, #600£ 
Madison, AL 35758 

Sylvia E Johnson 
1220 Kenmore PI. 
Nashville, TN 37216 

Tiffany D Johnson 
4105 Darby Court Nw 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Vern Johnson 
1724 Cummings Avenue 
Willow Grove, PA 19 09 

Amanda Johnston 

192 Coulter Drive, Box 83 

Ontario, L0A1K0 

Leah J Jolly 

8680 East Alameda Avenue, 

Denver, CO 80231 

Adrianne L Jones 
#1628 76 Azalea Drive 

Columbus, MS 39701 

Angela Nicole Jones 
1023 Chestnut Street 
Waukegan, IL 60 085 

Barbara Elaine Jones 

719 Gallatin Street Sw Apt. F 

Huntsville, AL 35801 

Candace Y Jones 
P.o. Box 998 
Gonzalez, FL 32533 

Chadwick A Jones 

89 Faywood Drive 


Ontario, L6Y 4L9 

Darrin C Jones 

2 0215 Amantha Avenue 

Carson, GA 90746 

Desmond D Jones 
14715 Wexhall Terrace 
Burtonsville, MD 20866 

Eboni N Jones 
11146 Yardley Place 
Loma Linda, CA 923 54 

Gary L Jones Jr. 
76 Azalea Dr. 
Columbus, MS 3 97 01 

Graylan L Jones 
4418 Angeles Vista Blvd. 
Los Angeles, CA 90043 

James Darrell Jones 
1420 B Ascent Trail 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Julian J Jones 

360 Pitfield Road, Unit-1003 


Ontario, MIS 3E6 

Katrina L Jones 
7107 Wessynton Drive 
Charlotte, NC 28226 

Keith D Jones 

212 North Plymouth Rd. Nw 

Huntsville, AL 35811 

Kendra G Jones 
7441 Maywood 
Detroit, MI 48213 

Michael D Jones 
2335 Palm Drive 
Florrissant, MO 63031 

Norman J Jones 
2692 Harrison St. 
Gary, IN 46407 

Nytasha R Jones 

2 42 Highland Avenue 

Trenton, NJ 08618 

Paul A Jones 
214 Warfe Court 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Rakiya L Jones 

4418 Angeles Vista Blvd. 

Los Angeles, CA 90043 

Ramoan Duval Jones 
40 Swan Creek Rd 
Ft. Washington, MD 


Robert Greg Jones 
2908 Mallory Avenue 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Russell Mario Jones 
1200 Raydale Court 
Hyattsville, MD 20783 

Shenelle M Jones 
24 Mckinley Ave. 
White Plaines, NY 


Stephanie D Jones 
P.o. Box 1223 
Normal, AL 3 57 62 



Veronica M Jones 
1200 Raydale Ct . 
Hyattsville, MD 


Vinson David Jones 
2261 West Lake Miramar 
Miramar, FL 3 3 025 

Isariah J Jordan 
7 56 Parkway Avenue 
Ewing, NJ 08618 

Michael A Joseph 
112-28 E. 128th Street 
New York, NY 10 035 

Niyiere T Joseph 
6233 Geronimo Circle 
Anchorage, AK 99504 

Siam Jade Joseph 
P.O. Box 22625 
Huntsville, AL 35814 

Sophia Joseph 
9570 Work & Rest 
Plot 570 
Christians ted, 


Waking Joseph 

131 Exchange Avenue 

Medford, MA 02155 

David Josey Jr 
19 Garden Street 
Teaneck, NJ 07666 

Brandi N Jouett 
4412 Birmingham Way 
Raleigh, NC 27604 

Adoraeu L Jouette 
4412 Birmingham Way 
Raleigh, NC 27604 

Caulette Julien 
Smoked Tree Dr. #6 
Well Road 
Cole Bay, NA 

Helene J Julius 
824 Lawson Street 

Chattanooga, TN 37415 

Misenga J Kabongo 
195 Wilkenson Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35811 

Pamela Elaine Keels 

1071 W. 25th Street 

Riviera Beach, FL 33404 

Ana Carmela Keene 

628 Nosby Place 

Far Rockaway, NY 11691 

Andria Janae Kelly 
109 Central Lake Drive 
Griffin, GA 30223 

Shaunda Elyse Kelly 

5920 Long Peak Drive 

Orlando, FL 32810 

Toni Michelle Kelly 

3 Fern Crescent Cobb's Hill 

Paget, PG03 

Ralph Andre Kendrick 
2110 Red Bud Court 
Marietta, GA 30060 

Jeanine Yvette Keogh 

999 Nottingham Drive 

Corona, CA 91720 

Anthony Sylvester Kerr 
9924 South West 156 Court 
Miami, FL 33196 

Mario Leon Kerr 

18 Rockwood Crescent 


Ontario, L4J7T2 

Sabreena Kerr 
18 Rockwood Crescent 
Ontario, L4J7T2 

Nadia Marie Kidd 

2628 Brookline Drive N.w 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

Lee D Kimani 

P.o. Box 6847 
Nairobi , 

Anthony Arthur King Jr. 

9300 Walnut St. #2 

Oakland, CA 94608 

Natesha S King 
3627 N. 60th Ave. 
Phoenix, AZ 85033 

Raymond S King III 
1105 Willard Street 
Greensboro, NC 27406 

Shasone E King 
1126 Sheridan 
Chico, CA 95926 

Terri D King 
1710 Lydia Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Aginah Islah King-sharif 
150-28 119th Road 
Jamaica, NY 11434 

Sharita Vonee ' Kinley 
2518 12th Street SW #e 
Huntsville, AL 35805 

Kamillah Theola Kinlock 
717 Stonebridge Park Circle 
Lithonia, GA 30058 

Brian M Kitching 
5100 Linden Street 
Lincoln, NE 68516 

Julian S Kitching 
5100 Linden Street 
Lincoln, NE 68516 

Dejuan N Knight 

9030 Hawley Gibson Road 

Crestwood, KY 40014 

Derrick L Knight 

306 Holly Springs Drive 

Madison, AL 35758 

Jessica L Knight 
1130 E. Ledbetter #249 
Dallas, TX 75216 

Marvin Knight 
P.O. Box 616 6 
Compton, CA 90224 

Nicole Y Knight 

161 Cartmel Drive 


Ontario, L3S1W6 

Shaldea Autherine Knight 
1256 Colfax Ct 
Pomona, CA 92324 


Warren W Knight 

Sandhurst Circle Apt. 1501 


Ontario, M1V2L3 

Nicole V Knotts 

3 03 8 Canyon Vista Dr. 

Colton, CA 92324 

Jasmine J Knowles 
2700 Mlk Blvd., Apt. 77-c 
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401 

Phillip Knox 
133 East Drive 
Mobile, AL 36605 

Kanyeba E Kutebwa 
4113 Nelson Dr. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Jorge S Kuzmicic 
11008 Vivian Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

James L Kyle III 

1900 E. Ocean Blvd. #71* 

Long Beach, CA 9 0082 

Anthony J Labady 
6221 Kaieteur Lane 
Orlando, FL 32808 

Michael A Laborde 
3204 Millbrook Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Enjoli C Lackey 
3379 Flatshoals Rd 
Decatur, GA 30034 

Shayla M Lacount 
P.O. Box 1112 
Chandler, AZ 85244 

Hans Lafrance 
405 SW 13th Place #120 
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441 

Clifford E Laguerre 
19920 Franjo Road 
Miami, FL 3 3157 

Joelle P Laguerre 
19920 Franjo Road 
Miami, FL 33157 

George M Lamand 
1752 NE 144th Street 
Miami, FL 33181 

Robyn T Lang 

6507 Greenmeadow Road N.w. 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

Carlyle G Langhorn 
1035 Catalpa Drive 
O'fallon, IL 62269 

Crystalle R Langhorn 

1035 Catalpa Drive 

O'fallon, IL 62269 

Henrietta P Lathon 
1058 Sandy Springs Road 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Arreasha Z Lawrence 
15 Sunset Drive 
Hatchechubbee, AL 3 6858 

Sonita M Lawrence 
95 Shepard Avenue 
Brooklyn, NY 112 08 

Gerome Edwardo Leacock 
4700 Calvert 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Samantha C Leblanc 
P.O. Box 1767 
Kankakee, IL 60901 

Akilah A Lee 
13 5 Southridge Drive 
Griffin, GA 30223 

Deborah J Lee 

3542 Basswood Court 

Decatur, GA 3 0032 

George Gabriel Lee 

4177 Newson Road, Apt. 403 

Huntsville, AL 35805 

James J Lee 
1905 W. 137st 
Compton, CA 90222 

Kelly D Lee 

4308 Chalet Circle 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

Larry E Lee 

2403 W. Jefferson Street 

Louisville, KY 40212 

Princess A Lee 
1611 Kingsport Drive 
Riverside, CA 92506 

Rose M Lee II 

22 03 North Paulsen Avenue 

Compton, CA 9 0222 

Andrea L Lennard 

10 Humberline Dr. #1205 


Ontario, M9W6J5 

Herve ' H Leonard 

20278" Avon Street 

Detroit, MI 48219 

Shawne M Lester 

4291 Buckskin Lake Drive 

Ellicott City, MD 21042 

Tshepo S Lethola 
P.O. Box 15 

Lisa S Levett 
3 031 Greenwood Ave. #6 
Louisville, KY 40211 

Carletta M Levy 

120 Kenilworth Place, 

Brooklyn, NY 11210 


Cecil E Lewis 

133 Trowbridge Drive, 


Ontario, L1G7R1 


Colleen A Lewis 
24 Whiteram Close, Ne 
Alberta, T1Y5X8 

Eugene J Lewis 

346 South 302nd Place 

Federal Way, WA 9 8003 

Henry Lewis III 

2409 Saint Clair Road 

Louisville, GA 30434 

James L Lewis III 
210 Quail Haven Drive 
Columbus, OH 43235 

Jasmine C Lewis 
101 Springview Lane 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Joseph P Lewis II 
105 St. Johns Drive 
Lynchburg , VA 

Kami C Lewis 

10 Bon Accord Road 





Kathleen T Lewis 
104 St. Johns Drive 
Lynchburg, VA 2 4501 

Larrye J Lewis 
P.O. Box 1617 
Gonzales, LA 70707 

Lauren L Lewis 
3348 Brookridge Road 
Duarte, CA 910101663 

Simone D Lewis 
Barkers Road 
Haggatt Hall 
St. Michael, 

Tameka I Lewis 
19 June Street 
East Hartford, CT 6118 

Antoniah D Lewis-reese 
3824 West Van Buren St. 
Chicago, IL 60624 

Xernona I Lezama 
17444 Sw 108th Court 
Miami, FL 33157 

Edison C Liburd 
255 E 176 Street 
Brooklyn, NY 10450 

Marie Celelia Lightbourne 

368 Little Lones Rd 

Huntsville, AL 35811 

Joseph B Lindsay 
22 64 Governors Bend 
Huntsville, AL 35801 

Keith E Lindsey 

41-13 10th Street 

Long Island, NY 11101 

Loleeta J Linston 
240 Le Ann Drive 
Athens, GA 3 0601 

Rolanda L Lister 

1309 Shadey Creel Drive 

Euless, TX 76040 

Latesha T Little 
Route 4, Box 4 9 
Quitman, GA 31643 

Kristy D Loften 
1805 E. 15th Terrace 
Kansas City, MO 64127 

Triciana M Loftman 
4340 N.w. 5th Place 
Planation, FL 33317 

Heather M Logan 
23441 Sussex Avenue 
Oak Park, MI 48237 

Andrew O Loiten 

P.O. Box 22304 

Huntsville, AL 35814 

Gentry M Long 

7546 Deer Creek Dr. 

Worthington, OH 43085 

Maurice D Long II 
3760 N.w. 197 Street 
Miami, FL 33055 

Zsa-nai C Long 
3760 NW 197 Street 
Miami, FL 33055 

Linda R Lorvil 

2 6 Seabring Street 

Spring Valley, NY 


Michela Lorvil 

1255 Sw 101 Terr Apt 112 

Penbroke Pines, FL 33025 

Christina M Lottie 
930 N. Niles 
South Bend, IN 46617 

Juliette D Louis 

9e-2 St. Joseph 

St. Thomas, 00802 

Abiguel Louissaint 
5485 Redmond Street 
Saint Hubert 
Quebec, J3Y2C9 

David S Lovelace 
1 William Place 
Bridgeport, CT 0660? 

Derek L Lowe 

4 97 9 Alabama Hwy. 51 

Opelika, AL 3 6801 

Heather M Lowe 
318 Rittenhouse Street 
Hyattsville, MD 20783 

Jevon D Lowel 
7 Ocean Lane, Langton Hill 
Pembroke, HM13 

Daniel T Lubega 

2720 Monticello Drive 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

Chandler L Lucas 
17806 Pebblewood Lane 
Hazel Crest, IL 60429 

Raquel A Luciano 
1997 Grasmere Dr. 
Apopka, FL 32703 

Eddison R Lucombe 
4923 D Cotton Row 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Gina L Lyons 

1708 Allison St Nw 

Washington, DC 20011 

Mlibazisi P Mabandla 

3 094 Watergate Turn 

Indianapolis, IN 46224 

Kyle D Mackey 

1254 West 84th Street 

Los Angeles, CA 90044 

Rochelle M Maddix 

3018 Apt. 1 Ernest Drive 

Auburndale, FL 3 3 823 

Jerita M Maddox 
16145 Sw 107 Ct. 
Miami, FL 33157 

Melissa N Mallett 

2088 Martingrove Rd. 


Ontario, M9V3T3 


John E Mallory 
45 Ann Avenue 
Dover, DE 19 901 

Cassandra L Mann 
343 Phillips Street 
Jackson, TN 38301 

- ^b h 

Jacqueline S Mann 
343 Phillips Street 
Jackson, TN 38301 

Neil E Manning 

1585 S.w Andalusia Road 

Port St. Lucie, FL 34953 

Ryan Manning 
1585 Sw Andalusia Rd. 
Pt.St. Lucie, FL 34953 

Wilfred E Manning 

Thrush Road #1, Pointe Blanche 

St. Maarten, 

Janelle Lakeshia Mapp 

18006 W. Danielson, Apt. #201 

Santa Clarita, CA 91351 

Francis B Marcellin 
22 Keeble Crescent 
Ontario, L1T3R7 

Osmund J Marcellin 

22 Keeble Crescent 


Ontario, L1T3R7 

Nerissa L Marr 
3 03 Evergreen Dr 
Fairfield, CA 94533 

Villot Jean Mars 

1752 NE 144th Street 

Miami, FL 33181 

Natalie A Marshall 

10956 142nd Street 


British Columbia, 


Danielle C Martin 
7520 Tillman Ct . 
Pickerington, OH 


Edward H Martin II 
5025 54th Place 
Hyattsville, MD 20781 

Francine D Martin 

8735 Rivard Blvd. 


Quebec , JA4X1W2 

Jerry L Martin 

7060 East Renaissance Court 

New Orleans, LA 70128 

Sireasa Y Martin 
3840 West 178 St. 
C.c. Hills, IL 60478 

Keita Mason 
P.O. Box 739 
Upper Gambles 
St. John's, 

Devaki A Massey 

2615 Helen Place, N.w. 

Canton, OH 33708 

Jitaun Halaine Massey 
Rte. 1, Box 948 
St. Matthews, SC 2 913 5 

Derek R Mathis 

105 West Inwood Circle 

Madison, AL 35758 

Dwayne Mathis Jr. 
105 W. Inwood Circle 
Madison, AL 35758 

Shavonne M Mathis 

17647 SW 32nd Street 

Miami, FL 33029 

Tracie D Mathis 
4210 Keith Street 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Mthulisi B Matiwaza 
342 Venowa Avenue 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Coretta Fae Matthews 

63 Spring Oak Blvd. 

Altamonte Springs, FL 32714 

Java D Mattison Jr. 
5465 Red Berry Ln 
Atlanta, GA 30331 

Heather C Mattison-Watkins 
4 Overbrook Parkway 
Wynnewood, PA 19 09 6 

Tanya R Mattox 
9457 Amorite Court 
Springhill, FL 34608 

Aswad D Maundy 

3032 Autumnwood Apt. D 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Muriel Maxis 
1851 19th Street 
Sarasota, FL 34234 

Sophie Maxis 
1851 19th Street 
Sarasota, FL 34234 

Charles E May 

357 Knotty Walls Road 

Owens Crossroads, AL 


Emmanuela M Mayard 

3 6 Echo Avenue 

New Rochelle, NY 10801 

Antoine J Maycock 
2613 Trail Ridge Road 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Charles L Mayes 
6404 Cedar Point Dr. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Tamara R McCall 
123 Maverick Dr. 
Harvest, AL 3 574 9 

Devon C McCalla 
16723 Sw 78th PI. 
Miami, FL 33157 

Lauren K McCalla 

11319 South West 167 Terrace 

Miami, FL 33157 

Damian L McCarthy 
4280 Nw 3rd Street 
Gresham, OR 97030 

Dananai A McCarthy 
2 02 Texas Avenue 
Keene, TX 76059 

Douglas T McCleary 
427 Kathydale Rd. 
Pikesville, MD 2120! 

Jack McCrary 
505 Church Street 
Verona, PA 15147 

Lakeisha Y McCray7 
52 3 Harper Avenue 
Glenwood, IL 60425 

Mykeetah D McCullough 

16840 Stout 

Old Redford, MI 4821! 

Rachel T McDaniel 
4315 Columbine #2 
Denver, CO 80216 

Brenee Monique McDole 
5585 Royal Hill Drive 
Riverside, CA 92506 

^S fc- 

Lisa K McDonald 

10 Humberline Dr. #704 


Ontario, M9W6J5 

Philip B McDonald 

7 4 Forster Ave. 

Mt. Vernon, NY 10 5 52 

Urvia V McDowell 
22 Lisbon Avenue 
Buffalo, NY 14215 

Vivian P McDuffy 

5014 Faculty Road, Apt. 19 

Huntsville, AL 35896 

Ingrid N McFarlane 
32 01 Gayhart Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Nicole A McFarlane 
16111 Sw 104 Ave. 
Miami, FL 33157 

Rowan M McGann 
32 Horsham Avenue 
Ontario, M2R1G6 

Mary E McGauley 
3705 Grizzard Road 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Dasha R McGee 
10313 Fowler Ave. 
Omaha, NE 68134 

Michelle D McGill 
7900 Old Madison Pike, 
Madison, AL 35758 


Jamie L McGriff 
500 Ripple Ln. 
Hampton Cove, AL 


Charles McKenzie 
326 Conley Street 
Ontario, L4J2S6 

Edd R McKenzie 

9 Lightwood Drive 


Ontario, M9V2Z1 

Heather R McKenzie 
117 Remberton Road 
Richmond Hill 
Ontario, L4C3T6 

Johnny L McKenzie 
1904 W. 24th Street 
Pine Bluff, AR 71603 

Mia D McKenzie 

3100 Fox Falley Dr. 

West Friendship, MD 31794 

Mayselin M McKinley 
544 Linden Avenue 
Teaneck, NJ 07666 

Dennis R McKinney 
3 86 Stevenson Road 
Ardmore, TN 3 8449 

Denero T McKinnis 
6201-d Friar Tuck Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Kay-ann N McLean 
11850 S.w. 175 Terrace 
Miami, FL 33157 

Lindel N McLean 
52 Morado Court 
Ontario, L6S4H7 

Sukari J McMiller 
3743 N.w. 207 Drive 
Miami, FL 3 3 055 

Amy D McNeil 
83 59 Greenham 
San Antonio, TX 


Betina C McNeil 
14724 54th Way North 
Clearwater, FL 3376 

Jonathan J McNeil 
512 Portchester Court 
Columbia, SC 29203 

Melinda G McNeil 
14724 54 Way, North 
Clearwater, FL 33760 

Melissa J McNeil 

512 Portchester Court 

Columbia, SC 29203 

Kerri Ann Renee McNish 
2331 Nw 43rd Terrace 
Lauderhill, FL 38313 

Llewelyn A McPherson 
5040 Faculty Rd. 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Syreeta A McTier 
3 53 6 Burton Ave 
Lynwood, CA 9 02 62 

Derrick A Meadow 
3762 Maulden Drive 
Memphis, TN 38116 

Melvanie R Melton 
109 East Cato Street 
Fitzgerald, GA 31750 

April V Mendinghall 
5344 St. Martins Ct. 
Mableton, GA 30059 

Franz W Mentor 
24081 Jerome Street 
Oak Park, MI 48237 

Ruth L Merid 

236 S. Avon Place 

Anaheim, CA 92802 

Marcus J Merriweather 
!08 N. Merrimac Dr., apt. #14 
Fitzgerald, GA 31750 

Ronald Michel 

4908 Cotton Apt. A 
Huntsville, AL 35896 

Dawn K Miles 

2810 Broadview Drive 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

Demedro E Miles 
2810 Broadview Dr 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Jerome A Miles 

2810 Broadview Drive 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

Melody A Miles 
3812 Cedar Drive 
Baltimore, MD 21207 

Michael V Milfort 

17620 Nw 17th Avenue 

Miami, FL 33056 


Russell David Miliner-purce III 
1500 Sparkman Drive, Apt. 3 5h 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Bianca M Miller 
6007 Bay Hill Drive 
Arlington, TX 76018 

Bonita C Miller 
3013 Wallace 
Bronx, NY 23462 

Brian S Miller 
P.O. Box 398149 
Dallas, TX 75339 

Candace J Miller 

11784 Mt. Wilson Ct . 
Alta Loma, CA 91737 

Charlese F Miller 
5874 Washington Street 
Romulus, MI 48174 

Damarrus L Miller 
5517 Timbertop Lane 
Charlotte, NC 28215 

Jayne J Miller 

1734 W. Seventh Street 

San Bernardino, CA 92411 

Leah R Miller 
16312 Barna Drive 
Granger, IN 4653 

Liza Mitchele Miller 
8076 Riviera Ct . 
Fontana, CA 923 3 6 

Steven S Miller 
3 Uchec Pines Rd. 
Seale, AL 36875 

Tabitha L Miller 
Apt-35 11784 Mount Wilson Ct . 
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 917 01 

John A Mills III 
P.O. Box 1263 
Ridgeland, SC 29936 

Kim M Minors 

9 5 Indian Creek Rd. Apt 

Huntsville, AL 35806 

Andre' N Minott 
286 49 Tamarack Drive 
Windsor, CT 06095 

Charisse A Mitchell 

3206 Baywater Ct . 

Far Rockaway, NY 11691 

Lisa M Mitchell 

P.O. Box 10693 

St. Petersburg, FL 


Michelle A Mitchell 

P.O. Box 339 Hillside St. 

Nelson, GA 30151 

Mirthell L Mitchell 
45 Rosegreen Drive 
Ontario, L4J4R8 

Rosia B Mitchell 
45 Rosegreen Drive 
Ontario, L454RB 

Christopher A Mobley 

4628 Mccorkle Road 

Memphis, TN 3 8116 

Cyprian L Modeste 
3010 Joe Louis Dr. 
Orlando, FL 32 805 

Martina L Modeste 
3010 Joe Louis Dr. 
Orlando, FL 32805 

Edhyson C Mondesir 
57 Ford Street, Apt-1 
Brockton, MA 02401 

Jacqueline Mondestin 
9 6 Torrey Avenue 
Brockton, MA 02401 

Candyce E Monroe 

404 South Park Rd Sw 

Birmingham, AL 35211 

Dennis L Monroe 
P.O. Box 824 
Thomasville, GA 31792 

Donald W Monroe III 
3201 Rita Lane 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Jerry A Monroe Jr . 
118 Crestwood Dr. 
Thomasville, GA 31792 

Tina M Monroe 
235 South Adams Street 
Daytona Beach, FL 32114 

Brian C Montgomery 
207 Front Street 
Metcalfe, MS 38760 

Fredrick Lee Montgomery 
1715 Lakefront 
Cleveland, OH 44112 

Shayla N Montgomery 
3 00 Seguayah Dr. 
Dothan, AL 3 63 03 

Myrnelle S Montoute 

1503 Sparkman Drive Apt. 1-69 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Jonathan D Montoya 
289 Laurel Lane 
Gurley, AL 35748 

Bradley M Moore 
690 Julia St. 
Apt. 7 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Britney Y Moore 

233 Day Drive 

St. Louis, MO 63135 

Dennis L Moore II 
18730 Ginger Court 
Germantown, MD 20874 

Hadassah C Moore 
1110 Dewey Street 
Greenwood, MS 3 8930 

Shannan C Moore 
2807 NE Highway 20 
Conyers, GA 3 0012 

Shawn D Morgan 
7 Garnet Ave. Great Barr 

Birmingham, B437RJ 

Nyasha M Morris 
2 06 Ct.Of The Royal Arms 
South Bend, IN 46637 

- 4ftp - 


Priscilla B Morris 
808 Oakhill Drive 
Killeen, TX 76541 

Melissa R Morrison 
7765 Wildfern Drive 
Ontario, L4T3P8 

Sarah O Morton 
P.O. Box 2488 
St. Croix, 00851 

Dianna B Moseley 

2451 Cricket Wood Court 

Apopka, FL 32703 

Chameka L Mosley 

3648 N Delaware Street 

Indianapolis, IN 46205 

Marc A Mould 
52 5 6 Laurelwood Lane 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Kelly Ann Mounter 
103 Bitterweed Ct. 
Madison, AL 3575! 

Kimberly Renee ' Mounter 
103 Bitterweed Ct. 
Madison, AL 35758 

Claudette U Munyabera 

116 South Cottage Avenue 

Goshen, IN 46526 

Claudine U Munyabera 
116 South Cottage Avenue 
Goshen, IN 46526 

Frederick G Murphy 
4112 Fieldway Road 
Rex, GA 3 0273 

Jennifer A Murphy 
1215 Ellen Court 
Apopka, FL 32 7 03 

Jerry D Murphy Jr 
7336 Mossy Brink Court 
Columbia, MD 21045 

Kendra L Murray 
1132 East Main St. 
Albemarle, NC 28001 

Meredith E Murray 
3354 Monaco Pkwy. 
Denver, CO 80207 

Oretta A Murray 

1290 Rathburn Road West, #222 


Ontario, L5C4E4 

Mario E Murray- jackson 
8 Lindenwood Lane 
Littleton, CO 80127 

Michael Mwasumbi 
2816 Cora Hill Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

John Mwesigwa 
4419 A Torrance 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Duvaughn D Myrie 
223-30 106th Av. 
Queens Village, NY 


Nathalie Myrtil 
162 62 Peachway 
Delray Beach, FL 33484 

Judith Nazaire 

491 Huntington Avenue Apt. 19 

Boston, MA 02136 

Kelle E Neal 

4200 Grandville Blvd 

Nashville, TN 37207 

Theodore V Neilly 
3270 N.w. 202 Lane 
Miami, FL 33 056 

Phillip Neives 
109-21 213 St. 
Jamaica, NY 11429 

Angela R Nelson 
615 15th Place N.w. 
Decatur, AL 35601 

Gregory Nelson 
3 5 Keegan Street 
Elmont, NY 11003 

Abnet Nerelus 
623 33rd Street 
West Palm Beach, FL 


Roseline Nerelus 
623 33rd Street 
West Palm Beach, FL 33407 

Simeon Nerelus 
623 33rd Street 
West Palm Beach, FL 33407 

Brenell G Newman 

725 Mt. Lebanon Road, #20 

Toney, AL 35773 

Mandisa A Newman 
43 Orchard Drive 
Gaithersburg, MD 2087! 

Leonard G Newton 
4541 N.w. 12 Ct. 
Lauderhill, FL 33313 

Shawnika N Newton 
24115 Citrus Avenue 
Perris, CA 92570 

Lavaughn R Neymour 
West Bay Street 
P.O. Box-n4164 

Franklin Nicholas 

2411 Foxglove Avenue 

Highlands, TX 77562 

Maurice A Nicoleau 
980 Cramer Court 
Baldwin, NY 11510 

Marnel N Niles 

2 310 Bryn Marwr Avenue 

Philadelphia, PA 19131 

Danelle Delta Nixon 
Wemyss Bight 

John S Nixon II 
2 62 9 Gawain Road 
Huntsville, AL 35803 

Paul D Nixon 

2 692 Gawain Road 

Huntsville, AL 35803 

Carla Noel 
10 02 Lenox Road 
Brooklyn, NY 11212 


Vernon Nora 

1502 Medland Road, Apt #d 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Clarence T Norman 
3913 Talwell Drive #1 
Huntsville, AL 35805 

Gianna E Norman 
12 4 5 Shawnee Rd 
Madison, TN 37115 

Holly E Norris 

125-t Rinbio Vista Rd. 

Altadina, CA 910 01 

Kevin L Norris 

8049 Chariot, Apt 2046 

Dallas, TX 75227 

Myisha K Norris 
1153 Palisade Blvd. 
Dupont, WA 98327 

Jason C North 

8769 N. Buffview Dr. 

Berrien Springs, MI 


Fredric Nozil 
42 French Ridge 
New Rochelle, NY 


Laura A Nozil 
P.O. Box 102 
Wauregan, CT 06387 

Tesa N Nurse 

#27 Kendal Hill Park 

Christ Church, 

Keotisha Aundra O'Giste 
209 Beau Tree Drive 
Wilmington, DE 19810 

Jason J Oakman 
11025 Rockcliff Rd. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Brooke C Oden 

3132 Touchwood Drive 

Harvey, LA 7 058 

Susan N Ogbonna 
272 8 Holland Avenue 
Bronx, NY 10467 

Alicia N Oglesby 
866 Merritt Se 
Grand Rapids, MI 49 507 

Dominique M Oglesby 

2625 James Cool Papa Bell 

Saint Louis, MO 63106 

Tochi M Okike 
645 Willood Ave. 
Altamonte Springs, 



Damaris M Olagundoye 
733 East 42nd Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11203 

Mahalia A Olatunji 
4722 12st. N.e. 
Washington, DC 20017 

Roselore Olibris 
1218 Nw 11 PI 
Fort-lauderdale, FL 


Daryl L Oliver 
54 Oakland Terrace 
Hartford, CT 06106 

Tony D Oliver 
106 Park Circle 
Fitzgerald, GA 


Christopher K Onwere 
1296 Prospect Drive 
Pomona, CA 917 6 6 

Adwoa S Opoku-boateng 

2918 West Locust Avenue 

Fresno, CA 93711 

Akosua A Opoku-boateng 
2918 W. Locust Ave 
Fresno, CA 93711 

Loumeeka A Orgill 
2 8 Railway Trail 
Loyal Hill 
Devonshire, DV01 

Kareitha A Osborne 
16283 79a Avenue 
British Columbia, V3S7C9 

Cheryl Y Osbourne 
78 Cortland 
Quebec, J6J1V4 

Jeuelle M Ottley 
9613 Riggs Road 
Adelphi, MD 2 07 83 

Natasha Otto 

19 Peachtree Path 


Ontario, M9P3T6 

Denielle R Outerbridge 
4515 Bonnell Drive Apt. 20- 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Frederick W Owens 
174 Moosup Pond Rd. 
Danielson, CT 06239 

Tanya L Pace 
1705 West 14th Place 
Chicago, IL 60608 

Ajamu A Page 
P.O. Box 1471 
Braithwaite, LA 70040 

Alisha M Page 
3725 Bryant Cir. 
Kansas City, KS 


Delores Annette Paige 
1412 Arcadian Street 
Savannah, GA 31405 

Fredrick Leon Palm 
2240 Edison Street 
Santa Ynez, CA 93460 

Luther Robert Palmer III 
107 Bethpolamy Circle 
Dayton, OH 45415 

Darnell Parham 
218 8th Street Sw, Apt- 8 
Decatur, AL 35601 

Mattisha Marie Parham 
98 Limerick Lane 
Rochester, NY 14606 

Nicole M Parham 
98 Limerick Lane 
Rochester, NY 14606 

Roy C Parham 
344 Still Forest Terrace 
Sanford, FL 32771 


Audri Lanee Parker 
18675 South Grasle Rd 
Oregon City, OR 97045 

Jillian M Parris 
4 6 Panama Crt . 2 07 
Ontario, M9R4A4 

Claudisha K Partlow 

17 61 Sundale Drive 

Lawrenceville, GA 30045 

Rachel J Paschal 

7900 Old Madison Pike, #1005 

Madison, AL 357581483 

Kara-shelley P Patrick 
17 Whiteleas Avenue 
Ontario, MIB1W8 

Brandon R Patterson 

3007 Shoreline Blvd. 

Laurel, MD 20724 

David C Patterson 

7103 13th Avenue 
Takoma Park, MD 2 0912 

Esther R Patterson 
9405 Walhampton Drive 
Louisville, KY 40242 

Mia-liana C Patterson 
642 Elder Court 
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714 

Anna-gayle N Patton 
1347 Marlborough Ave 
Plainfield, NJ 07060 

Elisia Y Patton 
4007 Offult Court 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Mytonia H Paul 
699 Carters Gin Road 
Toney, AL 35773 

Natasha K Paul 

2792 West Fairview Dr. 

Rialto, CA 92377 

Shalewa E Paul 

57 Saint Marks Avenue 

Brooklyn, NY 11216 

Belkis R Paulino 
246 Gallatin Street 
Providence, RI 02907 

Daniella A Payne 
58 Wegman Parkway 
Jersey City, NJ 07305 

Nadia C Pearce 

2209 Main St. Apt. C52 

Bridgeport, CT 06606 

Byron W Pelote 
705 West 58th Street 
Savannah, GA 31405 

Falisia S Pelote 
3 6 Red Barn Road 
Hyde Park, NY 12 53 8 

Raymond M Peoples 
9015 Midway, #1 
Berrien Springs, MI 


Hugh E Percy 
1830 W Finland Dr 
Deltona, FL 32725 

Allen M Perkins 

1500 Sparkman Drive, Apt. 9h 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Kenton C Perrin 

404 Driftwood Avenue Unit 5 


Ontario, M3N2P8 

Lawrence P Perry III 
P.O. Box 214 
Pine Forge, PA 19548 

Walter L Perry 
P.O. Box 214 
Pine Forge, PA 


Schennia M Person 

1505 Sparkman Drive, Apt. 177 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Markie L Petrie 

914 South West 101 Way 
Hollywood, FL 33025 

Braden Pewitt 
1224 South Union 
East Wenatchee, WA 


Kezia T Phillip 
226 Hidden Valley 
St. Thomas, 00802 

Janelle N Phillips 

2603 Hoffman Drive 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

Monica Z Phillips 
1379 N.w. 34th Street 
Miami, FL 33142 

Wintley A Phipps II 
6428 Four Foot Trail 
Columbia, MD 21045 

Ange Pierre 
208 Monitor Street 
Westbury, NY 11590 

Jerrald Pierre Jr. 
3751 Mansfield Avenue 
New Orleans, LA 70131 

Nicole A Pierre-louis 

245 Locust Drive 

Bay Shore, NY 11706 

Spendy Pierre-louis 
8060 Louis-lumiere 
Quebec, H1E1K9 

Sanara T Pippins 
3029 Hyde Street 
Oakland, CA 94601 

Marvin C Pitcher 
#4 Olive Ln., Cooks Hill Rr 
Sandys, MAO 5 

Kenneth E Pitt 
6570 Clarksville Hwy 
Joelton, TN 37080 

Valerie S Pitter 

5 014 Oakwood Road, Apt. 

Huntsville, AL 35896 

Judith L Poey 
8602 Cory Drive 
Bowie, MD 20720 

Monique S Pogue 
495 Hunter Circle 
Kissimmee, FL 34758 


Erika Y Pollard 
15 Wilson Avenue 
Deer Park, NY 11729 

Joyceline R Poole 
588 Fremont Avenue 
Daytona Beach, FL 32114 

John W Pooler III 
411 Sheila Street 
Hope Mills, NC 2834! 

Ramon G Porter 

9125 North Vassar Road 

Mt. Morris, MI 48458 

Shawnea M Posey 
117 Ne Stanton 
Portland, OR 97212 

Rokeem G Pough 
505 West 143rd St., Apt-31 
New York, NY 10 031 

Edwin S Powell 

4203 Interlake Drive 

Tampa, FL 33 624 

Joseph W Powell 
1711 Glenside Dr. 
Harrisburg, PA 17109 

Michelle T Powell 
77 Carpenter Avenue, Apt-3r 
Mt. Kisco, NY 10549 

Melissa G Prescott-crewe 
4983 Rathkeale Rd. Unit 312 
Ontario, L5V2B3 

Carolyn M Pressley 

4516 23rd Avenue South 

St. Petersburg, FL 33711 

Kimberly A Pressley 

1425 34th Street, Se 

Washington, DC 20020 

Gilbert M Preston Jr. 
6215 Cedar Point Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Jamile F Prezeau 

11 West Funston Ave. 

Spring Valley, NY 10977 

Carlton E Price 
4900 11th Avenue 
Los Angeles, CA 90043 

Clifford Price 
27723 Cricket Lane 
Harvest, AL 35741 

Sandra F. Price 
27723 Cricket Lane 
Harvest, AL 35749 

Glenn O Pringle 
150 Sparkman Dr. Apt 18h 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Tiffany A Profitt 

196 Stone Valley Drive 

Huntsville, AL 35806 

Alysia L Pullins 
115 Hightower Rd. 
Harvest, AL 35749 

Geraldine Brown Pullins 

115 Hightower Road 

Harvest, AL 35749 

Michelle D Pullman 
14415 E. 47th Ave. 
Denver, CO 80239 

Tere M Quinn 
1970 Glendale 
Kansas City, KS 


Tangie M Rahming 
631 Nw 3rd Street 
Florida City, FL 33034 

Evette L Rainey 
7062 Waverly Court 
Kansas City, KS 6610! 

Evyonne M Rainey 
7062 Waverly Court 
Kansas City, KS 66109 

Derrick L Ramey Jr. 
174 Oldwood Road 
Huntsville, AL 35811 

Derrick L Ramey Sr . 
174 Oldwood Road 
Huntsville, AL 35811 

Dayanand P Ramphal 
6933 Cottonwood Trail 
Riverdale, GA 3 02 96 

Kyria M Ramsey 
7312 Radiant Circle 
Orlando, FL 32810 

Meera Ramsingh 

449 North Fontana Court 

Visalia, CA 93291 

Jaymee A Ray 

Michael J Ray 

2 Horse Shoe Road 

Southampton, SN 

Anthony R Raybourne 
187-05 Nashville Boulevard 
Jamaica, NY 11413 

Devin L Reade 

475 Carlton Ave, Apt-3h 

Brooklyn, NY 11238 

Michele D Reaves 

745 6 Akron Road 

Lockport, NY 14094 

Shalon K Reed 

1242 East Mckool Circle 

Carson, CA 90746 

Brenard Reel 
333 3 Fish Avenue 
Bronx, NY 10469 

ohanna Danielle Reeve 

8701 East River Road 

Coon Rapids, MN 55433 

Jowanna M Reevers 
1128 Fourth Court West 
Birmingham, AL 3 52 04 

Marcellinus J Regis 

Natalee D Reid 
640 Barretto Street 
Bronx, NY 10474 

Shorna A Reid 

3 50-g Mickley Run 

Allentown, PA 18052 

Paul D Remington III 
8725 Treasure Island Rd. 
Leesburg, FL 34788 

Marsha Althea Remy 
3025 Credit Woodlands #147 
Ontario, L5C2V3 


Jeanelle T Rey 

P.O. Box 8576 

St. Thomas, 00801 

Marissa G Rice 

83 Fairview Ave. 
Teaneck, NJ 07666 

Elizabeth J Richard 

ill Cortelyou Road #ln 

Brooklyn, NY 11218 

Jillian M Richards 
7 Union Street 
Freeport, NY 11520 

Paul N Richards 
24561 Barton Road 
Loma Linda, CA 92354 

Winston R Richards 

811 Via Concepcion 

Riverside, CA 92506 

Brenton A Richardson 
P.O. box 565 
Warwick, WKBX 

Erik S Richardson 
18 Hill Farm Road 
Bloomfield, CT 06002 

Henry A Richardson 

8081 Battin Howell 

South Charleston, OH 45368 

Kinta D Richardson 
148 Melrose Street 
Providence, RI 02907 

Rosemarie A Richardson 
#2 Sugarapple Rd. 
St. Peters, 

Selwyn S Richardson 

148 Melrose Street 

Providence, RI 02907 

William G Richardson 
8081 Battin Howell Road 
South Charlston, OH 4536f 

Mark J Rideout 
1815 Bethany Lane 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Nicholas C Riley 
2953 Avenue W, Apt-3e 
Brooklyn, NY 11229 

Bryan K Rivers 

3015 Sunlake Blvd, Apt. 2302 

2Huntsville, AL 35824 

Tanquerey J Roach 
4946 Seven Pine Circle 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Kymberlee R Roache 
P.O. Box N-866 

Ayinde E Roberts 

5 Dunsfold Drive 


Ontario, M1B1T5 

James Roberts II 
110 Sorrel Way 

Alvarado, TX 76009 

Joseph A Robertsll 
2019 Suzanne Terrace 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Kevin A Roberts 

4504 Medley 


Quebec, H9G2N8 

Phil L Roberts 
53 Hoisted Street 
Newark, NJ 07016 

Rita M Roberts 
17510 Mayall Street 
Northridge, CA 91325 

Tionnae S Roberts 
7 Bushy Park Drive 
Sandys , MA02 

Benjamin A Robinson IV 
7604 S. Woods 
Chicago, IL 60620 

Bree N Robinson 
2 5043 Kay Avenue 
Hayward, CA 94545 

Cynthia M Robinson 

5014 Oakwood Road, Nw, Apt-25 

Huntsville, AL 35896 

Kellie S Robinson 

9 Caldwell Court 

Saint Louis, MO 63135 

Mary-ann C Robinson 
2051 Clifton Avenue 


Quebec, H4A2N3 

Reginald E Robinson 

5014 Oakwood Road, Apt-25 

Huntsville, AL 35896 

Jamie B Roddy 
140 Baker Rd. 
Huntsville, AL 


Camillia Z Rodgers 
P.O. Box 564 
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068 

Sandra Rodrigue 
15237 Grant 
Dohon, IL 60419 

Linda-mae A Rodriguez 
2100 Linde Street 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Paul Rodriguez 
4615 Sw 25th Street 
Hollywood, FL 33023 

Donald J Rolle 

2543 D Frederick Douglas Blvd 

New York, NY 1003 

Larissa J Ross 
6611 Shindler Dr. 
Jacksonville, FL 


Janice Royer 
2605 Trail Ridge Road 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Aaron B Rucker 

617 Oakridge Point Court 

Apopka, FL 32712 

David L Ruff 
557 East Tower 
Fresno, CA 93706 

Hananiah Ruff 
9549 Eastview Drive 
Hanford, CA 93230 

Josiah E Ruff 

9549 Eastview Drive 

Hanford, CA 93230 


Natalie E Ruff 
557 E. Tower 
Fresno, CA 93706 

Stephen P Ruff II 
20311 Crown Ridge Ct . 
Germantown, MD 20876 

John P Ruff in 
623 Applewood 
Altamonte Springs, FL 


Tiffany N Rugless 
2549 Oakforest Drive 
Antioch, TN 37 013 

Iva Champagne Rushing 
5642 Elm Tree 
Houston, TX 70848 

Angela Faye Russell 
4931-d Cotton Row 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Courthney F Russell 
1512 Foxhall Lane 
Atlanta, GA 30316 

Racheem S Sagay 
5069 Woodstone Circle N. 
Lake Worth, FL 33463 

Daniel T Saint-elie 

Bois Du Pare 

Fond Cacao 

St. Joseph, G7212 

Gregoire J Saint-jean 
260 Ne 41st Street 
Pompano Beach, FL 33064 

Frantzo Saint-val 

5587 Oakwood Rd. #a 

Huntsville, AL 35806 

Cynthia Saintil 
2337 Montrose Drive 
East Point, GA 30344 

Richard D'arcy Salter Jr 
178 Grandview Avenue 
Bridgeport, CT 06606 

Robyn D Salter 
17 8 Grandview Ave. 
Bridgeport, CT 06606 

Anika J Sampson 
8841 Young Sea Drive 
Columbia, MD 21045 

Chantal A Samson 
6015 Rickwood Dr. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Angelique S Samuel 
245-37 149th Rd. 
Rosedale, NY 11422 

Saran J Samuels 

58 Bruce Beer Drive 


Ontario, L6V2W9 

Joseph L Sanchez 

100 West Chestnut #1402 

Chicago, IL 60610 

Alfredneitta M Sanders 

2615 17th Ave. South 

Minneapolis, MN 55407 

Chita R Sanders 
6 Briarwood Lane 
Jackson, TN 3 83 01 

Stephen J Sanders 
2348 Westmere St. 
Harvey, LA 7 058 

Jestan F Sands 
P.O. Box F-43987 
Freeport G.b. , 

Darryl L Sanford 
3094 Flint Dr. 
Memphis, TN 38115 

Amber C Saunders 
1047 Ascot Court 
Riverdale, GA 3 0296 

Sherri Saunders 
112 3 Randolph 
Leavenworth, KS 6 6 048 

Utundee Saunders 
2068 Bluffton Way 
Decatur, GA 30035 

Latoya C Sayles 
16312 Barna Dr. 
Granger, IN 46530 

Michael A Scarbrough 

25092 Starr Street 

Loma Linda, CA 92354 

Kevin A Scarlett 
107 Penlynn Ave. 
Port St. lucre. FL 


Leslie Milton Scott 
3706 Valleydale Road 
Huntsville, AL 3 5810 

Luwanda C Scott 
201 Water Hill Rd. #e-19 
Madison, AL 35758 

Kristen E Seard 
165 East Dr. 
Hendersonville, TN 3 7 075 

Michael Moges Selassie 
3722 Battlefield Dr. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Sirach M Selassie 
3722 Battlefield Drive 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Maria D Sellers 
50 Sixth Ave S. 
Birmingham, AL 


Katherine M Semakula 
6001 North 41st Street 
Tacoma, WA 9 84 07 

Jaida Y Senghor 
31 Park Ave. 
Beacon, NY 12508 

Baraka K Senzira 

4917 Cotton Row, Apt. C 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Bame M Sesinye 
P.O. Box 2 346 

Coreen S Shakes 
2 6 93 Bedford Avenue 
Brooklyn, NY 11210 

Her one J Shaw II 
7180 Hilmar Drive 
Westerville, OH 43082 

Latonya C Shepherd 
Lot 2 Lodge Road 
Christ Church, 

Shanna-lee M Sheppard 
Bostock Hill West 
Warwick, PG03 

-4 ^ - 

Sharhonda L Sherman 
P.O. Box 593 
Senoia, GA 30276 

Erica J Shuman 

443 South Clinton St. 

East Orange, NJ 0701? 

Lelis F Simmons 

100 Cypress Station Dr. Apt. 307 

Houston, TX 77090 

Nicole C Simon 

58 8 Oakwood Avenue 


Ontario, M6E2X8 

Vinita S Simpson 
4417 Roundtree Lane 
Lithonia, GA 3003S 

Andre' L Smith 

208 N. Cottonwood Drive 

Goldsboro, NC 27530 

Celecia C Smith 
P.O. Box 2 6 
Huntsville, AL 35896 

Lincoln M Smith 
1529 Morris Avenue 
Bronx, NY 10457 

Ryan E Smith 

7406 Lasalle Avenue 

Los Angeles, CA 90047 

Krystal N Sherrod 

3 6 03 Nathalee Ave Nw 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

Ashley S Shurney 
4203 Mcclain Ln . 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Shane K Simmons 
5 Fork Lane 
Southampton, SN04 

Tonisha L Simon 

2 056 Pulgas Avenue 

E. Palo Alto, CA 94303 

Uschett T Slosh 
4840 Kimber Lane #2 
Berrien Springs, MI 49103 

Aretha C Smith 

2542 Argyle Rd. Apt. 606 


Ontario, L582H5 

Dionne M Smith 
153-20 109th Road 
Jamaica, NY 11433 

Pettina N Smith 

3037 Liberty Hills Dr. 

Franklin, TN 37067 

Stacy-ann S Smith 
13131 52nd Court North 
Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411 

Hope R Shorter 
1010 Henderson Road, Apt-8-h 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Sean A Simmonds 
103 Weldrick Road E. Th8 
Richmond Hill 
Ontario, L4C9Y8 

Carol M Simon 
7 3 Ashby Street S.w. 
Atlanta, GA 30314 

Jesse Simpson Jr. 
3100 Buttrey Dr. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Joslyn E Small 
Hoyte ' s Road 
Government Hill Street 
St. Michael, 

Byron B Smith 
1865 Nw 172nd Terrace 
Miami, FL 33 056 

Jason E Smith 
2 Evans Lane 
Bloomfield, CT 06002 

Rajah L Smith 
1500 Senator Lane 
Ford Heights, IL 60411 

Steven E Smith 
4602 Russell Avenue 
Mt. Rainier, MD 20712 

Treamae Veronica Smith 
14-a Foot Hills Road 
Devonshire, DV0 5 

Donna Rita Smith-Manning 
3606 Chasewood Drive #8 
Huntsville, AL 35805 

Nikisha A Smothers 

411 87th Street #4 

Daly City, CA 94015 

Kerryann M Smythe 
500 Woodland Street 
Hartford, CT 06105 

Debleaire K Snell 
2905 Oakwood Drive 
Tallahassee, FL 32304 

Sherise C Snowden 
6825 S.w. 153rd PI Rd. 
Ocala, FL 34473 

Olakemi R Sobomehin 
519 Loretta Court 
Ontario, L5B3S2 

Olawunmi T Sobomehin 
519 Loretta Court 
Ontario, L5B3S2 

Baron A Sovory 
599 5 Hudson Avenue 
San Bernardino, CA 92404 

Brian L Spellen 

4295 Harvest Hill Court 

Decatur, GA 30034 

Natasha L Spence 
3712 S Helena Way 
Aurora, CO 80013 

Morphia Y Spencer 
3 9 06 Harper Avenue 
Bronx, NY 10466 

Zanel Spencer 

P.O. Box 2522 


St. Croix, VI 00841 

Trevior A Spivey III 
456 Longdale Cres . 
Chesapeake, VA 23325 

Nataki A Spooner 
225 Col. Douglas Crest 
Ontario, K6V6M1 


Michelle U Sprott 
940 East 46 Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11203 

Rudy St. Felix 

189-02 64th Avenue Apt 10- j 

Fresh Medows, NY 113 65 

Stennette St . Juste 
548 Lightfoot Place 
Ontario, L1V6A1 

Winston C Taylor 
2005 Wier Circle 
Virgina Beach, VA 


Keith R Terrill 

4131 North 43rd Street 

Omaha, NE 68111 

Alicia R Thomas 
1647 Dawns Drive 
Calmet, IL 60409 

Angela R Thomas 

4105 Hunter's Ridge Dr. #7 

Huntsville, AL 35802 

D'jahna Thomas 

520 South Lasalle St. 

Aurora, IL 60505 

Frank T Thomas 
4113 Powder Mill Rd. 
Beltseville, MD 20705 

Jason M Thomas 
61590 Brittany Dr. 
Lacombe, LA 70445 

Jonathan L Thomas 

2940 47th Ave. South 

St. Petersburg, FL 33712 

Jorhena Thomas 
520 S. Lasalle 
Aurora, IL 60505 

Josian G Thomas 
10 Industry Drive 
St. Maarteen, 

Michelle T Thomas 

161 Laura Rd. 


Ontario, M3N1Z8 

Robert B Thomas Jr. 
P.O. Box 22 87 
Orangeburg, SC 2 9116 

Sobrina A Thomas 
366 Amesbury Court 
Westerville, OH 43081 

Tashima T Thomas 

3 Woodland Ave. 

Budd Lake, NJ 07882 

William G Thomas 

61590 Brittany Drive 

Lacombe, LA 70445 

Yarona V Thomas 

14955 Satioy Street, #249 

Van Nuys, CA 9140 5 

Christine M Thompson David Thompson 

5 Herkley Drive 2 92 Nw 5 6th Ave. Building B Apt 
Brampton Lauder Hill, FL 33313 

Ontario, L6V2E8 

Derek S Thompson 
20067 Crescent Avenue 
Lynwood, IL 6 0411 

Jacquelyn C Thompson 
1275 Old Bay Front Dr. 
Mobile, AL 3 6 615 

Joseph R Thompson 
1275 Old Bay Front Dr. 
Mobile, AL 36615 

Lavardo L Thompson 
Eugene/melvern 809-242 
P.O. Box N-4912 

Marlon E Thompson 
20418 Nw 33rd Avenue 
Miami, FL 33056 

Paula L Thompson 
9923 Lindon Hill Road 
Owings Mills, MD 21117 

Sean A Thompson 
R.r. 9 Box 2309 
Lake City, FL 


Shelley L Thompson 
10 Forest Hill Drive 
P.O. Box 429 
Warwick, WK0 8 

Tajhmar T Thompson 
385 N Lind 
Fresno, CA 93727 

Tammy T Thompson 
385 North Lind 
Fresno, CA 93727 

Lisa R Thorne 

231-13 131st. Avenue 

Laurelton, NY 11413 

Jarren R Thurman 
21 Ivy Hall Lane 
Sicklerville, NJ 08081 

Jerrica E Thurman 
21 Ivy Hall Lane 
Sicklerville, NJ 08081 

Tabitha Tidwell 

2035 Idlewood Road, Apt-s4 

Tucker, GA 3 0084 

Nadine N Tillmuth 
3179 Barwell Road 
Ontario, L5L3Z( 

Jovon Kendrick Times 

365 Nw 4th Court 

Deerfield Beach, FL 33441 

Joy S Times 

365 Nw 4th Court 

Deerfield Beach, FL 

Christine J Tinglin 

1010 Henderson Rd. Apt. 4-1 

33441 Huntsville, AL 35816 

Deron A Tinsley 

92 South 30th Street 

Wyandanch, NY 117 9 8 

Levi A Tinsley 
The Lakes At Jacaranda 
10781 Apt-107, Cleary Blvd 
Plantation, FL 33324 

Dustin Lee Toney 
P.O. Box 103 2 
Orange, CA 92668 

Michael A Toombs 

3607 N. Crestview Dr. #5 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Hector Torres 

5242 E. Buroson Pike 

Nashville, TN 32711 

La'tasser E Townsend 
3160 Ash Street 
Inkster, MI 48141 


Delia I Tracey 

3 510 Avenue D 
Brooklyn, NY 11203 

Bradley B Tramel 
11603 Waesche Dr. 
Mitchellville, MD 20721 

Candace D Tramel 

1935 52nd Street 

Kentwood, MI 49508 

Richard T Tramel 
101 Tramel Lane 
Thomasville, GA 317 92 

Molina M Treasure 
246-12 139th Avenue 
Rosedale, NY 11422 

Jose Lamont Tross 
119 Delaware South East 
Grand Rapids, MI 49507 

Heather Trotter 

5099 Seven Pines Circle 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Andrea L Trusty 

2617 Sweet Oaks Circle 

Germantown, TN 3 813 8 

John A Trusty Jr. 
7103 Megan Lane 
Greenbelt, MD 20770 

Michael E Tucker Jr . 
4910 Cotton Row Apt. C 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Nerissa C Tucker 
2538 Milton Road 
Charlotte, NC 28215 

Nicole A Tucker 
14 South Court Avenue 
Paget, PG06 

Janice L Tuitt 

3 572 Palmer Avenue 

Bronx, NY 10466 

Reginald J Tull 

201 1/2 Beverly Street 


Ontario, M5T1Y9 

Courtney N Turnbull 
17 Valley Drive 
Nanuet, NY 10954 

Tamari N Turnbull 
17 Valley Drive 
Nanuet, NY 109 54 

Dana L Turner 
4815 Simpson Dr. 
Louisville, KY 


Dennis F Turner 
2006-a Peaches Place 
Huntsville, AL 35802 

Shantil G Turner 
12570 Atlantic 
Waukegan, IL 60 85 

Kybra X Tutt 

9139 Limecrest Drive 

Riverside, CA 92508 

Orishemugbemi T Ukuedojor 
17611 Nw 11th Avenue 
Miami, FL 33169 

Chinwe Umez 
13531 La Concha 
Houston, TX 77083 

Corzetta A Underwood 
3 02 B Gale Avenue Nw 
Huntsville, AL 35801 

Michelle C Urena 
2 5 Sunnyside Drive Apt.l-d 
Yonkers, NY 10705 

Tuwan M Ussery 
228 Miller Ct . 
Montgomery, AL 3 6117 

Rachelle D Valcin 
173 Nw 108th Street 
Miami, FL 33168 

Valerie C Valcourt 

445 N.E. 111st Street 
Miami, FL 33161 

Alana A Van Putten 
Estate Constant 263 
P.O. Box 304912 
St. Thomas, VI 00803 

Conrad Sean Vassell 

94 Torrance Woods 


Ontario, L674L7 

Tamara N Vaughan 
12916 Mccubbin Lane 
Germantown, MD 20874 

Woodrow Vaughn Jr . 
6403 Court F 
Fairfield, AL 35064 

Seneca D Vaught 
134 N. Arbor Trails 
Park Forest, IL 60466 

Richard Robert Allan Vear 
5 Osterhout Place 
Ontario, M1B358 

Cassandre A Verneus 
17 Annadea Road 
Brockton, MA 02402 

Faith T. Victor 
2101 Central Avenue 
Schenactady, NY 12304 

John A Victor 
2101 Central Avenue 
Schenectady, NY 12304 

Joseph D Von Stitt 
1904 Brewton Street 
District Heights, MD 


Valerie M Von Stitt 

1904 Brewton Steet 

District Heights, MD 20747 

Erica D Wade 
2112 Cedar Way 
Memphis, TN 38116 

Garthell Wade III 
2112 Cedarway 
Memphis, TN 3 8116 

Jessica R Wagner 
8040 Concord Blvd W. 
Jackson, FL 32208 

Clarence E Waite 
218 Linden Avenue 
Irvington, NJ 07111 

Ronald C Walbrook 

1419 Shakespeare Ave, #4h 

Bronx, NY 10452 

Gregory N Walcott 

1419 Shakespeare Avenue, Apt-lj 

Bronx, NY 10452 

Kalisha A Waldon 
4556 Woodmere Lane 
Lantana, FL 3 3463 


Kawaisha L Waldon 
4556 Woodmere Lane 
Lantana, FL 33463 

Anthony A Walker 
14 8 Torrance Woods 
Ontario, L644L3 

Contessa T Walker 
1500 Sparkman Drive, Apt. 3g 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Daniel P Walker 
838 Maple Street 
Brooklyn, NY 11203 

Lettica N Walker 
88 Elton Street 
Brooklyn, NY 1120! 

Monique S Walker 
11973 E. Canal Drive 
Aurora, CO 80011 

Pauline M Walker 

2 99 5 Willowwood Drive 

Erie, PA 16506 

Bridgett D Wallace 
1812-32nd St.w. 
Birmingham, AL 3 5208 

Dennis Leroy Wallace Jr. 

23604 Coachhouse Ct . 

Southfield, MI 48075 

Kalah K Wallace 

1072 Timber Trace Road 

Powhatan, VA 2 313 9 

Sharone E Wallace 
23604 Coach House Court 
Southfield, MI 28305 

Shorna Marie Wallace 
4 Fairglen Ave. 
Ontario, M1T1G7 

Ferrald Fred Waller 
7800 North Victor 
Sperry, OK 74073 

Kenric A Walwyn 
12103 Apison Pike 
Apison, TN 37302 

Chidinma Elaine Ward 
P.O. box N-3468 

Ericka Jeanne Ward 
27395 Cottonwood Avenue 
Monreno Valley, CA 92555 

Angela J Warden 
1722 Via Alegre 
San Dimas, CA 91773 

Anjanene D Ware 
3208 Horseshoe Trail 
Tallahassee, FL 32312 

Kevin James Ware 
427 Oakland Road 
Madison, AL 35758 

Brenda Darlene Warfield 
219 Grubb Road 
Newfield, NJ 08344 

Melvyn Warren Warfield Jr. 
9 03 Valley View Avenue 
Red Oak, TX 75154 

Allyson L Warren 
2242 West 67th Street 
Indianapolis, IN 46260 

Anthea L Warren 
249 Danzig Street 
Ontario, M1E2L5 

Camille Renee Warren 
508 North Bluff 
Berrien Springs, MI 49103 

Joseph W Warren 
508 N. Bluff 
Berrien Springs, 



Meredith R Warren 
2242 W. 67th Street 
Indianapolis, IN 46260 

Kerron A Warrick 

1159 E. 38th St. 

Brooklyn, NY 11210 

Autumn N Washington 
2 809 Kirtland Avenue 
Forestville, MD 20747 

Collas Washington Jr. 
2830 Nw 172nd Terrace 
Miami, FL 33056 

Donovan Washington 
681 Mystic Drive 
Greensboro, NC 27406 

Jabari W Washington 
579 Martha Drive 
Newbury Park, CA 913 2 

Shenika Latoye Washington 
411 Nw 164th Avenue 
Pembroke Pines, FL 3 3 028 

Adrienne N Waters 
P.o. Box 1012 
Gresham, OR 97030 

Andrea A Waters 
P.o. Box 1012 
Gresham, OR 97 080 

Christopher J Watkins 
2028 Rosewood Circle 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Jennifer A Watkins 

2028 Rosewood Cirle 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

Kawanna N Watkins 

1635 Janquil Street, N.w. 

Washington, DC 20012 

Kelly C Watkins 

5 84 6 Mcbryde Avenue 

Richmond, CA 94805 

April D Watlington 

401 Sherrod-watlington Cir. 

Greensboro, NC 27406 

Vanburen Watts III 
6529 Via Del Prado 
Chino Hills, CA 91709 

Khandie Y Waugh 
5433 Passero Way 
Stockton, CA 95207 

Nedra Y Weathers 

532 8 Breckenwood Dr. 

Memphis, TN 3 812 7 


Katori J Webster 

7900 Old Madison #3001 

Madison, AL 35758 

Jhamillia E Weekes 

8 53 Laguna Dr. 

Simi Valley, CA 93065 

Natalie N Weekes 
912 Hamilton Place Dr. 
Lakeland, FL 33813 

Shawna N Weir 

1200 Julia Street Nw #5 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Alethea A Wells 
6838 S. Carpenter 
Chicago, IL 60621 

Byron Joseph Wells 

4309 Boxwood Ct . Apt. B 

Huntsville, AL 35816 

Valerie N Wells 
6838 S. Carpenter 
Chicago, IL 60621 

Erica L Wesley 

9766 Rosehill Road, M-3 

Berrien Springs, MI 49103 

Patrick Leon Wesley 

11131 Oriole Drive 

Riverside, CA 92505 

Talitha N Wesson 
177 Knott Road 
Niles, MI 49120 

Jovonne J West 
403 Pesca Court 
Spring Valley, CA 


Kushatha Y West 
715 Laurel Drive, S.W. 
Aiken, SC 29803 

Courtney R Weston 
2921 Revere Court 
East Point, GA 30344 

Ricardo L Wheatley 
P.o. Box 3 55 

James White III 
12727 Overhill Road 
Grandview, MO 6403 

Jennifer White 
5715 Barnes Road 
Eaton Rapids, MI 


Latoya J White 
9338 Faust 
Detroit, MI 4822S 

Sharon A White 
203 Popular Place 
Neptune, NJ 077 53 

Staci L White 
8942 Cypress C-l 
Fontana, CA 92335 

Trina D White 

20666 Mesa Oak Drive 

Riverside, CA 92508 

Christopher R Whiteside 
8426 Carlin Ave. 
Sacramento, CA 95823 

Karlisa M Whittaker 
1070 Minerva Court 
Riverside, CA 92507 

Tricia A Whitter 
10751 Shedden Drive 
Loma Linda, CA 92354 

Lesep L Whyte 
25 Bruce Wood Crest 
North York 

David L Wilcher 
15864 Gilchrist 
Detroit, MI 48227 

Kali K Wilder 

3 66 Ridge Avenue 

Lakewood, NJ 8701 

Angelette M Wiley 
1116 East Upsal Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19150 

Yalonda M Wiley 

1116 East Upsal Street 

Philadelphia, PA 19150 

Renee ' Angela Wilkerson 
3 9 S. Third Ave. #6 
Mount Vernon, NY 10550 

Anifa Williams 
10935 Terra Vista Park #188 
Rancho Cucamauga, CA 917 3 

Audley V Williams 
45 Millstone Drive 
Ontario, L6Y2P4 

Bernell E Williams 
16 Friswell's Road 
Pembroke, HM15 

Carlton G Williams 
16 Friswell's Hill 
Pembroke, HM15 

Daniel A Williams 

15 04 Robert Lewis Avenue 

Upper Marlboro, MD 20774 

Danique A Williams 
8681 Sunset Strip 
Sunrise, FL 33322 

Derrick Q Williams 
11064 Engleside 
Detroit, MI 48205 

Donna Patrice Williams 
8681 Sunset Strip 
Sunrise, FL 33322 

Dulani w Williams 
130 North Shore Road 
Pembroke, HM14 

Ellen T Williams 
234 Pine Ridge Rd. 
Madison, AL 35758 

Jamal V Williams 
202 Ruth Circle 
Greenwood, MS 38930 

Joanne Marie Williams 
2519 Elton Road 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Kamaria S Williams 
130 North Shore Road 
Pembroke, HM14 

Kinara Ayanna Williams 
500 Sparkman Dr. Apt. 9-f 
Hj*ntsville, AL 35816 


Latoya S Williams 
11 Rocco Drive 
Little Rock, AR 72209 

Mark H Williamsl 
9376 Gracelake Dr 
Douglasville, GA 30135 


Marlon V Williams 

24 Graham Court 


Ontario, L6S5J5 

Mejias S Williams 
202 Ruth Circle 
Greenwood, MS 3 893( 

Monique C Williams 

141-21 255th Street 
Rosedale, NY 11422 

Nerieqa N Williams 
115-45 131st. St. 
South Ozone Park, NY 


Omari D Williams 
6980 Cabral Street 
Pensacola, FL 32503 

Quincy J Williams 
5739 Lakefield Court 
Orlando, FL 32810 

Rashida N Williams 
7 89 Plummer Road, #c 
Huntsville, AL 35806 

Rashonda T Williams 
864 East Street 
Brockton, MA 02402 

Roland P Williams 
2 34 Pineridge Road 
Madison, AL 35758 

Simonea O Williams 
1550 Regal Oaks Drive 
Kissimmee, FL 34744 

Stephanie J Williams 
7078 Wheeler Drvie 
Clio, MI 48420 

Stephen R Williams 
805 Grand Avenue 
Charleston, MO 63834 

Tarkyshia A Williams 
3918 Clarendon Road 
Brooklyn, NY 112 03 

Tiffany L Williams 
1690 164th Avenue, #9 
San Leandro, CA 94578 

Tomika S Williams 
202 Ruth Circle 
Greenwood, MS 3893 

Toussaint T Williams 
7607 Summer Glen Lane 
Houston, TX 77072 

Trudye A Williams 
3822 Millbrae Dr. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Vashon Lee Williams 
10972 Trottingridge Way 
Columbia, MD 21044 

Amber T Willis 
2806 39th Ave. 
Tuscaloosa, AL 


Faith-mignonne Willis 
9119 Manchester Rd,apt-304 
Silver Springs, MD 20901 

Dana D Wilson 
13 Waterbury Drive 
Harvest, AL 35749 

James Sean Wilson 
3 Waterbury Drive 
Harvest, AL 35749 

Karis J Wilson 
16169 Harrison 
Romulus, MI 48174 

Larry A Wilsonl 
12131 Kilbourne 
Detroit, MI 48213 

Lloyd W Wilson 

3 5 Sewells Road Apt. 


Ontario, M1B4Z2 


Luisa A Wilson 

1342 S. Paxton Street 

Philadelphia, PA 19143 

Nolita Sirenthia Wilson 

207 G Binford Drive 

Huntsville, AL 35805 

Norma Jean Wilson 
6205 Rime Village #203 
Huntsville, AL 3 5806 

Robert E Wilson 
P.O. Box 17342 
Huntsville, AL 


Roger Lloyd Wilson 
327 5 Sheppard Avenue 
Ontario, L1S2J6 

Rose S Wilson 

73 Gatesgill Street 


Ontario, L6X 3TI 

Stephan R Wilson 

10121 Samoa Avenue, Apt. 3 

Tujunga, CA 91042 

Victor R Wilson 

3 Bay Estates Road 

St. David's Island, DD01 

Brennan Jevon Wimbish 
3438 Cherry Hill Ct . 
Beltsville, MD 20705 

Johnny Wimbley 
P. 0. Box 5854 
Huntsville, AL 35814 

Jeremy Scott Winston 
173 5 Dorham Ct 
Blue Bell, PA 19422 

Juliette Winston 
606-b Klondike Street 
Huntsville, AL 35816 

Airrion S Wisdom 
1 Sagamore Circle 
Pomona, NY 10970 

Ysaak B Wisdom 
43 2 Midway Dr. 
Douglasville, GA 3013' 

Tomeka Lashone Wither spoon 

109 Magnolia 

Hot Springs, AR 719 01 

Robert G Woodfork 
6808 Springshire Way 
Greenbelt, MD 20770 

Sherman L Woods 
941 Tracy Road 
Pensacola, FL 32506 


Ricardo A Woolcock 
P.O. Box 1403 
Huntsville, AL 35807 

Bennette Wooley 
19 Elise Drive 
Nanuet, NY 10954 

Janika M Word 
1532 Golfside Avenue 
Roanoke, VA 24 017 

Anna Marie M Works 
6027 Lincoya Dr. 
Huntsville, AL 35810 

Shawn Anthony Wray 
1713 Ward Avenue 
Huntsville, AL 35801 

Bertram Patrick Wright 

4405 Oakwood Road, N.W. 

Huntsville, AL 35810 

Craig S Wright 

614 Little Wekiva Road 

Altamonte Springs, FL 


Jermaine J Wright 
30016 Springarbor 
Inkster, MI 48141 

Juannette M Wright 
6490 Saddleback Circle 
Memphis, TN 38141 

Leah J Wright 
1 Boxwood Court 
Poughkeepsie, NY 


Stephen D Wright 

614 Little Wekiva Road 

Altamonte Springs, FL 32714 

Teleitha M Wright 
11470 Galonsville Rd. 
Ruther Glen, VA 22546 

Habiba D Yate 

1821 South 18th St. 

Philadelphia, PA 19145 

Paul K Yeboah Jr 

20324 Ithaca Rd. 

Olympic Fields, IL 60461 

Megan F Yelorda 
900 West 114th Terrace 
Kansas City, MO 64114 

Vivian L Young 
4004 Grimsby Lane 
Riverside, CA 92505 


Fun Pics 

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a V 


Leadership Education 
For the Adult Professional 


Cathy Fletcher 

Brenda Jones 

Sharon Polk 

Josie Taegue 

Sheryl Garrison 

Sonnia Malone 

Conthia Smith 

Charmaine Warren 

Uwayne Green 

91 f I'/Ii 

h i I 

Rodrick Massey 

Lisa Suggs 

Jeanetta Williams 

-4 ^ - 

Autc ;;; - ;:- 




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